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  1. -UniKitty-

    Mega Thread What game are you playing right now?

    Black ops 2, I got that for Xbox and playstation lol, my favorite game with zombies!!!!!
  2. -UniKitty-

    Web What browser do you use?

    Google Chrome!! My mom likes to delete Google Chrome off the computer and have Firefox as the only browser hahaha...
  3. -UniKitty-

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The Lego Movie, because everything is awesome!!!!
  4. -UniKitty-

    Music Music that Brings Tears to Your Eyes

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dclMdiYHy48 This makes me cry because it's so epic!
  5. Vinyl Scratch: *Walks over to Twilight Sparkle as I fix up the bass cannon and put it on safety mode so it won't accidentally fire* Oh, well, you see, I made it by taking lots of VCR parts, Blu-Ray players A PS4 and Xbow One engine, and covered the outideside part up with a gun-shaped figure, I thought it was a good idea to make something in the shape of a gun that is an awesome new instrument that was never thought of before, and it basically had an update from the 2 different Companies of Sony and Microsoft, basically the most awesomest Entertainment companies in the world!! The updates made them louder and I could have made them have a charge with just a wire if it had enough space, but uh... Hehehe... I just had to put batteries in it instead, it would probably only last for about 30 seconds with that much power O.o... Have you ever tried making something that could read for you? You know, if you wouldn't mind haveing something else do the reading for you if you didn't wanna look at the page and probably cook breakfast at the same time? I tried, but as close as I could get was an EMP which some suited wierd shaped creatures with 2 legs and arms took and gave me the idea of wubs
  6. Vinyl Scratch: *Passing by* Hey what's with the sun, Princess Celestia?? 0.o I noticed it was a little off time when I was playing my playlist because when my "Vinylicious" comes on, it's suppose to get dark immediately, but somehow it seems to come up a lot later, too, like when I was washing my dishes with wubs, the sun came up when it was like past 9:00 O'clock, I think it's getting too old from when the last Princess was controlling the sun I guess they messed up the baterry power for it or something. Is it because Luna is trying to hide in shadowy places and spook the living glue out of us??? Or is it because I didn't set my amplifier for it to hear my wubs louder?? *Pulls bass Canon from out nowhere and aims it at the sun* Would this wake him up????? I had an update for this thing so you could hear this thing from beyond the Universe!! *Juuuust about to press the button and make almost everypony in the world go deaf of hearing wubs and everypony needing to go and buy some hearing-aides to hear whatever else they would ever need to hear ever again*
  7. -UniKitty-

    Open Life In Equestria

    I Guess I Used Too Much Color Hehehe... Sorry... I guess your eyes have a bad illusion to not seeing too well when in that much color Are your eyes feeling much better than they were when you was first looking at it? If not, I have some window cleaning stuff that might fix your eyes if you want XD
  8. -UniKitty-

    Open Life In Equestria

    I have realised in the forum (MOST of the threads) that all roleplays are destructive and evil... I have made a thread that fits the mlp world the real mlp way, and it's like having your own house, you live in Equestria, talk with other ponies all around the forum, make and design your own pony self, and play as them, no gore or death, this is suppose to be a nice and good roleplay, and basically it's like you all are living in Equestria as a pony (Or any other life forms of your coice), really simple and fun, as close as violent as you can get is... FAR as long as you aren't missing an arm, like fighting or something... You should be taken to nurse RedHeart (Nurse pony) if hurt. Have fun!!
  9. -UniKitty-

    Best Defense Against an Alien Attack?

    Honestly Just Send An EMP , ORRR... Send Rainbow Dash to Sonic Rainboom em!!!!!!!!
  10. -UniKitty-

    im a fan of big macintosh

    Eyup, that's Big Macintosh Alright!!!!! Hey there, you sure are going to fit in nice around here, buddy!
  11. -UniKitty-

    Mega Thread Count to a million

    8353 That's How Many Years It Took Nicki Manaj To Get Her Thick, Very round butt. Hehehe...
  12. -UniKitty-

    Hi! I'm FlutterDashie! ^__________^

    Ok, I'll Try To Find Itt!!!! message me sometime if you feel like it
  13. -UniKitty-

    Hi! I'm FlutterDashie! ^__________^

    I could try some forum games, sounds like fun!!!!!! ^________^
  14. -UniKitty-

    Hi! I'm FlutterDashie! ^__________^

    Of Course I'll Add You!!!!!!! I wonder if this place has some Games!!!
  15. -UniKitty-

    Hi! I'm FlutterDashie! ^__________^

    Okay, Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!! Lol nice smile there! ^________________________^ I only smile that wide for the dentist Hehehe...