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    i know how to properly value things, and to that extent i know the value of valuing things.
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  1. Open

    @Blitz Boom Phoenix hadn't much to say to add to the conversation. much like Smokey, Sorrow seemed to love talking as well. not that it was a terrible thing. it was actually rather nice, being the quiet one that she was. instead she simply took note of the rather odd story that she was telling. it had never been a hobby of hers to argue with ponies. ones who were clinically insane were even worse. that is only of course if that were the case of the mare she were staring at right now. she simply followed sorrow through the garden, trying her best to ignore how odd the things were she were talking about as she took in the beauty of the place. she turned her head from left to right, trying to take it all in as best as she could as they passed. if she had a moment or two, she would stop for a moment to try and smell some of the flowers, causing her to possibly be trailing behind sorrow by a few feet. as they made their way out to the patio, adjacent to the small pond, Phoenix wandered over to it herself, without any further motivation needed. she was fairly curious about the whole area, never having seen a place as beautiful as this before.
  2. Open

    @Blitz Boom Phoenix stood a few steps back still from where sorrow was still talking to her. "legion" the word rang out in her head. is that the word she was using to refer to the skull? something about it made Phoenix feel rather uneasy. but perhaps those were just her latent survival instincts kicking in. unfortunately, her survival instincts were a part of her that she simply couldn't get rid of. questioning the motives of others had helped her evade sticky situations quite a few times in the past. and listening to these instincts had been such a huge part of her life that it wasn't going to be something she could easily switch off. and it's for that reason, she would keep a keen eye on sorrow. "sure" she answered carefully. as they would begin their stroll through the garden, Phoenix had a hard time letting her mind off the situation that had taken place beforehand, as well as the one that sat in front of her now. she wished that she could truly be at ease as to admire the beauty and work put into such a display. it was nothing like you could find deep in the woods. back in there things simply grew wherever they found themselves. there was no order or beauty. she sighed a bit as she realized she kept connecting everything to her life before. but what other choices did she have? after all, there wasn't much for her to compare it to other than her life in the woods.
  3. Open

    @Blitz Boom Phoenix began to let down her guard as she realized that the pony in front of her clearly meant no harm. that skull would continue to creep her out, however. she listened on as the mare appeared to talk to the skull, as if there were some being, or beings inside of it. clearly, due to the glowing eyes, there was something up with this skull. otherwise, the mare would simply look insane. she thought it strange how Smokey had all of these ponies he was connected to. there were the few ponies here on his estate, as well as the others he had a chat with at each of the train stations. she shook her head slightly, thinking about just how opposite he was from her. perhaps that would only serve to help her out in the long run. she stepped back a little again. "puff puff?" she muttered to herself. she figured it must be some odd nickname for Smokey "yeah, i was just in there with him... but i think he's dealing with something right now" she answered, thinking back to what had just happened inside of the house. her blood began to boil at simply the thought of it all.
  4. Open

    @Blitz Boom as Phoenix got outside, she felt as though she had to reconsider her previous intentions. after all, setting a fire out here looked as though it wouldn't be any better than setting one in the house. after all, some pony looked as though they spent a lot of time trimming these hedges and making this garden look as extravagant as it did. was all of this part of Smokey's estate? it was certainly a bit bigger than she had previously imagined. she began to look around in wonder, momentarily forgetting her unpleasant encounter with Widdershins. she walked down one of the paths, looking at how well placed all of the roses were, as well as noting the sheer number of them. whoever made this garden must have an obsession. "hold on a moment" she thought to herself as her mind traced back a bit. "that would explain her cutie mark". she thought back to when she had encountered Rose, and how she appeared to be one with nature. this garden must have been done by her. she certainly did a spectacular job. there definitely wasn't anything wrong with roses in her eyes. she stood over a whole bunch of them and inhaled deeply through her nose, smiling as the pleasant scent reaches her. she turned and saw the other mare there. she was a Pegasus. she had never really talked to any Pegasi before. then again, that wasn't anything surprising considering her mannerisms. before she could even consider approaching, the Pegasus was already approaching her. Phoenix took a step back a bit, not quite being used to others coming up to her like this. Phoenix at least owed the Pegasus mare an answer to her questions. she shyly lowered her head and avoided eye contact as she gave them "i'm Phoenix... and actually, i was brought here by Smokey" she replied rather quietly. all of a sudden, Phoenix noticed the strange skull hung around the strange mare's neck, and it had alarmed her quite a bit. even more so when the eyes began to glow. she leapt back, and immediately put herself into a defensive stance. it wasn't at all like Phoenix wanted to hurt the mare. rather, odd things like this simply triggered her survivalist instincts.
  5. @woodchunks66 With this we can finally re-unite the elements! How would the others feel, actually if I had rainbow dash simply pop by and visit the other mane 6, as friends do @Seamore Sandwich @Dji Asking because I don't really want to interrupt anything you have going on, but it would he neat to see the interactions
  6. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Widdershins Phoenix had used her magic to get a good grip on the body of the creature whose bottom half were currently inside of her mouth, although it didn't feel like it. her grip on his midsection was rather aggressive as she gave a very rough yank. if he weren't out in the first one, she would continue until he was, each yank getting more and more rough, as she had no real care for the well-being of the vermin. once he was out, she would cough, trying to get any sort of bad taste from her mouth. it wasn't going to be enough, however. after all, who knew what sort of diseases he was carrying. she happily accepted the bottle of mouthwash from Smokey, taking it into her own magical grip as she decided to pour a hefty swig of it into her muzzle. she followed suit with Smokey, swishing it around a few times before she eventually spat it out into the sink. she noted how powerful the stuff was. as if what he had done to her earlier wasn't enough, now he had to show himself when she was finally becoming comfortable? she wasn't too thrilled to see this creature being the next thing to torture her aside from herself. she stood up, from where she was practically hanging in the sink, and let out a very frustrated grunt as she trot out of the room. she best leave the room before she accidentally set the whole house ablaze in her rage. that train of thought led her to just outside of Smokey's mansion, funny enough. she hadn't planned on running away. no, she figured simply that if the creature did decide to follow her, outside would be a better place to cremate him.
  7. @Widdershins i've decided to go ahead and make my reply anyway. sorry, bud
  8. Although interesting, I might prefer you holster it for now. Don't know when or if I'll ever ask you to draw it out. But it's as I said. The fact that i don't like missing replies overshadows by a hair how much I enjoy your antics. Brohoof this Unless of course @Blitz Boom is okay with holding off a bit and posting his would be reply a tad later, perhaps on Saturday instead of Friday.
  9. Also @Widdershins I'll be making my reply early in the morning. So you might wanna make yours sooner rather than later. I leave for work at about 1pm American central time and blitz normally posts his replies an hour or two later. So I can't afford to wait too long for you. As much as I hate to say
  10. Worse. I work in retail. So I have to deal with angry people all the time. Worse worse: I'm the manager. People call on me for arbitrary things and I have to deal with every problem. Working in a factory is probably a bit more physically demanding, but not nearly as depressing or emotionally taxing.
  11. @Widdershins yet, one could argue that placing yourself within our mouths like that is also a godmodey thing to do. so, we are tit-for-tat don't worry about it too much. blitz boom, our DM here is more than happy to cater to one person at a time. if you wanna join and just do something between you, and one of his characters, that's perfectly fine.