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  1. Hope things are going well for ya! Happy birthday! :D

  2. Guys! It''s been 9 years, we had our fun,we'll have had 9 seasons, 2 movies, years worth of comics, a spinoff that also has a ton of content, not to mention all the fan works under the sun. It's over guys, you have to come to terms with reality, live with it and move on. All good things come to an end eventually. Besides it has so much content and you can revisit it whenever you like. BRING ON G5!!!
  3. Gallop for joy today is your Birthday!! Happy Birthday! :squee:


  4. Dear Americans, WOULD YOU YANKS MIND KEEPING IT DOWN!? SOME OF US HAVE A HANGOVER HERE!!! -The Canadians who went overboard celebrating Canada Day
  5. Hello everyone! Do you have top of the line gaming PC? Do you play games on your big ass TV on PS4? Maybe you like to play games on the go with the Switch?...Are you that one guy who owns an Xbox One?...If you said yes to any or all of these you should totally buy Mighty No. 9!! Game of the year all years! And if you have more than one of these platforms than you should buy a copy for every console you have!!

  6. That is a horrendous outlook to have. I'm sorry but we should keep giving companies shit for this, we should be hammering in that this is unacceptable and we definitely should stop giving them money for broken on arrival games. Every time you give them money you're telling them that this is okay, you're telling them you have 0 financial wisdom whatsoever and you're telling them that you're looking to be taken advantage of.
  7. PSA: Overexposure to Youtube Comments or Toxic part of Fandoms may lead to Autism Exposure Poisoning. May lead to becoming a furry!

  8. I forsee everyone witnessing cancer in their near future!

  9. Everyone who games should play Mighty No. 9!! You owe it to yourself to do so!!

  10. The Coffee Pony

    Gaming Nintendo Direct March 8th

    @Northern Light Flyer Does this look like a joke? =P
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