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    One spark, one flame, one life. Have you found your spark?
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    I'm a gamer, I love to draw, and I love to talk!
    I have a bit of drawing experience under my belt, and really hoping to land a graphic design job once I get out of college (unless I'm lucky enough while in college!~Hooves Crossed)

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  1. Heh, its all about what you have fun doing. I prefer doing cartoony things since its not something in life, but whatever you like drawing, then have fun with it!
  2. Wow. These are beautiful. For some reason, really gives me a disney vibe. Great work on these, very well done.
  3. part of my tuition actually got me the pen, he he. Got some supplies last semester at the beginning of my art class, and its a really nice pen. Japanese too.
  4. Hehe, thanks! It was a pleasure to draw!
  5. JellyBean! Oh boy...this one hurt. Wasn't expecting this one to take so long, the form and clothes were easy, the face was quick, but those hands...I don't know why, but I just could not for the life of me get them the way I wanted. Well, either way, still hope ya like it, Jelly!
  6. hoplites are cooler than centurions anyway. And yeah, I saw on your profile.
  7. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Really depends on the individual style.
  8. sakeshi

    Another OC

    Wow, this is beautiful! Especially those eyes, theyre brilliant.
  9. Heh, yeah, still trying to get those hooves right. ^^; Glad you like the hoplite look though, bro.
  10. Ah, much thanks friend. I will certainly keep that in mind!
  11. My my, that is one of the cutest things ive ever seen! Never seen photoshop used so well before!
  12. My god, that is some amazing work you have here. I must say, Im quite curious just how you do the shadows, they look extravagant.
  13. Terra Lionmane and Fenix! Oh boy, gotta say, this one was a bit rough. Not because of the content but the reeeally small subject details. All for the sake of art! *ahem* Anyway, this one was definitely a fun ride, hope ya like it bro! Hehe, thanks alot bro! I seem to be getting that a bit, wonder why. The hooves, that is.
  14. My pleasure, friend. More comin on the way later.
  15. Hehe, thanks mate. Dunno if hes dragon or not, youd have to ask the guy himself.
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