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  1. @Randimaxis, Gold didn't like where the implications were headed here. Perhaps the criminal world was not the best place to bring the conversation when his own credibility wasn't a slam dunk. Regardless, Gold still saw his advantage and was ever keen on pressing it. "Well, we can avoid the question of trust so long as we work with individuals..." was the setup to his proposal. Gold let a slight trail off to theatrically continue, "but, if we trusted the counting of emeralds to say, a mathematical formula, we can take trust out of the occasion entirely. If a counter smuggles, he can deny the existence of the emeralds all together, but, if a mathematician were to lie about the number of gems, then one can check their work, and promptly fire the mathematician. One wouldn't even have to get the police involved if they didn't want to, as apposed to the messy business of legally persecuting a smuggler who may or may-not have already fled the country." "Once I'm given an adequate reason to provide this service I can begin looking for somepony to replace your bean counter. I'm sure I can find someone that wouldn't even effect your earnings." Now it was Gold's turn to look comfortable in the room. Even if their was something wrong with his suggestion, he had several other reasons to impalement it that he could point to. Out valuing this other accountant sounded easier by the minuet. The level of access he would have would make his job so much easier. He had to resist grinning like a shark smelling blood in the water.
  2. @Illiad Easle, Wow that's unlucky for Gold Dust! Sometimes your the windshield...
  3. @Illiad Easle, All in good fun then. I didn't realize that. I just that when a character doesn't know another character's name, I use different descriptors to help keep the image of the person being talked about fresh. Like 'she' if he knows the person is a women, or 'bat-pony' if he knows that's what the other person is. I can't imagine everyone is comfortable talking about racist characters so rest assured that he is not racist... He's classist.
  4. @Illiad Easle, I didn't realize femininity was such an important aspect of her character. Shame on me for not reading the parts of the RP my character isn't in. In any case, I am curious how you saw racism in Gold Dust. We can DM if you're worried about going off topic.
  5. I kind of feel bad for Mystic. Here's hoping he'll still have a place at the quarry.
  6. @Randimaxis, Gold let out a sigh as the duller reality set in; looks like the easy way in was out of the question. He was about to take a sip of his tea when realization bloomed with him. With wide eyes, a raised eyebrow, and a half smile Gold made a suggestive inquiry, "A zebra you say?" "You wouldn't happen to be talking about the one busy counting how much of your product he could never hope to afford, instead of doing his job, would you?" Now was the time to turn the tables. As Gold realized that was what he was already doing, he had to fight to suppress a primal grin. "If I'm not mistaken, your emeralds are so fine that your competition is nonexistent. The amount you produce is... noteworthy." Gold let his last word trail so as to not understate, "Letting your miners see what they produce long enough for them to load them onto a cart is one thing, but this zebra must be something loyal to be surrounded by them for hours, every, single, day. If he's the one counting the ones mined, then, I must wonder, who counts the ones smuggled?" "I'm sure he really needs the money from this job though. It was bad optics for me: an upperclass trying to take a job away from a common pony. If he has this under control then I won't take any more of your time." Gold, with his smile fully beaten back for a blank intensity to take over,then gestured for the help to take his tea, fully prepared to walk out of the room and even off the property if he wasn't taken seriously.
  7. I don't know if I have the seniority for a vote/veto, but I am in favor of @Windy Breeze 🥧's inclusion.
  8. @Illiad Easle, Nothin' like some good ol' external conflict to get the creative juices flowin'.
  9. @Randimaxis, His opportunity still had not made itself known. She was still whole heatedly on the offensive. The test of skill had still not come. This was the thick of the forest now. If he pushed back now he could get lucky and leave her at a loss for words, but he'd probably be at the receiving end of an overwhelming reversal. The math was clear. Wait until the end of his rope to show his force of will and critical eye. If nothing more, she may respect his patients. "I may be born a Dust, but I was raised a Gold." That response had a little more will than he intended, but with any first attempt missteps are inevitable. He wasn't even sure where that response had come from. "Sorry, I'm just surprised you would even mention my mother's side of the family. I didn't know their were Dusts in Manehattan. I was raised in Gold Ring's estate." Swift Dust wasn't very close to her family, but from what Gold knew they where the ponies to go to for work in hazardous conditions. He remembered Silver Tongue's recounting of their misdeeds. Arson, coincidental accidents for businesses that treated their work-force poorly, and of course, the most likely reason they've been brought up: their cooperation with Discord throughout his first rule of Equestria. Who could blame them? Discord's rule was equally miserable for everypony and that wasn't really a downgrade for the ever-expendable Dusts. Maybe there were more recent escapades that he wasn't aware of. "Well, I don't do hazard work if that's what you're implying," Gold deflected before finally stating his purpose, "I'm trained in accounting and I plan to render several existing employees obsolete."
  10. @ExplosionMare, @ReverieRiver, The large, arched, wooden double door was solid with no clear locking mechanism. A simple latch kept the doors closed. One would think it would make more sense for it to be on the inside of the building than the outside. That is, unless this building had no intention of keeping anyone out. The screws keeping the latch attached were slightly rusted, implying that it was as old as the rest of the building. Octavia looked up at the obstruction with unease. Beyond this door was a world of nightmare that she dare not allow herself to relive. How far could she go with her eyes closed? With any luck those dreams were only that, but below what she could see... What she was denying-- What she had to deny... She pushed the doors open. Their would be time for questions at the end. Right now it was time to be the bravest pony she could be. At least she wasn't alone. As the door opened, the creaking hinges echoed throughout the single room that must have taken up the entire building, With no room for an attic as the ceiling disappeared into the darkness. The walls were mostly bare with a table full of candles below each window. The rest of the room was full of long rows of solid wooden benches that looked like they could fit hundreds of ponies. All the seats were facing the elevated doughnut-shaped table at the center of the room. This way, half of the attendees would see the back of whoever was speaking but the speaker could turn around to face them with the table still being between them and the attendees. The table slanted inward making it look more like an odd podium than a table. The emptiness of the room only emphasized it's size and drew the eye toward a door on the left side that probably leads to the tower. If the host was ever going to show up, it would have to be from there. "Well..." Octavia broke the silence with an echo, "The ceiling didn't look that tall from the outside."
  11. @ExplosionMare, As Gold Dust exited the hotel --first stopping and fuming, then reflecting and sighing-- he noticed the world getting duller. The color was muted, neon red became rusty red and so on, but Gold couldn't bring himself to care. In truth, it was his own color that was fading as the curse tightened its grip on Gold Dust's destiny. Whatever had emboldened him before had left, and the ring was intent on making up for lost time. The party was over. There was no real reason to still be in Canterlot. Perhaps he would accept Mr. Crag's job offer, shady as it was. With a flap of his wings Gold was off again in the expansive blue sky. Meanwhile, Silver Tongue hurried his old bones out the door. Somepony was going to have to check the train times. and he wasn't convinced it would be Gold. @Jedishy, "Right, well at least let me leave a map for you." A pamphlet appeared in a flash of blue hue and bright white sparkles to hover over to Thanos. "However," Luna said only to be interrupted by her own yawn, "I am afraid I can not accompany you as a matter most urgent has come up." Luna gestured with her hoof, drawing the eye to the ponies going about their day behind her. All except for one elderly looking unicorn stallion of a gray mane and a green coat. Where Luna's eyes were half-closed form the bustle of yesterday, this stallion was wide as a looking glass. Their was no mistaking the silent terror on Silver Tongue's face as he was in the presence of his sure-to-be reaper.
  12. This story has been a treat so far. I'm one of the few people left on earth that doesn't like slice of life. So for me to consistently find myself looking forward to posting is a testament to the quality of what you've built up here.
  13. @Randimaxis, Gold waited patiently, devoid of expression. That was the intent, but Gold didn't have full confidence in his ability to do so. However, beyond a subtle heightening of the breath and the undetectable rising of the heart, Gold had surprised himself with his self-control. 'This is who I am,' he thought to himself unknowingly rewarding himself. With himself understood, the situation was next and it was clear to Gold this was a more than an interview, this was Miss. Blackwater's playtime. She was elated at having others at her beck and call, at least, she was at the moment. Gold knew he would have to play the part if he didn't want to be a spoilsport. A peace of him felt disgusted at the thought of ruining someone else's fun, but if he played to far into it then their would be no room to demonstrate himself. It had been a second or two after she had finished speaking. He looked to his surroundings in hope of finding something when it came to him. "Sorry," Gold finally said as he snapped back the now, "I was distracted by your decor. It has a way of... catching one." He would let her tier herself out on her self indulgence, and when it seems fair to bring the subject to himself, only then; when she grows weary of herself, will he make himself well and truly known.
  14. Hey all, I'm back from the worst week of the year and my subsequent recovery from that worst week. I still feel like I've got swiss cheese for a body but I'm excited to getting back to what I want to do. @ReverieRiver You want me to give you a chance to respond to ExplosionMare or would you rather I get the main story moving again.
  15. @Randimaxis @Jedishy

    Hey all, I'm back from the worst week of the year and my subsequent recovery from that worst week. I still feel like I've got swiss cheese for a body but I'm excited to getting back to what I want to do.

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      Hi there! I got no idea who you are or what happened, but nice you are feeling better now! ❤️