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  1. Yep most of the country is red. Outside of liberal cities even so called blue states are red in terms of counties. Small blue pockets while states like NY and even Washington in terms of counties are majority red.
  2. I have seen a few YouTube users comment on Dr wolf in a negative way due to this. Some even felt that they annoyed DrWolf and were saddened by their encounter when they met him even if in reality that was not the case and its just due to how he comes off sometimes.
  3. DrWolf is a popular Brony analyst on YouTube. He has some decent content and has a unique way of presenting his material. However since going to conventions and even personally meeting DrWolf, I have met a good amount of bronies that find his personality abit strange and some due to his personality thought he was being rude to them even if he truly was not its just how he comes off. From personally meeting DrWolf in person, it does feel as if I am in a video of his meaning, he literally talks to you like he is taking in his videos. Some of his mannerisms like in his video sometimes co
  4. She really is having problems with many of her fans who are trump supporters. Also she is still complaining on twitter about him almost daily.
  5. FIM wont end, and most of the VA's live in Canada. Tara moving back to Canada wont stop her voice acting just like most of the other VA's in the show. Most of the VAs work at the office in Canada while Tara has to record it at home and have the files sent over to the office in Canada for editing and integration.
  6. Although I love Tara and have met her personally and bronycon, she is loosing her mind and re tweeting petitions and other tweets inciting violence in form of the riots going on. It really concerns me that she represents Twilight the princess of friendship. She literally has a closed mind so far and refuses to give Trump a chance. She even retweeted a picture of Canada taking over California, Washington and Oregon. I mean if she really is scared and does not like Trump at all, she has duel citizenship and can just move back to Canada easily with her family. Its one thing to not approve of the
  7. She has gone full political for the last couple days and probably will be understandably since what happened in the US election. Regardless who you wanted to win, I wish the very best for this country and we can begin to heal as this cycle has been especially crazy and divisive.
  8. Since my last post in this thread my Hot Topic has not had one piece of mlp merchandise for months. Yet they still continue to carry things from shows that have been on for awhile and others that have not such as Pokemon, Adventure Time, Black Butler, and Stephen Universe. Its really saddening.
  9. I noticed both of these with Andrea, good idea for sure. Also I saw some bronies go in for a hug as Andrea was sitting down after a photo, it was quite awkward for sure as she backed off while sitting as it give sless reaction time compared to standing when you can move away. Its one thing to request a hug politely, but when a stranger in general just goes in for a hug its quite weird.
  10. Just curious besides our views on how Andrea Libman has every right to reject a hug and needing her space from staggers, I am just curious if anybody else personally experienced this before or knew anyone else who dealt with this "rejection" before. How did you or the person feel and did you eventually not take it personally?
  11. I noticed in many photos in which a fan puts their hand around her, her smile seems less compared to other photos she has with fans. She usually hugs younger kids or teens especially if they are females though, did she hug your daughter as well or back off with a brohoof?
  12. I actually saw some cringe worthy encounters on line and could feel the embarrassment. A few bronies did not even ask and went in for a hug after a photo, Andrea had to put her hands out or back out a bit and gave them a brohoof. As they walked away you could see the sadness and embarrassment on their face.
  13. For me, I am not judging her, I am just happy I picked up on it to avoid the embarrassment of being "rejected" but in reality its just why she is. I am very appreciative that she is so sweet and even she remembered me from over a year ago, when i walked up to her for an autograph, she even remembered and our last encounters conversation, without me bringing it up. I guess many bronies little strange due to the characters she plays and personality being bubbly and sweet that she would love to give hugs. Compared to some other VA's she seemed like the one who would loves hugs and such.
  14. At Bronycon and other conventions I attended all of the VIP'S and VA's seemed to either give tons of hugs to many bronies who wanted it. Maybe except those who were really sweaty, smelly or rude, but that was rare. However, at many on the Cons I went to I would over hear many people felt horrible that Andrea Libman would not give hugs when requested and would kindly reject them and give them a brohoof. Kind of like how Howie Mandel the comedian hates being touched by other people and only gives fist bumps. When I heard about this I did not even bother asking as I felt I would just get kind
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