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  1. I don't drive a truck, but I work in trucks sometimes
  2. Probably somewhere in Texas. I'm not a big fan of Florida.
  3. Uhhh, I was thinking more of the biblical person.
  4. I don't look like my real name and I don't look like "a Methuselah" either.
  5. A cop girl once gave me a ride in her cruiser. I wasn't arrested.
  6. She'll probably whine about needing the entire sheet and my tossing-and-turning :/
  7. Almost exactly the same as I am now.
  8. Ew, there's a naked stallion in my bed. Geigh.
  9. I am the thing that goes bump in the night (though I'm usually very quiet).
  10. Yes... but I have trouble eating them TPAM likes pears.
  11. No. TPAM once ate a cigarette.