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  1. Only if he's wearing a hazmat suit. Lol.
  2. Lol, so every year that we've been together, my husband would always draw a comic for me for V-Day and this year we've both been so busy with stuff that I figured he forgot. My plan was to pull a Rarity on him and weep loudly about how much I needed it especially because I'm sick today and it being the worst thing EVER. OF ALL TIME. Since we're snowed in, he allowed his 15 year old brain to kick in and slept until friggin noon. He's sleeping in the guest room since I have the plague and am probably sooper unpleasant to share a room with right now. So, he comes in a little over a half hour ago and dumps 30 MLP Valentines on me. Lol. He actually filled out each one with a message. It was kind of ridiculous and he was extremely proud of himself.
  3. Tuesday. Where is the nearest bathroom?
  4. ADHD. Because flashes of color are SQUIRREL!
  5. You get OVER 9000! *Insert a whole nickel*
  6. I don't have any plans because I've come down with a mysterious version of the plague. Basically, my symptoms are exactly the same as what Philomena had before she BURST INTO FLAMES AND DIED. I have a fire extinguisher next to my bed, just in case. Also, there's like 2ft of rock-hard snow here in Baltimare, so there wouldn't be much of the doing of the plans even if I weren't on the verge of death. I figured I would spend my day loudly groaning about the random bursts of heat and cold I'm feeling and would yell for my husband to go get stuff for me, wait for him to sit down, then ask for something else. You know, typical sick person stuff. My husband draws me a comic every year for Lovey Dovey Smoochfest day, but I suspect he forgot this year, so I was also going to play up how much I need a comic today otherwise my immune system will stop fighting the infection and I will literally die. I've been sneezing all night, so it will be super easy to cry on cue. LOL! I will still make the most of the day despite the circumstances! Heeeheeeheeeheheheheheheeeee!
  7. As sad as this is, I can't go as far as to say that all people are just like this man. It's always darkest the hour before sunrise, as the saying goes.
  8. We have about 2ft or so of snow here in Baltimare. Lol. Everything is closed and the snow is hard as rock. GUH!
  9. I've worked as a tutor since college for all levels of students, so I am usually pretty good at breaking things down to fit a person's level. I also taught my own class through graduate school, so I do have that bit of perspective as far as what a professor is looking for in lower-level college courses. I can tutor anywhere from grade school to advanced undergraduate for these subjects: Psychology Sociology English Linguistics And these subjects I can tutor up through the 12th grade level and lower-level undergraduate: Math Algebra Geometry Statistics I'm particularly good at: Report writing Research Papers Coming up with example problems I won't do your homework for you, but I will go through problems with you and may walk you through a problem or two so that you can understand your material better. I'm usually online, so feel free to message me if you're stuck on something!
  10. That's so cute! You should do something extra special for her. HEHEHEHEHEHE!
  11. Idk... Even Faust didn't want Twlight to become an alicorn. Tbh, it's really kind of dumb. Isn't the show about accepting everypony as they are? Why did Hasbro insist on changing Twilight? Are they allergic to positive messages?
  12. How did you even draw anything on the iPad?! I can't even draw a proper smiley face on it.