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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. ZomBrony

    The above avatar represents the Element of...

    I've been able to get a closer look at your pfp now and I would like to change my answer to The Element of Zim.
  3. ZomBrony

    The above avatar represents the Element of...

    The element of (Alice in) Wonderland.
  4. ZomBrony

    How do you think udders work in Equestria?

    I was asking about the episode where Princess Flurry Heart gets introduced for the first time. I'm very curious about this comment on Equestrian births working realistically.
  5. Woohoo! First full day of work completed!

    I gotta say, my dudes, working in a grocery store is pretty cool.

  6. ZomBrony

    The truth about the CMC's cutie marks

    I'm surprised this is still only one page long. I like your theory too, Jeric. It's pretty similar to Cindy's, but without the coat of arms argument. I like that it would be more symbolic than that, and I truly do believe there's a lot of symbolism in MLP. It's like a little something extra just under the surface, for us older fans so we're more satisfied with the story then the short and simple explanations that a kid needs.
  7. ZomBrony

    How do you think udders work in Equestria?

    I want to watch that episode even more now. x3 And yes, I haven't yet. I don't mind the minor spoilers because I know it's my own fault and I've already learned a lot about Flurry Heart. Can you tell me which season that was in? I'll probably try to watch it this weekend.
  8. ZomBrony

    The truth about the CMC's cutie marks

    Fair enough. I guess that's just me being oversensitive. x3 I can't speak for OP, especially on a topic I know so little about, but I'd sure be a little offended if I had a big post like that shot down so quickly. And I really doubt it. x3 I just got "mang" from my dad and even he barely says it anymore. Also, mang is just a silly way of saying "man," for Cindy.
  9. ZomBrony

    The truth about the CMC's cutie marks

    Why you gotta be that way, mang? x3 I'm not actually mad, but I would understand if OP might be upset about this. They probably took a lot of time researching and thinking about that because they weren't satisfied with how the CMC got their marks. I haven't watched the show for years, so I can't really have a say on this and your theory makes sense too, but that just seems so anticlimactic after the epic story of NMM. And if their marks, their literal destinies, the meaning of their lives, is really equated to be so simple, why do they have their bond with Princess Luna? And why are they there in the presence of NMM, long before they're actually introduced to the series, in the very first episode? I have more faith in our show writers than that, even if they do have to keep it somewhat simple for their target audience.
  10. ZomBrony

    How do you think udders work in Equestria?

    I mean, the only reason we really need for private parts not to be drawn is it's a kid's show. xD But I see what you mean. I like people using their own logic in this discussion. Personally, as someone who RPs a lot and is pretty anal about keeping things canon, I like to believe that ponies work just like regular Earth horses. That being said, I'm not sure how a mare's breasts work, so I can't say much. But that's always been my preference when it comes to anatomy.
  11. Is this a status update? Lol, it's been so long since I was last here. I'm just in the middle of an existential crisis as I'm struggling to fall asleep on the morning of starting a new job.

    I got the MLP Gameloft game for like a third time, after getting bored and uninstalling twice, so I've been thinking about ponies and realized that eight years is a damn long time. I'm always so disappointed in myself for not watching the show anymore. I miss it, and I have every season downloaded, yet I never watch it. I'd rather play a video game because it's more fun for me, but my friend still always watches it and tells me about some of the episodes and new characters. It's been too long. :(

    How is everypony else's Brony schedules going?

    1. Iam


      Starting a 2nd grade of high school on the 3rd of September. I'm a bit worried about going back to home from grandparents, because I'm punishmented for doing numerous bad things in home and all my plans about writing my first fanfic or growing YouTube channel may be very delayed.

      But I'm happy I can still use on mobile MLP Forums, it's a relief for me. :)

      And yes, this is a Status Update. ;)

    2. ZomBrony


      Yeah.. MLP Forums on my phone really helped me recuperate too. I was so stressed out Friday night. I wish I had more people who would respond to my status updates, but I guess I don't do them a whole lot and I don't have many friends..


      Thankfully we can always participate in forum discussions. ^^

  12. ZomBrony

    The above avatar represents the Element of...

    The element of nostalgia
  13. Oh. x3 Well, thank you. :3 I like your tank head.
  14. I use the HoofSounds extension for Chrome and this song just came on: Hell To Your Doorstep (cover of The Count of Monte Cristo) - Caleb Hyles I thought it was kind of lame at first, but I was into it before it was over and I could imagine it being about one the S3+ villains that I don't really know so I was just curious.
  15. ZomBrony

    The above avatar represents the Element of...

    The Element of Crystalline Beauty