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  1. You know, I never thought of that. That's a great way in seeing things.
  2. Just watched Insidious and compared it to EQG. EQG is scarier.

  3. When I saw Equestria Girls Rarity, I was like "VAMPIIIIRE!!!!!!!!!!"

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. LightningStorm


      She's not awful, but EG made me vomit a little.

    3. ghostfacekiller39


      I liked EQG a lot myself. Had it's flaws and wasn't a perfect 10/10, but I loved it nonetheless '^'

    4. LightningStorm


      Eh, takes all kinds, I guess.

  4. All that "so-and-so is best pony" confusion.
  5. Ah, more grammar failures in an attempt to express our bronyhood. Oh, and welcome! I control lightning! But don't worry, I don't strike other ponies (usually.) Well, except for Pinkie. But that's just for Cupcakes!
  6. Awesome! I can't wait to see it! And I noticed that one of Candlewick's legs has a black stripe on it. What's that?
  7. Hey everypony, Lightning here. There's been some talk going on, and a movement was put into order. Through a PM with CLASSIFIED contents (if you get the message, you're one of the insiders) started by Asterisk Propernoun, some ponies (including myself,) have intel on this movement. It's public now, so spread this news and check out Propernoun's blog. Lightning out.
  8. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing this done.
  9. That blows. I really like your style, and if Steve Jobs isn't cooperating from the dead, he should get a talk from Luna.
  10. Ha, I guess I do. Who wouldn't? It's fun. :3
  11. Neat. I like it. These forums really do rule.
  12. This is pure genius! You truly are the master!
  13. Welcome! I'm Lightning Storm, and you've entered this great place. You may notice I'm riding on a cloud.
  14. Thanks to Artsy for the picture!

    1. Vokun Rith

      Vokun Rith

      awez! You make me blush!