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  1. You're likely no longer around but I just noticed in the meet up map that there was another Forumer in Manila! So I just thought I'd say hi!

  2. ~ JK Rowling is a decent children's author, but Harry Potter is honestly very medicore when compared to The Chronicles of Narnia, A Series of Unfortunate Events, or even Discworld. While her worldbuilding is very, very good, and she thinks up interesting plots, her characters are really too flat for me to enjoy the series 100%. ~ It's much more sensible to be politically moderate than 100% liberal or 100% conservative. ~ 'Titus Andronicus' is a Shakespeare play that I really enjoyed reading, despite it being called his 'least loved play'. ~ Autism is neither a curse or a blessing. It's not supposed to be labelled the worst thing in the world, but it's not supposed to be considered a way of life rather than a disability either. It's up to an autistic person whether they're satisfied with having autism or if they want a cure to be found. You shouldn't shit on either. ~ As a Christian, I honestly lean towards universalism being God's ultimate plan for humanity. I'm not saying that God won't hold us against being accountable for our actions, but the biblical authors didn't share our modern understanding of hell, and I honestly feel that if even one person stays permanently in hell, the devil will still have succeeded in seperating humanity from God. -Being overly critical of any Pokemon generation is stupid.
  3. It depends on how you define 'best years'. The fandom was way more active and productive during Seasons 2 and 3, but there was a lot of drama about the show and the fanbase, not to mention an annoying number of anti-brony trolls on the Internet. The fandom is less active now, due to a lot of people losing interest in between Season 4 and 5, which is disappointing, but it's generally quiet enough for people to discuss the show without much drama. The period in between mid Season 1 and mid Season 2 was probably best. There were new people coming into the fandom every day, there hadn't been any major changes to the show ala A Canterlot Wedding/Magical Mystery Cure/Equestria Girls, which meant that there wasn't much drama in regards to the show, and the fanbase was excited to see what direction the show could go. If we had more people in the fandom right now, I would have said that we're currently at our best, because both the toxic parts of the fandom and the anti-bronies have seemed to shut up a lot. Way better than the hell in between Season 3 and 4.
  4. Filipino elections are happening today, guys. Wish us luck
  5. You're not getting my money.

  6. When has MLP ever shown a suicide attempt? o_O MLP is a kid's show, and a particularly well written one at that. It would be pretty insulting to the kids's intellegence if the show ended up being too silly or too mature. If you make every episode Slice of Life/Party Pooped-ish, kids would know what you were trying to pull. The same thing applies if you make every episode a cheap copy of The Last Airbender or Legend of Korra. Not to mention that making the show either extreme would make a lot of adult viewers lose interest in it. Look at how nobody above the age of ten enjoys Teen Titans Go. Silly Looney-Toons esque cartoons are great to watch, but it's very hard to replicate their success and their originality in modern cartoons. Even mostly silly shows like Phineas and Ferb or Adventure Time still needed a bit of character development in the middle.
  7. I'm back! Hopefully I can catch up with MLP before Season 6 is over >_>

  8. I was actually really fond of Spike in the first two seasons. Despite being the youngest main character (not counting the CMC) he did a good job being the Only Sane Man (Dragon?) of the cast, and he was a perfect example of how most kids act in between the stage of being a child and being a teenager-take it from me, I started watching the show when I was eleven. He wasn't the best character, but I generally liked the guy. Starting the fourth season, however, I think the writers just forgot about any possible character development Spike could have gotten. I can't remember the last time his relationship with Twilight was focused on. He's still the Only Sane Man, but that's all he his, and he's actually getting worse at it. Inspiration Manifestation was the last episode where I could call him an actual character. I wouldn't say he's been reduced to a mere plot device just yet, but it looks like that's the way things are going. We need an episode like Secret of my Excess if we want to save Spike. He might have been a crazy oversized dragon for half of that episode, but he actually was a character in it, and it did a good job establishing his relationships with Twlight and Rarity. I'd prefer that over him being used for gags all the frickin time.
  9. I've never heard of you before, but welcome back to the Forums! I hope you'll have a fun time here.
  10. Please try to look it up yourself or to PM me about it. I'm not comfortable sharing it on this thread since it's meant to celebrate a Muslim holiday. I feel like I would be invading the thread.
  11. Happy Ramadan! I'm not a Muslim myself-I'm a agnostic Unitarian Universalist, but as one I think that different traditions from different religious cultures are fascinating. Unitarian Universalists have only one holiday and it's not even official! I'm curious; could you explain the background to the holiday? And a friendly reminder to anybody who has Muslim followers on their social media profiles-do try to tag any posts that might be inappropriate for the holiday.
  12. Oh, a few extra ones! That a member of any New Religious Movement is in a cult of sorts. I'm a Unitarian Universalist who has a Wiccian friend and I can safely tell you people that the two of us aren't in a cult. Also, if you're a trans man you must be super masculine and vice versa. I'm most likely a trans man and I still like some feminine things. Gender expression is a social construct and it's not directly tied to gender. And, finally, while this obviously doesn't apply to me I hate it when some people say that celebrities are shallow. I think everybody has their own story and that celebrities are people too. While I'm a fan of precious few I do believe that's worth noting.
  13. Why does Leafeon learn Leaf Blade so goddamned freaking late in Gen 4?

  14. This is of great concern. If you're a Steel Type, we can't slowly poison you until you drop to red health and if you're an Electric type we can't paralyze you starting X and Y. are a shiny.
  15. *battle music* A wild Punicpunch appeared! *shiny Pokemon animation*