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  1. I'm the wrong person to ask. Is 70 years of age the new 60?
  2. Celly. Marrying either wouldn't be great though 'cause she'd be lonely after I die... Would you rather live a quiet and comfortable life and die at 80 or a wild and festive life doing all the crazy things you ever wanted to do and die at 45?
  3. Nah. I've been here over 5 years, post almost exclusively in General Discussion, and I still have fewer than 200 posts. If anything, I kind of do the opposite. There are plenty of times in which I think of something to post and then I think I don't really want to post that, or there's no point, or I'm too tired. If I never hesitated, my post count would probably be twice as high.
  4. I don't think I'm cute, but quite a few people irl seem to think so (like, quit d'awwing over me random bank teller woman, geez). TPAM has watched G3 mlp.
  5. I would have to hear the other side first. TPAM plays Dungeons & Dragons.
  6. I own zero hair dryers. Any of the Monster in My Pocket toys?
  7. The old librarian lady, Wickerbottom, of the Don't Starve PC game.
  8. No. Have you played any of the Streets of Rage games? (also known as Bare Knuckle)
  9. I don't have friends. I should be ok in a couple days.
  10. Um, I guess I would join the rebellion (and hopefully not pull my weight). Would you rather live at the Pie family rock farm or at Sweet Apple Acres? Autumn Blaze is a certified snuggle buddy and an excellent choice for a wife.
  11. I hardly know either of them. Spyro 'cause he looks (vaguely) like Figment from Epcot. If you had to marry a horse, who would it be? You could be a pone too so it wouldn't feel so wrong.
  12. Always and forever. TPAM has been to Wyoming.
  13. What significant other? Do you love love poems?
  14. Yes. If I squeeze the trigger I can. TPAM has eaten alligator meat
  15. Sometimes I wish I could be alone without it affecting me. I've been alone for such a long time and it rarely affects me, but even I get lonely sometimes.