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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. I've only watched the first movie. Tightly whities are Satan's "gift" to humanity I liberated myself from them years ago
  3. She was hiding her (nonexistent) boobies from Dashie. Rest assured, the EqG all have butt tattoos
  4. I count the number of apples on Applejack's cheeks while she sleeps
  5. I sleep naked to proudly show off my cutie mark
  6. I approve of an article of clothing being called a "wife-beater"
  7. Well, I've been sick since 2001, so... that.
  8. What? Wear something? To bed? I would never do that!
  9. D'aww. You're so cute when you insist you're not cute
  10. This... This is where the music's at.
  11. According to a lot of girls I'm very cute. I disagree.
  12. And this applies to no one more so than politicians, the scum of the Earth.
  13. Fuck no. I don't need the government having more control over me, a permanent tracking device stuck inside me, and the ability to have my body hacked.
  14. I was wearing my Bob's Big Boy burger shirt while I was a bad boy eating a burger