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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Ooh, I really like that rarebit idea! And I had no idea about all that tofu lore, thank you. x3 I guess it could be an acceptable substitute then. I don't know much about a horse's diet, but I would assume they need a certain level of protein too.
  3. I'll have to watch that episode again to see if you're right. x3 And maybe hey steaks. owo I'm just not sure how that'd work. Oats are a good idea! I always forget to incorporate oats when I'm designing pony foods. It's usually just hay or salad. x3 Some sort of savory oat dish could be a possible substitute.
  4. I thought tofu was only a meat substitute though. I like how in depth your answer is, but I've always been under the impression that ponies were completely meat-free. I entertained the idea that it was completely unthought of, and they'd be horrified if anypony ever did. It makes sense that Hippogriffs could introduce fish though. Can you explain a little more about why they might like tofu, or come up with anything else?
  5. Dang it! x3 I wasn't sure if it was related enough to ponies or not. Thank you though!
  6. This is a fun little discussion topic that just crossed my mind. x3 I often find myself faced with a situation like this while I'm RPing. I already told my friend it would have to be a magnificent sandwich or astonishing salad to be on par with steak dinner, but I want to know what everypony else thinks. And to offer some more discussion points, why not come up with any food alternatives you can think of? I hope we're all agreed that ponies don't eat meat.
  7. Randall from Recess. xD Who's this guy?
  8. Just some random guy's dog. Who's this?
  9. I think that's Sun Princess. Who's this?
  10. Banned for that skittles comment, because it made me feel uncomfortable
  11. Ima unban you this time, because that's not very cool.
  12. "I suppose it is.." He sighed and followed her out, looking around as they got outside. He hadn't really realized yet just how different the world could be from a few feet shorter. He had also already encountered the same problem as Conch Shell with his magic. While he was used to having it and used it frequently, he had to keep reminding himself that he couldn't now. He also felt a little awkward about saying so little in response to the mare in his body, so he asked a little more. "Um.. How are you doing, @Emerald<3? I've gotten kind of used to moving at least.. But I just realized how different my perspective of the world is now, which is kind of freaking me out." It wasn't even because he was that much taller than her before the switch, it was the simple fact of being used to your own body your whole life. Everything just looked slightly different now and it was maddening.
  13. Banned because I don't remember using that one before. Unless it was years ago. x3