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  1. Loud Opinion

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Califorum The Stallion snorted in frustration. Limbo's life was on the line, and Magnolia wanted answers. Of course, she did. What better time for Magnolia to make demands than when she had all the leverage? "Alright," Mr. Tongue finally relented, "you've scared a defenseless old stallion into revealing his secrets. The truth is the Miss. Dreams has been watching you for some time. She can look into pony's dreams, and we used that to scout for ponies that had a-" Silver paused, looking for the right words, "affinity for the unseen world. We expected you to be attracted to the forge
  2. @ExplosionMare I'm skipping your section because you're a little ahead of everyone else time wise. Next time everyone should be in sink. @abrony-mouse Also, it was quite brave of you to oust yourself as an antagonist so early on.
  3. Loud Opinion

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Califorum Mr. Tongue was on his way out by the time Magnolia had returned. He jumped back as Magnolia had tuned the corner directly into his personal space. "You should know better than to scare your elders like that!" Mr. Tongue scolded. He would have continued if it wasn't for Magnolia's unrelenting stare. It was unsettling to see such a lack of response. It was as if he were sending letters in a bottle only for them to all sink to the trenches. For lack of a better course of action, Mr. Tongue moved on. "Well, I'm out of my mindset, so blood will have to make up the difference. M
  4. Approved! I'll include her in my next post as an introduction.
  5. @abrony-mouse Glad to hear your enjoying the read. I actually haven't seen season 9 yet so... Great minds think alike? As for Time, I'll say The Moth is an Hour. He's active at midnight to be exact.
  6. Loud Opinion

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Califorum When Magnolia returned to the brisk, midnight air and cantered a little off the path for soft ground, she saw an obvious patch of freshly dug earth. Silver Tongue had gone out of his way not to give her the shovel at his pew. Was there something wrong with that shovel, or was there something wrong with this one? Mr. Tongue's intentions weren't crystal clear to Magnolia. He seemed to care for Limbo, but with a name like that, who knows what that stallion was thinking? She dug a new hole as instructed without incident. However, Silver hadn't shown up yet. The patch of earth
  7. I'm taking a break for today and tomorrow. No posts from me until the day after.
  8. Loud Opinion

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Califorum Silver Tongue couldn't help but grin at Magnolia's attempt to regain control. 'Who says it's not fun to shoot fish in a barrel?' Silver thought to himself. Silver then adopted a grim expression, "No, Magnolia, this was not in the plan. The Moth, or The Barber as we pony folk know him, is unpredictable. We expected him to start his hunt a half-hour form now. There would be an exciting chase, and you would get a taste of how dangerous the Mansus can be. I've never heard of him hunting at this hour, though. Did you do something to agitate him? Infighting, cutting your hair, c
  9. @ExplosionMare The tan pegusus was just one of the other unconscious bodies. I described how it looked for flavor.
  10. Loud Opinion

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Califorum Mr. Tongue looked up at Magnolia with a jump. Despite Magnolia's tone and delivery, she still, somehow, managed to surprise the aging stallion. Now that she was closer, Magnolia could see a shovel next to the stallion resting on the same pew. There was another letter opposite the shovel with very elegant lettering on it. Magnolia's own letter that lead her here was in a very straightforward font. Harsh angles and well-defined spaces, almost as if she had written it herself. This one was a flowing cursive that ran into itself. She had only a moment to see this before Mr. To
  11. Loud Opinion

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Califorum Just as Magnolia professed, the world distorted. The tress and bushes blended like smears on a painting. The moonlight got brighter and grew warmer, both in temperature and in color. The air between the tree trunks fractured like glass, and the trunks themselves became more uniform. The forest floor depressed a foot or two. The moonlight, now the color of candlelight, descended to the tree roots and became actual candles. The branches above shot up to the sky and stretched out to form a proper canopy. Before she knew it, Magnolia was back in the Temple. Standing before he
  12. Beautiful! I think I've found my new desktop.
  13. Loud Opinion

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @Califorum @ExplosionMare Limbo did not see a challenge, or a hurdle to overcome in the sky. She saw the reaper. She had run out of time, and this is her final resting place: the monument to the Wheel. She had always feared that she would live and die in The wood. Now her cradle would serve as her grave. Unless... She saw Magnolia and Starlight spring into action. They had not given up. That was never a question with Starlight, but Magnolia would defend her. "She's still with us..." Limbo said, trying to convince herself that what she was seeing was real. Seeing how ready everypony e
  14. Next post should be latter today.
  15. Loud Opinion

    Open Ambition for Ascension

    @ExplosionMare @Califorum "I believe you've made your point," Limbo announced coldly, "Several times, I might add. That goes for you too, Starlight." Limbo had had enough. Starlight undermines her message. Magnolia undermines Starlight, despite the growing calamities just outside our vision. And to top it off, Magnolia turns out to have Lantern and Starlight turns out to have Heart. Getting these two to agree on anything will be like herding cats! Limbo had expected as much for some time, but she hoped fate would surprise her with some Grail. Well, at least she didn't have to in
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