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  1. @Randimaxis, Gold Dust stewed as his unwilling companion droned on and on. At first, he was worried that the colt didn't believe his story, but when started questioning his competence instead of his honesty, Gold just tuned him out. It probably wasn't smart to ignore him if he was a Blackwater, the keyword being 'if', but listening on couldn't be good for his heart-rate. Besides, a child's opinion on competence doesn't go nearly as far as their opinion on honesty. Gold could prove his worth through his work, but if he got a reputation for being dishonest then he might never get that opportunity. Gold started to wonder if he had done anything to deserve this. 'Let's see,' Gold thought, 'I show up, ask for directions, and take a brief sit down on a couch. I think I'm pretty justified here.' With that thought out of the way, Gold was about to tune back into whatever the colt was saying only to hear 'Prince of Thread Counts' and tune right back out. The only indicator that Gold was even awake was the fact that he kept walking. Even that wasn't too convincing with his heavy movements and the occasional tremor of fatigue. Thankfully the front door was in sight. As garish as the paintings were, they at least made it easy to tell unfamiliar hallways from familiar ones.
  2. @Randimaxis, This colt was something else. It wouldn't be impossible for a colt that age to know that kind of terminology but that begged to question as to why something so dry and abstract would get his attention. What was most likely, Gold deduced was that the colt was just reciting what his mother told him without full context. What solidified Golds conclusion was that his story wasn't actually that impressive. Big profits were expected from a big ticket company like PegAir, and spotting something like as flashy as embezzlement is something he could see himself doing as new as he was to accounting. He smiled at his own reassurance, even though he didn't remember when he started frowning. Remembering his predicament and the tension, Gold's tried to make his smile seem forced. There was no need to show his hoof yet. "Hehe, w-well," Gold acted as he tried to walk past the troublesome colt, "I --um-- have to go, away." Gold's patience was running thin. That 'Redd' was going to have some hell to pay if Gold had any say on the matter.
  3. Gold looked at the colt with suspicion. He couldn't help but relate, being an only child and not having any friends before school, but he was primed for deception. He had to be at the front door before anyone with authority saw him. The halls seemed more and more intimidating by the second. many of it's paintings were portraits, and their eyes seemed to sneer in silent hostility. Gold needed a second to slow his heart-rate, but a second was far more than he had to spare. An impatient colt wanted an answer, and he needed one that the colt wouldn't feel the need to tell his parents about, just in case he was a child of the house. "I've been looking for someone I can talk about accounting with," Gold said with a smile and took a breath now that he was satisfied with his plan, "I remember my first audit. It was so peaceful and calm. Isle seven of warehouse fore had the best welcome mats. The thread-count must have been about ninety-nine each." As Gold went on his tirade, he gestured for the colt to follow as he walked down the hall trying to use the more familiar paintings to retrace his steps. Hopefully the colt could see where this was going and paint drying would be time better spent.
  4. @Flow, I'm in. It'll give Gold some potential to show his callus side.
  5. @Randimaxis, "Ya, but it's all so wasteful," Gold said out loud in his room, "It can't be fair to have it all in one place." Even the Gold family never spent half as much on aesthetics. What helped give the Gold's their well suited look was that most of it had some utility. Gold edged cutlery might seem like a gross waste, but when considering how resistant gold is to tarnishing, you realize that the display adds some tangible value. A fifth painting on the same hall wall didn't have the same effect. Perhaps Gold Dust was dwelling on this too much. He had a clear goal that was going to be hard enough as it was; no reason to complicate things, but it stuck for whatever reason. This room was more leagues more subtle, but the same feel of excess was unshakable. As he sat on the couch opposite the painted vista of the quarry as he tried to get it out of his mind. He almost nodded off when a jolt from his left fore-hoof brought his attention to his ring. The constant reminder of the fruits of trust got his mind wandering over to Redd's wordy departure. "So this was guest suite..." That didn't sit well with Gold. Why would it be so modest? If this house was all about flashy displays, wouldn't it make more seance for this room to be a crescendo of flash to dazzle everypony. This suited a pony that expected to see flair and pizzazz every day. Like a resident. Gold Dust immediately jumped out of his couch seat and opened the door to find his way back to the front door, hopping the trap hadn't been sprung. "Nice try Redd, but it won't be that easy," Gold muttered as he flapped his fatigued wings ready to start flying through the halls.
  6. Well, there certainly were worse fates than the white-collar work Gold was set up for, but then again, Redd seamed to be in higher spirits which was more than what Gold could say for himself. Maybe it was just the nerves of a new position and new responsibilities. Surely once Gold was as used to his duties as Redd was then that would change. It simply wouldn't due to languishing despite the better conditions. And there it was, Gold thought to himself, Redd had just tipped his hoof. Believing the Blackwaters weren't so influential was one thing, but getting Gold to believe that the Blackwaters were hospitable after the things he heard about them was a step too far. Redd was trying to play him for a fool. It should have been more apparent with the jester hat on Redd's cutiemark, but it's better late than never. Now confident in Redd's intentions, Gold's tone shifted to be more serious. "Quite," Gold said simply but with underpinning scrutiny. Gold then realized that he shouldn't be as transparent as Redd was being and when he took his gaze off the maid, his stance and face returned to one of a humble follower. It wasn't too late, Gold mused, perhaps he thinks I'm mean toward service staff because of my upbringing. It would follow the stereotype. Gold just hoped Redd isn't the type for self-reflection. As he was lead up the manor, Gold was reminded of his home. The Gold's were very ostentatious, but this just looked like a cheap imitation. Like a child looking to his peers to see what was permitted instead of asking an authority the gaudiness was on the same level but had none of the direction. Expensive things were placed haphazardly with no artistic feel. The Gold's wore their excessive wealth like a tailored suit. They made it look like they were made for their wealth. This? It was like a child wearing his father's shoes but without any of the charm. "Can you believe this?" Gold said asked with a mocking chuckle, hamming up the spoiled act just a touch.
  7. @Randimaxis, Wider still, his guide's grin grew, but the words accompanying were disarming. It couldn't be long until they reached the manor, so Gold had to make the most of his time. Thankfully, his effort to placate the stallion was ultimately unnecessary. He would have to take note that this Redd was more genuine than he sounded. However, this relief would fade at the introduction of very pertinent questions. Redd almost sounded like he didn't trust him even though the tone was still genuine. They must not get too many recruits around here, Gold concluded, making the ones that do come all the more scrutinized. After realizing he had stalled a little, Gold spoke up, "That's a lot of questions. I must be quite the curiosity. Regardless, I do have answers." "You see," Gold began, "I am from the Gold family, and I've overheard from my father that the Blackwaters were a very influential family that was a great place for new people to start. Though, if you are to be believed, I think he just wanted me off my flanks and into the workforce. When my allowance ran dry, I suppose you could say this place called to me..." As Gold Dust finished he trailed off before resuming with a point of his hoof, "Ah, that must be the manor there."
  8. Last I checked, the minimum was 800, though I've heard that it was raised to 1,000. It encourages detail, but I believe that sometimes there's just not that much to write about especially if the seen has already been painted. It can make new players excessively introspective, but that's the lesser of two evils. *shrugs*
  9. @Randimaxis, This Redd Handid had a demeanor that bordered on unsettling. With a grin threatening at splitting his sides, Redd looked about ready to open up and eat Gold Dust. When those jovial jaws never snapped over his head, Gold Dust tor his eyes from them to meet Redds. "I, uh, sorry. I was just a tad distracted. Thank you for the directions," was Gold's uneasy response. Gold Dust tried to distance himself from Redd by going around him toward his directions. Something was wrong today, Gold thought to himself. He shouldn't get shaken up this easily. Something about Redd was wrong. Scratch that, everything was wrong. The way he delivered his words dripped with malice. Even the pronunciation of his name seemed to carry an odd inflection, that's not even mentioning the fact that his very name implies implication. Yet, Gold dust knows enjoyment when he sees it, and Redd seemed to delight in every syllable. None of it should have mattered to Gold Dust. A stallion was entitled to enjoy whatever he enjoys after all. However, something about this instance seemed almost predatory. Then there was the last thing Redd said. 'I'll be more than happy to take you where you need to be'? They were already on the way, so why was that in the past tense? Was he coming on to him? Now that Gold thought about it, it was probably sarcasm. He might be talking with a stressed-out miner. "I know this must have been inconvenient, but I really appreciate the help," Gold tried to reassure.
  10. @Randimaxis, Well, I'll take your silence as the go ahead.
  11. @Randimaxis, I LIVE! Finally got my computer working. Are we waiting on anyone else, or should I post?
  12. @Widdershins, That was all in the past man. You gotta get with the times. It's been like 11 hours.
  13. @Randimaxis @Widdershins, *Swallows hard* No pressure. *Wipes sweet from brow*
  14. @Randimaxis, Gold Dust landed near the entrance to Backwater Quarry and whipped the strand of golden mane from his face with his blue, ringed hoof. For him to start here was a little disheartening for his accounting career. The fact that Gold Dust even had an accounting career was disheartening enough, but he had a beach-side mortgage to pay and no allowance to pay it. That wasn't even considering his employer's reputation in the business world though. Stories around the Gold family dinner table about their ruthless employee ethic visited him as if to remind him how very earned their reputation was. Well, he had to start somewhere and they did offer a pretty penny. He imagined any accountant with half a brain would avoid them at all costs, making a great opportunity for him. If he found enough wrong then he could convince them to keep him on board permanently for the low price of a new home near the quarry and a fifteen percent pay raise. That foothold would be a safety-net while he looked for work with more scrupulous employers and an easy path to early retirement. Gold Dust supposed he should have been more grateful for the education he was given to allow him to do this, but he couldn't help but feel like it was just an excuse to cut him off. He would run a complimentary audit just to be safe though. In the absence of any work experience, he may have to rely on charity to get himself hired. However, the remainder of his grander ambition put a gleam in Gold Dust's eye. A gleam that would fizzle when he saw an even grander crack along the mountainside. “This is going to be a long, long report, isn't it?” Gold Dust asked with all the nonexistent enthusiasm he could muster. He flapped down to one of the first ponies he saw to ask for directions to the manor. The last thing he wanted was to make a fool of himself by stumbling into some employee-only cafeteria. The pony in question though, a solid purple stallion, was already looking at me with the grin of a pony trying to hold a joke behind his teeth. So much for not looking foolish. There was a bright side to not seeing Mrs. Blackwater right away after all. “Hello,” Gold greeted, matching the brown irises with his copper-orange ones as he closed the distance with a purposeful stride, “Do you know where I can find the manor? I have business with Mrs. Blackwater.”
  15. @Duality, That would be lovely. To be honest, I was a little intimidated by how much reading I would have to do before jumping in. I look forward to applying for the reboot.