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  1. Celestial Wish

    Your pony

    Celestial Wish. My usual self.
  2. the fact that Hasbro sent out the Rainbow power pony merchandise before the season finale aired made me irritated. it left hardly any room to wonder or be remotely surprised. i wanted to get chills and awe once the box was opened... in reality i didnt feel a damn thing ._. ^ that makes me ANGRY Hasbro needs to resort their priorities.
  3. *dances to CrayZ Cat gif with Jazz music*

    1. Mr F

      Mr F

      *joins dancing* :3

    2. Celestial Wish

      Celestial Wish

      *tail sways around* best tango ever meow!

  4. I don't think that The Last of Us is considered a horror film... But it IS suspenseful and good news, it's getting a movie I CAN'T wait.
  5. It really was fantastic. The plot twist was great and it does teach you some sort of moral valued lesson. o.o Here's the first movie trailer
  6. Yes, and I love em. ^^ I want a dead space live action movie series more than anything... o.o
  7. play games, work, swim. watch old seasons of MLP. look for fandom works. and eat pringles.. never forget the pringles. oh yes, watch lots of house.
  8. I love the feel of water and just how you can float freely. It's like flying in the water XD Pinkie logic is awesome
  9. I'm fluffy on the inside but man I have a thing for dark, suspenseful, or horrific story lines. I saw the first Purge and I was like "YES" the whole time.... I'm super excited to see the second one and I'm pretty impressed that this movie has had so much support compared to the usual horror/suspense films these days... Will you see it? >:3 Here's the trailer:
  10. I just got back from the pool. Did 20 laps with a mix of butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke, and freestyle. That's not much and I could only go for 30 minutes but I haven't really been super active in years due to my heart condition. Doc says exercise will strengthen it and so I went back to my favorite sport. Anyone else sharing the love for water? :3 ALSO! I know this is going to sound CRAZY but this anime influenced me back into the sport I really love and encouraged me. XD https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rqYdp6rOBaI
  11. heading to bed. exhausted

  12. Celestial Wish

    Gaming Child of Light

    Has anyone played the new game Child of Light? I'm about to download and I'm really stoked. I want to hear what people have to say about it. :x https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zXBbB4sfEpQ IT LOOKS SO AMAZING!!!!
  13. Every single day I have to face ignorant moronic d*ckheads because I'm a girl working in the video game industry. Customers (mostly men, no offense) walk right past me because they think I'm just some body with tits for appearance purposes to attract more customers. My boss defended me when someone walked up to him, passed right by me when I had addressed the guy, and was forced to turn back to me because what he was looking for was what I was experienced in. It even happens in this community... Today on facebook, there's a page called My Little Pony: Friendship is Fanbase wher
  14. i have ascended to the ps4. my god..

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    2. Ryzu


      It's funny, You remind me of someone I know. I just wish I could really talk to that someone sometimes, she seems to hide a lot of pain, she can't hide it very well. You remind me of who she is as a person, not that ^

    3. Celestial Wish

      Celestial Wish

      oh man... you're like me in that aspect too.... there's someone i really miss and havent spoken to in years. i hope shes alive. -sigh-


      on another note tho... i ended up crying at work. me and my boss got into a nasty disagreement and the thing is.. i wouldnt have been so bad if we were BEST freaking friends... and we are...


      so once he found me outside sulking, i just started to cry and apologize because ive been so stressed out.

    4. Ryzu


      Few people can see the pain hidden inside people for some odd reason. I happen to be able to, having experienced a lot of pain throughout my life so far. If people would stop hiding their emotions thousands of problems could be avoided, and people could be a lot happier. Sadly bullying and etc are things and people are afraid to, such as me.

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