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  1. I am not gonna even give g5 a try. It looks like some bad 3d puppets...

    1. Splashee


      Any specific animation you don't like, from the ones that leaked? Or is it the design of the 3D models?



      I find the actual G5 design lacking because they made them 3D in the first place, making the 2D art look very odd. Also some of the leaked 3D animations are misleading (showing signs of newbies learning how to do 3D animation). These things do add up, so if the story doesn't hold, the voice actors aren't as good, and the songs aren't as good, then there will definitely be a problem.


    2. Zhortac


      The overall design of the 3D models. They look bad, even for this day. They just look like really bad 3D puppets.

      And, considering some other issues Hasbro has done with Transformers lately, and with what t hey seem to be turning Power Rangers into, I have very little hopes with anything they do now. They're so worried about an image and cutting costs, and it's gonna bite them in the ass eventually.

    3. Megas


      I'm still not to sure how I feel about Power Rangers yet, still have to watch Beast Morphers and Dino Fury(though as far as toys go, The Lightning Collection has been great, and the comics have been excellent), but Transformers has been fine I feel. They finally made a good movie with Bumblebee, and are finally breaking away from the Bay universe and using BB as the basis going forward, and while War For Cybertron as a show is not great(not terrible either), Cyberverse was pretty fun, and both the War for Cybertron and Studio Series toylines have been some of the best toylines for the franchise they put out.

      As for G5, I'm still on the fence though I don't think it looks bad, but just fine. There's still plenty I'm worried about, but honestly, as long as Josh Haber isn't involved and references to certain things in the finale are ignored I'm willing to give it a chance

  2. Ok, now I know I've been away from here longer than I though, if I never said anything in here about this episode... Of course I doubt anyone remembers me, but it won't be hard to figure out one thing... This episode.... StarTrix fuel and Trixie helps save the damn world.... 25/10 best damn episode in the entire series....and yes, I am massively biased.
  3. I've slowly realized, that over the last few months, I've been way too adducted to japanese claw machines lol. Probably spent more money than I want to realize, but I did win alot of shit...and I plan to sell most of it lol.

    Still, wish I could smack the shit out of myself a few months ago before I did

  4. Not gonna lie, I legit forgot this place existed.

  5. Excuse you? I know it's ok to be wrong, but this is just beyond that.
  6. Was trying to move into an apartment with a couple siblings, but now one of them doesn't have his share of the deposit, so now we're probably fucked beyond belief. I can't even get a small loan to help get it, because my credit is pure shit, thanks to my grandma.
    Fuck me, and fuck this year.

  7. Minus 50 points for lack of Trixie this season. It does get points for this god tier meme face from Starlight.
  8. Last week's episode, gave us some great memes.






  9. Seems quite around here, but it may be just me....probably just me.

  10. I'm going that Trixie is a lez. Her and Starlight are so well together, it's like they're made for each other.
  11. Yes. My exes probably were a 6 at best, but I didn't care. It wasn't a massive factor for me. Then again, I'm like a 5 lol
  12. >inb4 they're all gay cause of fan and clop art
  13. Funny thing was...I didn't want him lol


  14. I lifted a team lift box at work....alone
  15. Probably only way I'd get to date again...lol I'm sad
  16. Rainbowtwat looks like someone spilled buckets of paint, and just said "SCREW IT WE HAVE A CHARACTER!!". Plus, she's a huge twat, and I just hate her overall.
  17. This pretty much sums up the issue, and why it's shit. But then again, it's everywhere.
  18. So, anyone else here play Final Fantasy Brave Exvius?

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    2. Zhortac


      Turn based. You have planing time, but it has challenges

    3. ZethaPonderer


      Ok tried the game out. And it’s awesome. Thanks.

    4. Zhortac


      It's fun  especially the trial bosses

  19. Did we time travel back to 2010 or 2012? Seems like if anything, anyone doing it now, is being an edgy twatwaffle, and trying to be "le cool kid". Those are far more cringy then fanboys.
  20. Probably because I'm not very social, chubby, and gave up on trying since my ex.
  21. Pretty sure money would be more of a factor lol. I never knew that was true, till now. Glad I showered before it lol.
  22. Went to Everfree last Saturday. Only and first con I've been too.
  23. Went to my first con yesterday. Was Everfree NW. Was fun, even if it was just for most of the day. Got some Trixie stuff too. Have to prepare better next year lol.

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    2. Zhortac
    3. Rikifive


      Oooooooh these are amazing! :yay: Decent works, so detailed. I'd love some of these as well! :P 

      See? The community makes way better things than Hasbro. :derp: 

    4. Zhortac


      Chinese knockoffs are better than most of Hasbro's shit

  24. I forget about this site alot lol. Also, not a fan of how they changed it still...too confusing.

  25. >people who make blogs and say that any Trixie episode is bad
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