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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Just to give everypony a little quick update, since I haven't exactly posted in quite a while here. I'm still safe and sound, and haven't "died" or anything. I've just been extremely busy with moving away from all the things that I was going through for so long with my parents after my mom died. I moved out across the country to live with my life partner and have been so busy with pretty much everything pertaining to "life stuff" since then. I probably still won't be super active on here - nowhere near as active as I had previously been years prior - but I certainly will check in periodically on you all still. I do hope at some point I get the kind of free time to actually socialize and interact with friends again a little more, but as of recently it seems having so much work to do either for getting paid, or just in general for my own personal benefit, or even otherwise in just taking care of mundane chore work has kinda been overloading me the past few months. >_>

    Feel free to post on my page or message me or whatever though still if you want or need to get through to me. I have email notifications for each and check my email multiple times per day after-all. :fluttershy:

  4. I'll be adding to this throughout the years with my thoughts and reflections on things......
    I can't believe I just lost my mother and I'm not even old enough to drown my sorrows in alcohol yet. (probably a good thing)

    1. SolarFlare13


      Ouch. I'm really sorry to hear that :( Is there anything I can do to help?

  5. Day Five of taking down extensive CompTIA exam notes, among other things in life like my concurrent situation with my parents and all, work, chores and whatnot... In only five days though, I've gotten nearly 41 whole big 'ol detailed pages of notes now, and I am so ready for this exam & career. :yay:

    Seriously, it would have taken me like four weeks to get to 41 good, detailed pages of notes on ANY subject in school. The joys of self-education and teaching oneself a subject one actually enjoys and could care at all about.:dash:

  6. Hope you're doing well today friend. *gives you a hug* Best wishes! :grin:

    1. Silver-Ember


      Thank you *hugs* :grin:

      *sigh*..... But if I'm to be honest... >_> Today has been one of the hardest for me yet... We had to take mom back to Hospice for the fourth time. This time dad seemed to suggest that it may be the last... :sunny::(


  7. Anypony have any ideas on what to do next after one's own father, for whom for the past two years I've been supporting him with Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis & my mother with cancer for the past 8 and 2 years, tells his own child to shoot themselves? :catface:

    1. Johnny1226


      Sit down and watch television 

    2. Silver-Ember


      I just sat down, did art and played my bass guitar for a bit contemplating life.

    3. Johnny1226
  8. I've been in the middle of a lot throughout life myself as of recently and haven't really gotten to use much more than two DAWs thus far, particularly my favored FL Studio 12, and then there is another free one out there called Stagelight that I've used to make some demo songs back in the day. I've only gotten to use a small trial version of Ableton Live 9. Of the three above-mentioned, I love FL Studio the bestest.
  9. Figured this would be a good first start to posting this up for others to see; do click on the story section if it's on there, I'm not sure yet how the page appears to the public. Thank you for reading and your time. :fluttershy:

  10. Oh c'mon! It's only like a quarter past 3 in the morning... I can still be super productive if I just stay up and finish stuff.

    MUST. KEEP MAKING. FLASH CARDS!!! Aaaaahhhh!!! o3o

    /me passes out on floor with sharpie and notecards all over the ground, purring and thinking about @AstralAmity :wub:

    1. AstralAmity


      hehe <3 <3 <3 *kisses your muzzle*

  11. My mother's now in Hospice care... :sunny: She's supposed to be coming home Saturday, I believe though... If she makes it to then... >_>

    Everypony, I could really use some kind of miracle right now. I'd definitely appreciate any prayers or what-have-you, for those of you who have a religious affiliation.

    Really not where I thought I'd be at only age 20, taking care of a family, my dad only being half-functional, and watching my mother dying of cancer. :(

    1. GrimGrimoire


      You have my well wishes and prayers. . I went through the same thing with my mother in hospice so I know the feeling all to well. It is hard now... but it will get better.. I promise. Just hang in there and be there for her and do what you can to make it as easy and comfortable as possible. This is a very emotional and heart breaking time I know, but just concentrate on comfort more than anything else. You can and will get through this.  :(

    2. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      I'm so sorry you and your family are going through this. Praying and hoping that you all receive the support and restoration that you need. 

    3. Johnny1226


      I hope you're mom feels better soon

  12. It certainly is a great feeling to be in the best physical shape of my life, and for that to continue to be the case with each passing day. B)

    Just a general PSA everypony, take appreciation for your health, because it's one of the most vital things to have in life. :fluttershy:

    1. PonkiePoo


      Agreed your health can effect so many things your mood, your motivation, your happiness. Looking after your heath can truly make a difference in your quality of life. :twi:

    2. man dude man

      man dude man

      must be nice, i cant state my distaste, because i guess i wasnt privileged enough not to have mine fucked with... but its coming together quit smoking, pretty much quit everything, now all thats left is a boring, diet, boring lifestyle, disciplined habits/past times.... life is going to come together but coming together for some of us is much different than others.

  13. Just figured I'd mention this too though. :yay:
    Remember a few days ago, you and I were talking about a thing and I was like "The character limit in these comments seriously needs to be updated"...

    Next morning drops, and as does the update notification, and now it seems like that's exactly the case. The character limit being increased and all. :blink:

    I swear I didn't know about this update the other day. It's like I just predicted the future! :grin:

    I'mma time lord pony! :ooh:

    1. Kyoshi


      Seems that is the case, but now on the front page statuses cut off a lot quicker than they did before, so now we have to click it most of the time to even know what the rest is.

    2. Silver-Ember


      Really? :huh:

      Looking at it now... I don't really see a discernable "earlier cut off" with those. They look about the same as they were previously in regard to that. :catface:

  14. From the perspective of a budding social media advertiser, marketer and general manager, I'm loving the updates we've made here! ^^

    Great job on the revamp admins! :fluttershy:

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