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  1. Loud Opinion

    Open A New Kingdom

    "Dost thy queer be satisfied?" Luna trailed off with her exasperation causing her to slip into her old dialect and briefly cradle her head in her hoof. The shade had spoken of a disruption in the flow of magic. Luna assumed that it was the dream intruder on the move again, then she turned her attention to where her sister was directing it. Before her was a well-mannered, overly dressed beast of scale and cloth. Dragons were something to be feared in her time and avoided in this time, but this one broke the mold with a polite and articulate introduction. Undoubtedly uninvited, unconventional, and undisputably suspicious. Luna asked herself why he put so much effort to appear civilized in the most forgiving nation in Equestria? A vest or pair of pants was one thing, but this combination of articles seemed a bit much. How did it go? The stallion doth protest too much? Luna thought that the two must be here for the ceremony so she straightened up and spoke more politely despite not liking this trend of masking her true feelings, "Sorry about that. It's been a long two days with the upcoming welcoming party. You're not the first couple of guests to give me a shock this week. I, uh- you don't seem hostile. Why not use the front door?" Meanwhile, outside the Canterlot Castle, the Silver family were conversing with each other and the other early birds to the evening's proceedings. Silver Tounge though, was the exception. Instead of mingling with small talk, he plotted his next move while Limbo Dreams would endear herself to his family with her childlike wonderment and inquiry. Limbo will be the instrument to catch the interest of the unassuming dark grey gardener. It helped that the Gold family were suspected to arrive fashionably late, he could do without his loose ends coming back to tangle him up. Silver Tounge knew how he was going to set up his recruitment of the aforementioned gardener, but how to do it discreetly?
  2. Sorry for my absence. Converting paper records into a brand new database makes for an all-encompassing project. That's no excuse for not keeping everyone informed. Hopefully, I won't drag my feet about biting the bullet next time. That being said, my post is finished and will be submitted.
  3. Loud Opinion

    Spoiler What is The Crystal Empire to Celestia's Equestria?

    Sorry about getting off topic. I'm still curious about what others have to say about the Crystal Empire's ralation to Equestria.
  4. Loud Opinion

    Spoiler What is The Crystal Empire to Celestia's Equestria?

    @Metemponychosis, Again you are extrapolating things you can't know. I know you don't want to continue, but to make an assertion like that doesn't warrant the final word. Of course I'm going to disagree with you on that. I may have made a leap in logic, but at least I had some grounding. You may see my original willingness to move on from this as condescending, but I only tried to make that clear because you thought I was offended. Don't you want people to make an attempt to understand why you said something and ask for clarification?
  5. Loud Opinion

    Spoiler What is The Crystal Empire to Celestia's Equestria?

    @Metemponychosis, But that's not the entirety of what you said, is it? 'Excuse' is the key word here. It implies dishonesty or an ulterior motive that you have no bases to claim. Not only that, but you've extrapolated the obvious fact that this is a trivial pursuit as if it were some form of revelation, instead of the heavy implication we can assume people know going in. I won't fault you for the latter though because it is very possible that some people could have missed that implication. There's no need to retcon what you said or meant. If you were in a different headspace or got carried away, then say so and we can come to an understanding.
  6. Loud Opinion

    Spoiler What is The Crystal Empire to Celestia's Equestria?

    @Metemponychosis, That's a pretty cynical interpretation of my intentions. Heaven forbid anyone ever have an honest pursuit of a trivial answer.
  7. Loud Opinion

    Open A New Kingdom

    @Jedishy, @Quinch, @Buck Testa Luna looked on with understanding as the two siblings' crown shifted. The past was something Luna had a connection with here in her own kingdom. Not so much in the literal sense that Thanos could claim, but more of a metaphysical sense. The dream realm, when she wasn't pressured to keep it locked away, was something she could visit every night just like the time before her banishment. Her sister was there too. Even if it wasn't the same castle or if she wasn't surrounded by the same faces, the schedule was there and the methods for carrying out her duties were, for the most part, unchanged. Thanos and his sister didn't have such comforts of similarity. Even if Arete seemed to be taking it in stride, Luna had no doubt that none of this was or will be, easy for them. "After you," Luna said as she opened the door to reveal a large room with a ceiling high enough to seem redundant. The room was bordered on all sides with a set of tables that left a comfortable amount of standing room in the center. The tables were bare and the walls bore no aesthetic besides the tall, low to the ground glass windows, the color of the stone of the walls, just as radiant as the throne room, and the opulent double doors that have yet to open. Just as Luna said stepped out of the way, the doors on the other side of the room opened to reveal one of her sister's guard stampeding toward her with the appropriate urgency that one would stampede at. "Princess Luna, Celestia has urgent news! A visitor has appeared unannounced!" Luna nodded to the guard and said to both Thanos and Arete, "I'll be right back." Just outside of that door was a confused guard speaking to a very confident Sweet Comfort with a raised brow, pointed down the hall again and parroted, "Catering is that way, ma'am". @ExplosionMare Further out still, Silver Touge and Limbo Dreams were interrupted by the pony in question correcting them. Limbo was a little stunned by being brought out of her wandering mindscape and being wrong about Granite. Silver meanwhile, looked on with a raised eyebrow and an otherwise flat face. "What?" Limbo asked in and extended inflection, reading the disappointment. "Don't you know it's rude to talk about people behind their back?" "But," Limbo shot back, confused by Silvers casual hypocrisy. He wasn't normally this contradictory, at least, that's not what Limbo has seen. "Weren't you doing the same thing? Also, he was behind our-" Limbo had lowered her ears instinctively as a reflex from being confused so her ears were cupping over her horns. The origins of her abnormal horns were a mystery to most. Being born in Sombra's rain could have all sorts of malevolent effects on a foal or filly. Like the rest of Equestria though, physical abnormality like her's were rare, much less one with magical effects to them. The magical effect in question, dream gazing. Of course, she hadn't been able to look into someone else's dreams since she first woke up, but she would still hear whispers from dreaming minds. Just as she was about to finish her part of the conversation, she was interrupted by a malevolent whisper coming from her horns and into her ears. Someone was dreaming, and it wasn't a pleasant one by the sounds of it. The whisper could be felt on the front side of her horns more than the back, telling her that the dreamer was now in front of her. "Good job, Miss Dreams," Silver said in a diligently low rasp, taking advantage of her pause, and taking extra care to not let anyone else hear him, "That's a good introduction. It may not look like it, but it will make him trust you more when you talk to him again." "I don't see how being rude would help build trust," Limbo countered, letting her frustration be known, "I thought the real world was supposed to make sense!" "When you talk to him again, he'll know you wanted to despite whatever it is you just heard. Who wouldn't trust someone willing to look past the skeletons in their closet? Now, let's pick up the pace. The other silvers won't appreciate us being tardy." "But Silver," Limbo said wisely, "whatever that thing I heard was. I don't think it's a good idea to toy with it."
  8. Currently, the only cannon character being played is Luna (by me). I can't speak for the GM and I don't know their roll in the story (if any). I think it makes sense for them to attend the ceremony, but its best to ask Jedishy before involving them directly.
  9. Celestia should be present for the event, but it hasn't started yet. So, Celestia can be anywhere in Canterlot right now.
  10. You mean Limbo right? I assumed your character would want to go straight to Canterlot Castle so I wrote that the Silver family was just ahead of you on your way to the castle. Limbo and Silver Tounge were falling behind, so they were just ahead of you. Limbo was saying she thought your character was sleepwalking. I assume your character was in earshot, so you can ask her what she means by that. Does that answer your question?
  11. Discord should still be in stone, Tirek shouldn't have any cannon to him yet, and Changlings are something the GM will have to chime in for. If you want to play Cadence, she was introduced on page 2, so there's a lot of reading to catch up to her point (it starts with the pink text). I wouldn't worry too much about it. We've pretty much moved on, but if you're feeling inspired to play her than there is an opportunity to fit her back into the story.
  12. Thanos and Arete are in charge of a sister kingdom to the Crystal Empire. We don't talk about Cadence because the one originally playing her went dark on us, but they are in charge of separate kingdoms. Thanos and Arete's kingdom revealed itself shortly after the Crystal Empire did.
  13. Oh good, story time! Another kingdom has returned shortly after the return of the Crystal Empire. Its rulers had sacrificed themselves to keep their citizens safe, and now their direct descendants, Thanos and Arete, must fill their shoes. The eldest, Thanos, maladjusted to this upset, has traveled to Canterlot with his sister Arete to seek the guidance of our Celestia and Luna. Their solution: a ceremony to officially recognize the two for the rest of Equestria and a tour for Thanos across Equestria. Right now, the dream realm is closed due to a sinister plot to cheat death, and Luna must uncover it before this plan comes to fruition for fear of the broader implications of this plot. Right now, no one has fallen asleep to notice a lack of dreams, but time is not on Luna's side. TL;DR: The new rulers of a returning kingdom, Arete and Thanos, are the guests of honor at a meet and greet event in Canterlot Castle. This is the perfect time to join in because everyone else is just getting their introductions in (we had a lot of set up) and the event is just about to start. Sweet Comfort is trying to sneak in, Granite Rose is meeting with a stallion that knows more than he's letting on, Blue Thorn is trying his best to refuse the call to adventure in his garden, and the rulers are just about to enter the room for the event to watch the guests as they arrive. OC's are always welcome, but Celestia is still available to play as. If you want to play as Celestia, I would strongly recommend reading my posts to see how she's been characterized so far.
  14. @ExplosionMare Sorry about that. You are correct. I was trying a more ambiguous writing style to make it more engaging, but I think excluding character names from my descriptions was a step too far in that direction. To make sure everything is clear, I'll restate: @Quinch, Sweet Comfort was the one the guard was interacting with (even if it is unorthodox for a player to control NPC's). @ExplosionMare, Granite Rose was the one behind the Silver family and the subject of Silver and Limbo's argument.
  15. @Quinch In my post, the guard stopped her. This explains the halt in activity though.