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  1. I accidentally called one of my friends (in the same class) "senpai" once in grade was awkward.
  2. Do you have any catchphrases or phrases that you dislike or don't understand, be it from fiction or reality (it doesn't have to be from MLP or even fiction)? I have two from television series and movies, but this post does not imply that I dislike the particular work or its fans. "To infinity and beyond!" (Toy Story): Yes, I know that the following explanation will make me sound like a semi-bitter cynic, but whatever. Sure, the phrase sounds cool, but it never really made any logical sense. You can't go beyond infinity; it's impossible. In fact, Merriam-Webster defines infinity as "the quality of having no limits or end." Getting to infinity is tough enough, but going beyond? Impossible! Yes, I get the whole "with enough hard work, anything is possible" theme we hear nowadays, but there are some things (like dividing by zero, folding a piece of paper ten thousand times, and transcending infinity) that just can't be done. "Love and tolerate!" (MLP:FiM fanbase): Unlike the previous example, this catchphrase is not from a particular work, but the fanbase surrounding the work (this one!). While the phrase itself has good intentions, specifically dealing with internet trolls, there are certain people, actions, and events that cannot be "loved" or "tolerated", whether small or large in scope and impact. Also, most of the time, the same people who speak of love and toleration then turn around and act much like the ones they seek to "love" and "tolerate", making him or her look hypocritical (I wonder if that will happen in this thread...). Thus, the phrase's implementation is flawed from the beginning.Feel free to add your own thoughts or opinions below!
  3. Technically, an all-out attack on the U.S., even if it's from Equestria, would bring the rest of NATO into the conflict. Assuming the rest of NATO stays out of the conflict... I think that the alicorns would barely win the battle, but in the long run and if the alicorns take the wrong steps, the U.S. would win the war. Let's say the alicorns defeat the U.S. military and the U.S. surrenders in this hypothetical scenario. If Equestria opts to occupy the U.S., the Equestrians would immediately face the same problem that had a role in bogging the U.S. down in Iraq and Vietnam, that of a hostile and uncooperative population. Sure, the princesses are immensely powerful, but they can only cover so much ground, and the U.S. is a large, unfamiliar country. Any Royal Guard troops would be targeted by gun-toting guerrillas and criminals, especially in rural areas and parts of the inner cities. Even if they're faced with, say, unicorn troops with protective spells, the guerrillas would probably destroy infrastructure, including the interstates, Amtrak lines, and backroads, in order to hamper any Equestrian attempts to truly occupy the country. That also doesn't include the various National Guard units and police departments that would not comply with a foreign occupation. I can imagine that despite the fact that the U.S. would legally be under Equestrian military occupation, only D.C. and maybe parts of Virginia and Maryland would be occupied in practice, while the rest of the country would be governed by state officials as quasi-independent entities. Sure, there would be bronies around to run an occupied U.S., but could Equestria truly count on them to help run the country? If so, would Americans obey them, or would they see them as unpatriotic sellouts and target them in addition to Royal Guard troops? The logistical nightmares that would ensue from an occupation as well as the hostile population would probably ensure that Equestria would rescind their claim to the U.S. in short order. (Maybe I'm taking this question a bit too far.... )
  4. English is my first language, and I can speak a bit of German. Now, I'd like to learn Japanese, and I've even set a goal to learn the language by 2020.
  5. The show's been an advertisement since the beginning. That's the point of a merchandise driven show, to sell merchandise from the franchise. Everything, from Princess Cadence to Rainbow Power is there to sell toys.
  6. Atlantan here. Just thought I'd let you all know that the initial patient, Dr. Kent Brantly, arrived at Emory University Hospital just after 12:20 this afternoon. The good news: the patient walked into Emory University Hospital, no need for stretchers. We'll see how this plays out, but I am confident things will go well. Of course, I live about ten minutes from Emory, so on the off chance something does go wrong, well.... Otherwise, it's business as usual here. The only danger I've witnessed today came from crazy shoppers who are trying to take advantage of the last day of tax-free weekend.
  7. Snapchat. However, this is mainly because I've had to endure months of my friends shoving "Snapchat me this" or "dude, you should send me a Snapchat of that" into every other sentence or discussion.
  8. Actually, the current Ebola outbreak affects a few countries in west Africa, mainly Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea. With regards to whether the Ebola virus is "coming", between the WHO, national health departments, and the CDC, I wouldn't be too concerned. In the developed world, we have high-quality healthcare and various protocols to deal with this kind of outbreak.
  9. Humans. Normally, I'd italicize that and strike out to make a joke, but it's possible that they could exist in some other country. We've seen talking cows, buffalo, ponies, griffons, zebras, mules, donkeys....theoretically, any animal or creature could exist as a "race" inside or outside of Equestria; remember that there's so much of the world that the show or the expanded canon material hasn't touched on yet, so anything's possible!
  10. I use a merit-based "trustability system" to determine whether I should tell someone that I'm a brony. In general, if I've known a person for years, consider him/her a close friend, and (s)he has proven to be a trustworthy person, I'd almost certainly tell them. Certain groups of people, such as people I already know in real life to be bronies, my siblings, and the users of this site automatically skip the trustability review.
  11. I'm going to assume that turning into an alicorn also comes with inconceivable, near-limitless magical power. If the transformation occurred on Earth, then the first thing I'd do would be to create a clone of my (human) self to fool my family and friends, then use a cloaking spell to turn myself invisible so I could fly and explore the world. If the transformation occurred in Equestria, I'd first create a new island about the size of the state of Colorado, and fill it with large amounts of natural resources. Using my new island outpost, I'd begin trading with other countries and grow rich!
  12. Nine: five unicorns, two earth ponies, one pegasus, and one alicorn. However, in terms of the canon MLP:FiM universe, it's just one unicorn (my ponysona, as shown in my profile pic), as the other eight exist in a currently vaguely-defined alternate universe.
  13. I actually remember the exact date I became part of the herd, even if I didn't know it at that point: Tuesday, August 2, 2011. In the months before that date, I was lost. I loved the internet, but something was happening that I wasn't cool with: ponies. Specifically, tiny multicolored ponies. They were plastered all over the sites I usually frequent, and I wasn't very happy about it. Soon, the media was writing stories about the new craze that was My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, some positive, some negative. It was getting tougher and tougher to surf the internet without having to worry about MLP stuff popping up. Finally, I decided to sit down and watch the first episode to see what all of this ruckus was about. It was a sunny Tuesday afternoon when I pulled up a chair, grabbed my tablet, and proceeded to open the YouTube app to watch "Friendship is Magic: Part 1". The first episode was largely uninteresting, but I did notice the lack of in your face girliness that usually appears in shows like this. Up until the end of episode 1, however, I wasn't convinced that this show had many qualities that could earn my respect and continued viewership. Of course, the first episode was a two-parter, and the appearance of Nightmare Moon at the end of the first part convinced me to, at the very least, see the "Friendship is Magic" two-parter to its conclusion. Part 2 got me interested in the show. At this point, though, I wasn't hooked. It was after about a dozen or so episodes of season one that I grew to love the show. After I finished watching season one (it took three days or so), I discovered some aspects of the greater community: EQD, the various deviantART groups, and FIMFiction. As I waited for season 2 and began reading some good, high-quality fanfics, it struck me: I was now a brony! Of course, I couldn't tell anyone, so to this day, I don't tell people about my appreciation for the show and the greater community unless they like the show too. Also, I'm not too involved with the MLP community either; sure, I participate on this site, watch the show and the Equestria Girls movies, and make fanart & OC's (of course, they aren't online yet), but that's the extent of my participation in the community. Here's to many more seasons of FiM....and Derpy !
  14. First, I must congratulate you. This is a very good, detailed writeup on how to create an MLP OC properly, and everyone who plans on creating an OC should read this. I just want to elaborate on a few points you made: - I do agree that using Pony Creator to create an OC, only to use that as your OC's picture is not a good idea. However, using Pony Creator to get a general idea of what you want your OC to look like isn't a bad idea. Once you have a good idea of what your OC will look like, then get a commission or request, or break out the Inkscape, Ponyscape, Photoshop, Illustrator, or GIMP to actually create a good picture. Pony Creator can serve as a good foundation, but should not make up the whole building. - That last point. It is a point of serious contention in this community, and opinions vary dramatically on whether it's okay to create alicorn OCs. Personally, I find myself in the camp of those who don't really care what race an OC is, as long as said OC makes sense in the context of the roleplay, story, or fanfic (s)he's a part of. Plus, there are fanfics, roleplays, and other fan stories that develop alicorn OCs well, so creating an alicorn OC is okay, but doing so mandates increased scrutiny and detail in creating the character and his/her backstory to ensure that (s)he doesn't come off as a "Mary Sue" or out of place. Creating an alicorn OC just for the heck of it isn't the best of ideas.
  15. (I still like parentheses)

  16. A one month VPN subscription...for the World Cup.
  17. If an OC has absolutely no flaws or shortcomings, is perfect by every definition of the word, and is incredibly powerful (i.e. more power than Princess Celestia), that makes him/her a bad OC in my book. Now, I don't really care for race in determining if an OC is "bad": if a user wants to create an alicorn, that's fine by me; just having an alicorn OC does not automatically make him or her a bad OC. Sure, alicorns may be predisposed to falling into "Mary Sue/Gary Stu" territory, but digging deeper and looking at said OC's personality, backstory, and abilities to see if (s)he truly qualifies as a bad OC never hurt anypony.
  18. Technically, yes. In my opinion, part of being patriotic is not only embracing your country's strengths, but also acknowledging and addressing the country's problems as well, and believe me, for as many strengths and positives it has, the U.S. also has a lot of shortcomings that need to be addressed (i.e. the economy, immigration, infrastructure, healthcare, etc.). That being said, the U.S. is a great country, and I'm proud to call it home.
  19. Device: Samsung Galaxy S4 (since January 2014) Carrier: Verizon Wireless OS: Android (4.3 - Jelly Bean) I use my device frequently, unless I'm at home, where my mobile use decreases sharply because of my laptop. Now as for whether internet experiences are better on mobile or a desktop computer, I choose the latter. Mobile sites are getting better design-wise and more feature rich (I'm a web developer, and the trend is clear,) but on most sites, I still prefer desktop versions because the mobile site(s) lack features that I frequently use.
  20. Time to breakdown my username! Where does the "skbl" come from? When I was younger, I was very interested in school buses. Here are these giant yellow vehicles that have the tough job of safely transporting millions of students from home to school and back every day; so as a young kid, I was pretty intrigued by what they are and how they work. Of course, I was an "enthusiast", but I picked the "l" to denote "lover" instead...looking back, that wasn't such a good choice. The "17" stems from my age at the time I created this account. The thing is, I've adopted "skbl17" as my unified user identity on various websites, so if you ever come upon a "skbl17" on any other site (minus deviantART), that's probably me!
  21. High school: Technically, my "bedtime" was 9:30pm and I was supposed to wake up at 6:30am. To hay with that, the internet is too addictive for such! My actual sleep pattern involved falling asleep at around midnight and waking up at 6:20am. Every now and then, it would vary even more: falling asleep at 1am, waking up at 4:30am, etc. Often, I wouldn't feel groggy or tired in class the next day. I guess I've gotten used to getting 5-6 hours of sleep on a regular basis. Summer and winter vacations: Generally, you can't reach me between 3:30am and around 1pm when long breaks come around. During the summer or winter break, when someone asks me why I go to bed so late (occasionally as late as 5am during the summer) and wake up in the early afternoon, I tell them that it's because of summer (or winter break)! College is too wild to even pin down any kind of pattern. In fact, now that I think about it, I don't have much of a "pattern" to begin with!
  22. Mosquitoes and "palmetto bugs" (flying cockroaches). I can't stand those dang things, especially the former!
  23. 121,004. 878,996 away from a million!
  24. I'm a bit more reserved in person, but that's the only real difference between my "online" self and my "offline" self.
  25. 71lbks...."ks", whoever that is, weighs 71 pounds, I guess?