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  1. Gallop for joy today is your Birthday!! Happy Birthday! :squee:


  2. The Coffee Pony

    Happy 4th of July everyone!!!!!!!!

    Dear Americans, WOULD YOU YANKS MIND KEEPING IT DOWN!? SOME OF US HAVE A HANGOVER HERE!!! -The Canadians who went overboard celebrating Canada Day
  3. The Coffee Pony

    What is your opinion on gender stereotypes?

    I identify as beer! I AM the drunk!
  4. The Coffee Pony

    What is your opinion on gender stereotypes?

    Is mayonnaise a gender?
  5. The Coffee Pony

    Gaming Sea of Thieves not off to a Good Start

    That is a horrendous outlook to have. I'm sorry but we should keep giving companies shit for this, we should be hammering in that this is unacceptable and we definitely should stop giving them money for broken on arrival games. Every time you give them money you're telling them that this is okay, you're telling them you have 0 financial wisdom whatsoever and you're telling them that you're looking to be taken advantage of.
  6. The Coffee Pony

    Gaming Video game franchises that might as well be dead

    Anything and everything Konami!
  7. The Coffee Pony

    Gaming Nintendo Direct March 8th

    @Northern Light Flyer Does this look like a joke? =P
  8. The Coffee Pony

    Gaming Nintendo Direct March 8th

    The only thing that disappoints me about Nintendo Direct is that I did not see an announcement for Mighty No 9 so I can get ready to buy my fourth copy!!
  9. The Coffee Pony

    Gaming Nintendo Direct March 8th

    OHOHO I love it! Nintendo finally gets a console that appeals to everyone and finally gets the third party support it desperately needed to put it on par with the other systems and what do I see? A bunch of people bitching and complaining. I guess you really can't satisfy everyone as someone will find excuses to complain. "But Coffee, these are merely ports!!" Oh quit your bitching. Yes it's getting a lot of multi platform games. That's actually a great thing for people who don't want to shell out the extra cash for a PC, want the Switch over the PS4 and XBone or want have one of the other three and want to play the games that interest them on the go! Point is Nintendo NEEDED this as all they had before with the Wii and WiiU was very minimal third party support and shovelware. This is a huge leap and bound from that.
  10. The Coffee Pony

    Gaming What console should I get?

    Well guys, thanks for all your input! I believe with all the data gathered here I think I made the right choice! Hook! Line! Sinker! Y'all just pretty much walked into a shitpost =P
  11. The Coffee Pony

    Gaming What console should I get?

    Okay guys so here's the deal. I am thinking about getting a new console and there are two consoles in particular, The Xbox One and the Nintendo Entertainment System. Now I know what you're thinking? Why the Nintendo Entertainment System? Well that's because there are so many great games for it like Super Mario Bros 1, 2j, 2 and 3, Metroid, The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II, Castlevania 1-3, Ducktales 1 and 2, Darkwing Duck, Mega Man 1-6, Metal Storm, Sweet Home, Batman, Adventure Island, Blades of Steel, Kid Icarus, Battle Toads, Contra. Just so many great games for it, more than I can list and it's a console that, to me, is really worth getting. Plus, there are more games being made for it, like Swords n Runes, Battle Kid the Fortress of Peril, Haunted Halloween 86, Mad Wizard, Rise of Amondus and not to mention all the Rom Hack carts out there like My Little Pony: Dr, Discord's Conquest, Metroid Rogue Dawn, Castlevania Blood Moon, Simon's Quest Redux, The Legend of Zelda Ganon's Revenge. Etc. Just so many reasons to get a NES. Then we have the Xbox One, the most powerful game console in existence and it also has quite a few gems itself like Halo the Masterchief Collection, Gears of War 4, Super Lucky's Tale, Player Unknown Battlegrounds, Cuphead, Stranger of Sword City, Forza Motorsport, Titanfall and of course Halo 5. I don't know, they both sound good, Which should I get guys?
  12. The Coffee Pony

    News ToonKriticY2K and accusations of sexual misconduct

    So for the past couple of pages all I've been seeing are about the Fandom. I have to be blunt, right now, who the fuck cares about the fandom? The Fandom or the reputation of the fandom should be far from everyone's mind. I don't know why people have to announce their "departure from the fandom" or have to "defend the fandom", this isn't about you, it's not about Dr Wolf's thoughts on the situation and it's not about the fandom. All this fandom really is, is a bunch of people who happen to like MLP, sometimes a bit too much. There's nothing special about it. Why are you guys even focusing on it? It doesn't matter, especially not at this moment. This is about an individual preying on a bunch of people and his victims. The questions you should all be asking right now is "Will he face justice?", "What can be done to help the victims of this guy?" and "What can be done to stop more people like him?". The fandom's reputation is irrelevant.
  13. That's more than likely not going to happen simply because the loss the bronies aren't a big source of income for Hasbro, the fandom never was. The fandom only made Hasbro a small amount of money because most bronies don't buy the merchandise. In fact they spend more money on fandom made merch than the official merchandise. They didn't make up a huge number of DVD/Bluray sales either as most of them tend to watch the show, movies and specials via Netflix and Piracy. Besides, by 2020 we will have had 9 seasons, a movie, a comic series and a spin-off. G4 has produced quite a lot of content that we can enjoy long after it ends. Isn't that enough? We knew this day was going to come for a long time and I am more than satisfied with what we've been given. I've been ready for the end for a good couple of years now and while I am sad that G4's going, I'm ready to give G5 a chance. From what I've read from the leak, Meghan McCarthy wants to make G5 a damn good show. She wants to take what made G4 good and improve on it and I like most of what she has in mind. So yeah, I embrace G5 with open arms and I embrace the change! I hope the show will be a success and I hope it'll even top G4 in quality. And I would also like to remind the "Doom & Gloomers" here that you're not the first fandom to ever go through this phase. You're not even the first Hasbro-based fandom to go through this. Allow me to tell you about MLP's brother franchise that also had a beloved show and gained quite a fandom. It ended too and got another generation that outraged many! Guess what? It ended up being a massive success and Hasbro learned from it and incorporated what made it a success, including the storytelling, into future shows. And while it's had a couple of downs most of the shows in this franchise are still loved and have huge followings. It's called Transformers and it has a fandom that far outsizes this one. It even has its own obnoxious and insufferable fans that can't seem to move on from an entry, the most well known of these fans are called the Geewunners. After being a Transformers fan since I was a little kid and seeing what's happened to the franchise since Beast Wars, I am more than confident that Hasbro will be as good to MLP as it has been to Transformers.
  14. The Coffee Pony

    General Liberal or Conservative?

    Neither, Democratic Socialist & Capitalist (basically Scandinavia prior to Sweden's Far-Left Corruption)