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  1. @ExplosionMare, The trio were still waiting when a door chime broke the silence and brought with it a new level of tension to the already dubious alliance. The desire for this strangers cooperation had to be tempered. An excessive show of need might leave of concerns of alternator motives. The last thing they needed to do was scare off their only lead to, for some of them, was toward their life's work. All perfectly valid concerns. Concerns that were absent from Limbo's mind "I'll get it," Limbo said as she opened their apartment door with an innocent smile, "Granite! You made it!". @Jedishy, "Well, did you have anypony in mind? I heard from one of the delegates that you visited a town before coming to Canterlot. Maybe you met someone nice?" "In any case. We are willing to provide whatever supplies you feel are necessary." Luna looked to the stone with bemusement. Another marvel from what she only assumed to be a once lost era. It was in that moment that Luna remembered her little pet project. She was looking into a dream-walker that wasn't herself. Such a thing was unheard of. She planned on observing her for a while before approaching her formally. "Now that I think about it. There is a pony that might be worth bringing along. She's a crystal pony named Limbo Dreams. From what I've gathered, she's a gentle soul with a unique mind and could help you understand your purpose." Luna focused magic through her horn, it's faint glow betraying the subtlety of her technique. In a short moment, Luna's magic reached out to Thanos' own. The two of them could soon see a trail of air glow with the same blue light and resonated with a soft hum. The trail was frozen and led across Canterlot, with all the civilians seemingly oblivious to it's prescience. "This is your journey though, so the choice is yours, of course."
  2. Sorry, I've got a lot of work that came in. I'll see if I can get it done soon. If not, I I'll have a post in by Friday night at the latest.
  3. @Jedishy, Silver Tongue is very old. He could be approaching the end of his time among the living. Although, I was hoping for Silver Tongues encounter with Thanos to be a climatic point of the RP, it is ultimately up to you how the story is paced and structured. Blue Thorn is very attached to his idealic life of gardening and landscaping, but it is his attachment to his very safe lifestyle that is stunting his potential. (His cutie mark is for bringing people together, not tending fields.) I can't see any of my OC's accompanying Thanos. At least, not until he finds them. Luna is finally free from her royal obligations to start hunting for the other dream walker she found in earnest. That is my current direction in the RP. We can skip to his first destination whenever you feel that Thanos needs someone around to interact with.
  4. @Jedishy, "Oh marvelous," Luna said with joy at the core of her tone, "Who knew such magics could be lost to us for so long?" "My sister always had an appreciation for more serous gifts," Celestial said in kind, "Thank you both, but you shouldn't have. Luna told me about your parents. Impressing us should be the last thing on your minds." "Regardless, we wish you well on your travels and wisdom in your ruler-ship." With their good by's said, Celesta and Luna both bowed to show them that they saw their guests as equal peers despite their lack of experience. @ExplosionMare, Silver Tongue and Gold Dust were waiting in their luxury sweet at the Hilltop-Hotel along with Limbo Dreams. She had asked Silver Tongue what a cell-phone was only to get a raised eyebrow in return. Maybe an older stallion like Silver Tongue wasn't the person to ask about it, but Limbo had no way of knowing that without knowing what a phone was, let alone a cell-phone. That got Limbo a little frustrated that her friend could be so dismissive, but decided to look past that. Instead, she was looking forward to getting to know her new friend Granite. Gold Dust wasn't looking like much for conversation as he would spend a lot of time thinking and getting annoyed when someone interrupted him. "Your friend is certainly taking his time," Silver Tongue said, breaking the silence with his raspy voice, "Are you sure you gave him the right directions." "It's the Hilltop-Hotel," Gold Dust shot back a little annoyed, "how hard could it be to find?" "Oh, I don't know," Limbo chimed worriedly, "I did tell him awfully quickly." The three remained waiting for Granite in uncertain silence.
  5. @Jedishy, What is the tech level of this AU? I personally prefer a pre-industrial setting, but it's your AU so it's up to you.
  6. @Succubusted Limbo looked a little disappointed, but realized that it was only fair that Tranquil would have her own things to do. Limbo knew she would hate it if someone tried to keep her were she didn't feel needed, so she had to extend the same consideration to her. "Of coarse," Limbo finally let out "Well, if you need me, or just want to hang out..." Limbo paused. She didn't plan on going home soon with so many sights to see, but then how would friends stay in touch? "I actually don't know how we can stay in touch, so, I guess this could be that last time we see each-other, but I know I wouldn't want anyone keeping me from what I was passionate about." Limbo Dreams didn't want to admit it, but it all seamed so sad. Silver was okay, and had an understanding of Limbo, Tranquil acted like a real friend to her. Maybe these grand scaling adventures weren't all they were cracked up to be if she didn't have anyone to share them with.
  7. @Jedishy After I post my last reply (I think it's a sending off for @Succubusted), we can skip time and you can fill most of your post with scene building if you can't think of anything else.
  8. @ExplosionMare @Succubusted "Oh, great, you do that, I think I had something to get to anyway," Limbo prattled as she went back to where she was with Tranquil, "See you at the Hilltop-Hotel. Ask for Silver Tongue". When Limbo turned around she saw that the others were just a few steps away. She wondered why Tranquil was talking with the others without her. Silver seamed a little surprised which only made her wonder more. Being on the outside of the group reminded her of her days as a silent observer in the dreams of others. Times of hardships where order was a mockery of what it is in the real world. Structures that seamed sound and had reasonable foundations would stay that way up until you got close enough. Walls and objects would disappear without rime or reason, as if all order was delegated by a senile stallion. Perfectly reasonable one moment, only to nonsensically forget and repeat patterns the next. Limbo, for a moment, felt the same unease she would always fell when entering someone else's dream. @Jedishy Luna was jostled out of lecturing her sister, something she never thought she would be able to do, by a mental message. She recognized Thanos, and headed the words. Distress coming from a stallion so stoic carried a lot of weight to Luna and she chastised herself for her lack of vigilance. She couldn't just end the occasion so close to the crescendo, but Thanos and his sister were clearly at their limit. "Sister, pardon me, but I must attend to our special guests." Walking to the center of the room, Luna let out a voice she had been practicing seance last Nightmare Night. It was something of a middle ground between the Royal Canterlot Voice which was intended for open fields, emergencies, and sprawling amphitheaters, and a normal speaking voice. It echoed and was heavy in base, but the raw volume was dialed back to account for the smaller size of the area. "Attention please!" Luna said before returning to a more standard speaking voice, "Our guests have come down with some fatigue, and will be retiring for the night. Please enjoy the rest of the evening, and if you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask me or my sister." Luna then made her way to Thanos and his sister to make sure they get out of the crowded room smoothly.
  9. @ExplosionMare Thanks for the clarification. I would also make it known that Limbo isn't a unicorn. When I say horns, I make it plural on purpose. She has two horns that curve in on themselves, each one just bellow an ear. She is a crystal pony, and doesn't have access to standard magic.
  10. @ExplosionMare I have a question. If thorns knows that a curse remover isn't going to get rid of him, then why would it rile him up?
  11. @Succubusted Silver Tongue was jostled out of his thoughts when Tranquil trotted up to them. She spoke of extraordinary things; imps and demons were nearly unheard of among the civilized. Even he, with all his wealth and hours he spent searching for rare texts and artifacts, still had found little more than passing mentions here and there. Silver Tongue decided to chalk it up to Tranquil's ability to commune with spirits. Their knowledge of things that were more prevalent in ages past would easily explain Tranquil's knowledge. "I certainly hope not," Silver said grimly, "I don't know where you would even go to find such things." "They can't be any worse than dragons," Gold Dust chuckled uncertainty. @ExplosionMare "Oh, wow!" Limbo exclaimed in her usual whisper-y tone, Granite's haste completely lost on her, "You see their's this pony with a curse, and we need to solve this riddle to undo it and we need to find this special tail to do that." Limbo ended her run on sentence with an expectant smile, but when she finished talking, she noticed the strain on Granite's face with concern. She remembered the things that were projecting from him in understanding. She concluded that, what ever it is, it must be acting up again, though she didn't know why she couldn't seance it from her horns like she could earlier. "Oh, that's right," Limbo continued to prattle, "You've got that weird thing going on in your head. You know, the thing thing we're looking for could help you with that too. It's this supper curse remover that's supposed to work on anything."
  12. @Demencia @ExplosionMare When Tranquil and Limbo got back to the castle, the party was in full swing. The lights could be seen glowing through the windows of the abnormal architecture in open defiance to the lowering sun. Idle chatter was evident from just outside and some of the catering staff were on their way to rest at a less energetic place before they would have to return to clean up after the guests. Limbo Dreams, still a little weary from Tranquil's own unease, was relieved to see a familiar face. Limbo completely forgot all about Luna as she trotted up to Granite Rose, "Hey gardener pony! Oh, do you know a pony that uses a weird tail to work?" Meanwhile, Gold and Silver were heading back as well at a slower pace to accommodate Silver's age. At least, that was what Silver had assumed until Gold spoke up, "So, you've been looking for a way to remove my curse before we meet today." "Indeed," was Silver's response, "I've been searching ever seance I heard the ring was cursed." "Wait, you knew?" Gold said raising his voice, "You said you didn't know earlier." "Shush you fool," Silver said harshly "You need to be a little less trusting of ponies you don't know. That Tranquil doesn't sit well with me. She knows much about the occult, but doesn't have the mind set that would draw ponies in. If I reveal myself as an industrious pony then she could plan around it." Gold looked back in disbelief, but lowered his voice anyway, "Tranquil? Really? You sure you're not just having a senior moment?" "When you ask the questions I ask, you get a few enemies. Ponies wanting to keep trade secrets, ponies that would rather blind themselves then understand the forces that threaten us. There are plenty that would see me undone and many that are more than capable of enlisting others to do their dirty work." "And what about Limbo? You seem a little old to be hanging out with ponies like her." "She wanted to see the world. Besides, she has spent less than half a decade away from the dream realm. Her dream walking abilities a bit of a curiosity so it is only fair that I indulge her own curiosity." Gold Dust knew were this was coming from, "Well, anyway, your paranoia is just that. I saw her preform a spell that changed her personality, so you don't have to pretend to be careless around her." Silver simply continued to trot alongside Gold Dust in silent thought.
  13. Temporary reference to my character Blue Thorn seance the data base won't work for me. I'll be checking the data base regularly until whatever issue is denying me access is resolved so don't worry about me disregarding sections, this is just a workaround for what appears to be a temporary bug.


    Jakes drawing project with scars.png


  14. @ExplosionMare, Cool, I'll PM you what your character would know.