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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Guess who's back!!! ? ?? ?

  3. Guess who's back!!! ? ?? ?

  4. Guess who's back!!! ? ?? ?

  5. Nobody messages me anymore... Hey MLPForums creators? Ya think you and IT could see about getting a mobile app?

    1. Malinter


      i rarely get messaged either tho thats more my own fault really :P

    2. Remyx Marshall

      Remyx Marshall

      Malinter I am sooooo sorry I completely forgot about your OC drawing...

    3. Malinter


      Its ok. I think I may have actually forgotten about it as well >_<

  6. How exactly do I go about this? Do I just send in a drawing, or is there a specific procedure on how this works? Also, who do I send it to?
  7. Thank you, and remember if you have anything you want me to draw, I will be here.
  8. Okay, im not entirely sure about all this, but i am a well rounded artist when it comes to mlp, and here is my notebook...
  9. So busy with drawing that i havent had time to get back on... i have requests piled out the back door, so many people love my art!

  10. Who's up for talking? I need somepony to talk to...

  11. NP arctic it was a pleasure
  12. Thanks for adding me! :D

    1. Remyx Marshall

      Remyx Marshall

      NP blue its the least I could do for you helping me

  13. Has it occurred to anypony else that a majority of bronies and pegasisters listen to dubstep as well???

  14. And my life is complete