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    Life is about discovery. That is my motto of life to put it simply. Though I do not define my life by one motto but rather by a combination of ideas. These ideas of mine are listed below my interests if you are interested of knowing more.
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    History, Science and the classical Liberal Arts.
    Life is full of variables, instances and experiences that can define who we are. I enjoy exploring this life and what it is all about, how things work and why it is they work as such. Dreams, the Universe, human history, endless discovery. This is what drives me, an endless learning process. I find it personally exciting, the mysteries of this life that is part of a massive Universe. While I am here, in this life, I want to enjoy the human experience as much as I can. A part of that experience has been found through MLP and the forums of this site. It has impacted my life in a positive fashion. The community of MLP is a grand one indeed and I am very happy to be a part of such a wonderful group of human beings.

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  1. I dreamt I actually met another Brony. Pretty disappointed when I woke up. ha