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  1. "I like to give ponies the benefit of the dough.Besides,if I was wrong,there has to be some truth to keep your friends close and your enemies closer,right? I think we should trust the mystery pony,for now at least.And the pony may have a useful skill. I just stay ready to run around ponies I've just meant." ((I have to go!))
  2. "So,it appears that we're not the only ones who decided to wait out the fight.Did you see anypony else when you went into that building?" Melody turned around to yell at the pony. "Did you decide to wait the fighting out too?" She wondered who it is.She hates not knowing things.
  3. @sapranoaurora "That sounds great.Do you know the area well?" Melody asks as she follows the other pony.Then she realized that she was going to have to find out what his name is,so she could call him something other than the other pony."Hey,what's your name?I'm Melody Light,but most ponies call me Melody."
  4. "Ya.Me too.I'll fight if it becomes necessary,but I'm an entertainer.I don't try to get into any fights. Doesn't everypony have better things to do than shooting at each other?" It was rare that she meant a pony who didn't fight in the wasteland. "I've been called a lot of names for not fighting,but everything is already messed up,why make it worse?"
  5. She nods in agreement.It startled her a bit when the other pony had walked up to her.Melody hadn't noticed that he was in the building.She was thankful that the other pony didn't seem interested in fighting,since she hadn't noticed that there was another pony in there.
  6. Exactly! go to deviant art and there are thousands of princess Twilight pics from before season 3.
  7. Melody Light noticed that the fighting had stopped.When she had heard it,she had gotten far enough away so that she wouldn't be involved,but close enough so that she had some idea of what was happening.If the fight came to her,then she'd be involved. Cautiously,she began to emerge from the abandoned building.
  8. Hi! I want to be a singer-song writer when I get older,but I've started now.. I need help with the rest of the lyrics.Keep in mind it is suppose to be like Skillet or Green Day.Lyrics in this() mean I may or may not include them,depends on what the final looks like. I've been falling into the darkness and the pain. (A thousand years with no sun) Time is fleeing as my soul gets torn apart, I couldn't see what was in front of me, I have that much figured out,comment what you think the rest should be.
  9. Oh,I would so do it! It would be impossible because of time zone differences,but WHO CARES! I must now talk to my choir teacher,who lets us do flash mobs,about pony.It would be just my class but hey,it would still be cool.
  10. I might read it. I've been thinking about writing a Romeo and Juliet with mlp for a while.
  11. Okay is 20 alright? I like to keep the characters at or close to my age,which is why I said 14..sorry,I wasn't thinking,just went with what I usually do.
  12. Bah.Who cares about seasons?I ignore them. I just watch what I feel like,when I feel like.
  13. Name:Melody Light Race:Unicorn Home:Wanderer Age:14 Appearance:Dark brown coat,long yellow mane always tied back,brown eyes,cutie mark of a music note. Skills:Repair,unarmed,survival
  14. Twilicorn gets so much hate,but I love it. Especially when it's handled properly in a fan/fim fiction.
  15. •Name-Alura Sapphire •Age-14 •Human Occupation-student •Level of Wizard -9 •Personally-Fun loving and confident,loves to help out,but if you get her angry she will floor you,takes charge easily •Picture/link of your main pony form-my avatar pic •Type of magic: nature •Description of human appearance- Blond hair with blue highlights,brown eyes,pale skin. I would like to have laughter please. Merry Christmas @epicharmony