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  1. You know, I never thought of that. That's a great way in seeing things.
  2. Just watched Insidious and compared it to EQG. EQG is scarier.

  3. When I saw Equestria Girls Rarity, I was like "VAMPIIIIRE!!!!!!!!!!"

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    2. LightningStorm


      She's not awful, but EG made me vomit a little.

    3. ghostfacekiller39


      I liked EQG a lot myself. Had it's flaws and wasn't a perfect 10/10, but I loved it nonetheless '^'

    4. LightningStorm


      Eh, takes all kinds, I guess.

  4. All that "so-and-so is best pony" confusion.
  5. Ah, more grammar failures in an attempt to express our bronyhood. Oh, and welcome! I control lightning! But don't worry, I don't strike other ponies (usually.) Well, except for Pinkie. But that's just for Cupcakes!
  6. Awesome! I can't wait to see it! And I noticed that one of Candlewick's legs has a black stripe on it. What's that?
  7. Hey everypony, Lightning here. There's been some talk going on, and a movement was put into order. Through a PM with CLASSIFIED contents (if you get the message, you're one of the insiders) started by Asterisk Propernoun, some ponies (including myself,) have intel on this movement. It's public now, so spread this news and check out Propernoun's blog. Lightning out.
  8. Very interesting. I look forward to seeing this done.
  9. That blows. I really like your style, and if Steve Jobs isn't cooperating from the dead, he should get a talk from Luna.
  10. Ha, I guess I do. Who wouldn't? It's fun. :3
  11. Neat. I like it. These forums really do rule.
  12. This is pure genius! You truly are the master!
  13. Welcome! I'm Lightning Storm, and you've entered this great place. You may notice I'm riding on a cloud.
  14. Thanks to Artsy for the picture!

    1. Vokun Rith

      Vokun Rith

      awez! You make me blush!

  15. Appreciate the kindness. Lol, I was running maximum overload of ideas my first few days.
  16. LightningStorm


    Welcome. This is a friendly environment, trust me. Just look me up whenever.
  17. Hello. I'd like to start a roleplay involving 4 weather ponies: One of storms (me,) sunlight, snow, and moonlight. I need these three: Sunlight: A bright and cheery pony wth an explorative nature. She usually gets into trouble. Snow: A hardy, tough pony that isn't afraid to face danger. She/he is used to the cold. Moonlight: A mysterious unicorn with a strange sense of insecurity about her identity. This pony loves the night. If your OC matches this, and you're willing, contact me. Lightning out.
  18. Hey guys, Lightning Storm here, reporting from the Nocturnal Flying Match that would determine the best night-flier of Equestria. Rainbow Dash, #16, raced to the victory with her rainbow light guiding her to the end. I kept the skies clear for her, but Crash Course was close behind, with bats on their tail! I was practically biting my hooves there! But, I guess Rainbow can't lose. Well, except for that one time when Rarity became a butterfly pony. Rainbow lost a looot of water there. Awkward! Well, that's it for now. The race was quick, what can I say? Well, other than: Lightning out.
  19. Welcome! I'll clear the skies for your welcome, but reluctantly. You're totally welcome, gal. P.S. I'm also a girl so it's okay.
  20. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Rainbow Dash How did you find MLP Forums?: Well, I turned on my device. Then, I activated Google. Then, I searched "MLP Forums." And here I am! How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: My brother turned it on once. Ever since, I used as a torture method among my friends, and I eventually got creative, making like 45 OC's a week. Hey everypony, it's me, Lightning Storm. I'm pretty new here, but I've had forum experience. And in this loving environment, I feel safe and welcome. Oh. And you'll find me in the middle of a storm. Check out my OC!
  21. Hello and welcome. I'm Lightning Storm. Yeah, Rainbow FTW! I really hope you could check out my OC thread and maybe draw it, as I need an avatar.