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  1. Since I've no clue where to post such a thing.. I was wondering if any of you fellow brings were interested in either Warma-hordes or Magic the Gathering.. Or am I the only nerd.. -sigh-

  2. Good night Everypony. Pinkie will return tomorrow. I just wanted to thank the lot of you who have been very kind and sweet to everyone one of us new ponies. I truly appreciate the kindness
  3. It's good to enjoy something that makes you happy. Welcome to MLP Forums. Have fun meeting other bronies and hopefully we all can show you the kindness the show has taught us. (:
  4. It gets easier! Herro fellow brony peoples
  5. Pinkie pie is best pony and should be president or rule over us with a floppy chicken. I'm Pinkie as well!
  6. I'm doing better! Trying to find other bronies in big/little Baltimore. Lol curiosity kills
  7. I honestly want to know.. I live in Baltimore Maryland.. And have yet to find a single person like myself.. Who likes the pretty ponies and likes to talk about them and yet still has no friends because everyone else on the outside thinks you're way too weird for their liking.. So please baltimarian ponies.. Please come out..
  8. Hi there Outcast!! I'm Pinkie~. How are you?
  9. Feeling alone. Not very fun

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    2. PinkiePokeyPie


      I sure hope so.. I like people.. But they scare me. Lol. If that makes any sense

    3. Silent Night

      Silent Night

      Well it is not wrong to be a little frightened of people. So are many people you try to talk to. Maybe that's the reason you get the feeling they don't "want" to talk to you, maybe they just don't know what to talk about or how you would react to some questions from them. That's just people being introvert. I am like that a lot, but mostly in RL.

      If you want someone to talk with you can write me as well, as long as i can answer or have something to talk about i wi...

    4. Ryzu


      I feel ya pink. Come move to my neighborhood and our loneliness problems will be solved lol

  10. I don't serve or anything.. But just wanna tell you guys thank you and that you are amazing.. :3
  11. Ahhh.. Didn't realize the gaming community made fun of it.. Then I remembered that one time when I asked if they had the MLP Monopoly.. And his belittling.. Tattoos.. I'm totally getting Pinkie Pies balloons on my right hip. I have my first one.. It does hurt.. But not nearly as bad as you think.. And I watched a couple episodes of MLP to fight off my pain. And I will gladly go hardcore secret service of bronies united-ness.
  12. Or we could use the cutie marks..? Not a lot of people know what they are! That way we can stand out with each other and we all know the mane six cutie marks.
  13. My mom knows.. And she accepted me perfectly fine.. I doubt my father knows cause.. Well.. He wasn't ever around. But that's okay. My mom has even watched some of the episodes with me and laughs and she just likes to see me happy.
  14. I first became a brony like right after the first season.. I saw a clip of one of the shows on a friends Facebook feed.. And then youtubed all the episodes and went all sadface when I couldn't find anymore episodes.. Then said friend was like.. "Second season hasn't come out.." And I haven't been so excited to meet other bronies.. Because I feel like around me they don't exist..
  15. I figured it out~! You guys are so nice.. Thank you.