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  1. Hello! A couple days back, the first episode of my Doctor Whooves project, entitled 'Doctor Whooves: Living Legacy' went up on YouTube. So far the reception has been pretty good, and myself and the rest of the people working on it are moving on to episode 2. We are only missing one voice right now, and that is someone who can do a good and convincing impression of the 11th Doctor played by Matt Smith from Doctor Who. I am making this post here to look for Voice Actors for the position. Here is a google doc which contains the audition lines, and it also comes with instructions on where and how to send me the files on page 2.
  2. Tone Shift

    Doctor Whooves: Living Legacy - Episode 1

    Oh... Uh, well, I mean, you're wrong both of those fronts, first off. In this, the Doctor never hired Derpy for anything, and they are friends, not lovers here. I don't know where you got the idea that they were a couple in this iteration of things. I didn't include anything in the script to suggest something like that. Also, knocking him out with magic... seems kinda like a waste of energy, doesn't it?
  3. Tone Shift

    Doctor Whooves: Living Legacy - Episode 1

    @Aqua shine That is some very broken English. O.o I dunno what you're trying to tell me.
  4. When a monster attack on Ponyville causes the local eccentric, Doctor Tick Tock, to become horribly wounded, Lyra Heartstrings finds herself getting involved in a series of events right out of a science fiction story. Aliens, spaceships, unfathomable technology... and a Time Lord.
  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

  6. @Shadow Beam Alright, thanks. Out of curiosity, do you know if it's against forum rules to post my email address in the forums? I ask mainly because that could be another way for people to send in their auditions on this, but I don't wanna accidentally break some security rule or something.
  7. Probably does have to do with your account being new. I'd figure out where the forum rules and guidelines are and check them if I were you. It'd probably confirm one way or another.
  8. @ChangelingProduction I dunno. Are you on a Mobile device? That might have something to do with it, if so. Also, here is an image of what the attach thing should look like.
  9. When you are writing a reply to the thread there should be a section near the bottom o the reply window with a paper clip image and some text saying 'Drag filed here to attach or choose files...' You would then click on 'choose files' and find your audition file.
  10. ALL ROLES FOR EPISODE 1 HAVE BEEN FILLED. THIS CASTING CALL IS NOW CLOSED. What This Project Is. Doctor Whooves: Living Legacy is a planned 12-episode crossover radio drama / audio play between Doctor Who and My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. What sets this version of Doctor Whooves apart from others is the fact that the Doctor in this story is not, in fact, the same doctor as from Doctor Who. He is instead someone who met The Doctor as a foal, and through an unfortunate string of events, winds up absorbing several of the Doctor's traits and memories. These include a longer life span and regeneration. He then becomes the Doctor's living legacy in this other universe. The story will follow the second incarnation of The Legacy Doctor, as he is called, as he works to figure out who he is, and whether or not he truly wants to be the Doctor of the MLP universe. Alongside him are, of course, his companions. In this case, they are Lyra Heartstrings, Bon Bon, and on occasion, Derpy Hooves. As of the writing of this casting call, the scripts for Episodes 1, 2, and 3 are all written, and an outline for the whole series has already been written up. What I Am Needing. As things are, I am capable of handling the assembly of the episodes, the writing of the scripts, and maybe even to a lesser extent episode artwork (Although I would rather someone more skilled than I take on that job.) I also have the capacity to voice several of the characters in the series, including the main villain and some of the side characters in individual episodes. However, I cannot do every conceivable voice under the sun. As such, this post is written so I can see about getting voice actors on board for this project. There are three documents I will link to, and each one contains a list of characters, their personalities, voice types, and audition lines. The first document contains a list of the main cast members, the second document the supporting and secondary cast members, and document three has a list of voices for episode 1 only. MAIN CAST ROLES SUPPORTING AND SECONDARY CAST ROLES EPISODE 1 ROLES Audition Guidelines. Feel free to audition for as many characters as you want. Please supply each character audition in a separate .wav file containing however many takes of each of the audition lines as you feel is appropriate. Supply a different file for each character you are auditioning for. This will make it easier on my end for organizing the auditions. Send your Auditions to Alternatively, you can submit your auditions at the Casting Call Club website here: Link to CCC Audition Page. Additionally... Here is a link to the Public Discord Server for discussing this project and keeping up-to-date with announcements and other specific progress. If you are chosen for a part, then you Must be willing and able to use the Discord messaging app, as that is how I am keeping in communication with all members of the team. THE CURRENT DEADLINE IS THE 9TH OF SEPTEMBER!
  11. A Discorded Queen Chrysalis snuggles everything she can in Ponyville, while Twilight is powerless to stop her or figure out why this is even happening in the first place. A collab with Tom117z.
  12. Link to the story itself A Discorded Queen Chrysalis snuggles everything she can in Ponyville, while Twilight is powerless to stop her or figure out why this is even happening in the first place. A collab with Tom117z. The Cover Art was Provided by the amazing AureliaCharmCutiees >>Link to the story itself<<