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    i know how to properly value things, and to that extent i know the value of valuing things.
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  1. i would allow it. would be funny and kinky might be difficult, however without complete understanding of how each of our powers work. we would each have to sorta write the outcome of the actions they try for eachother.
  2. Open

    ( @Widdershins as well) Phoenix lifted her head as she heard the grass rustle beside her. she saw Smokey as he rolled away, trying to avoid her magic. she simply watched him, and listened in silence as he made his pleas. she simply stood up and stared down at him. she gave it a bit of thought. she could decide to abide his request and stop, or she could keep going the way she saw it, smokey wasn't going too far. she could simply keep making attempt to heal him, and he wouldn't have very much say in it. or, she could be selfish, and use this as an excuse not to reveal the true extent of her magical ability. of course, smokey also made a point of his own. using this magic was fairly draining. as a light breeze blew by, her own legs began to wobble. her strength was temporarily faded, but she was determined. she dug her hooves into the ground, and made an effort to make her way towards Smokey, as she moved each of her hooves one by one, making sure each was dug in enough to give her a bit of stability before attempting to move another. after a few quiet moments, she began again, as the stream of magic made it's way over to smokey. this wasn't an easy decision for her. not in the slightest. never before has she shown another pony any of her magic. at least, none who survived. she chuckled lightly to herself as she realized what it was she was doing "i guess i'm growing fond of him" she thought to herself. she was having mixed feelings about it. part of her was upset, possibly even angry that she was letting this stallion see her magic. the magic that she had researched for years. although she was a mare of reason, her fighting instincts were still fighting their way to the surface. she wanted to stop. such an act she was currently performing was an act of mercy, and that could easily be taken advantage of. it's a risk she's never been willing to take, at least not until now. part of her felt... okay with this, as odd as it was.
  3. @Blitz Boom nice! Just saw the one for Smokey. It's nice to see so I can revisit it now and then so I can remind myself what he looks like
  4. Open

    @Widdershins Phoenix retorted to his first statement "you seem like the type of pony who would be upset that i just attacked someone..." she said, as she took a few steps off to the side, away from the burnt corpse. she heard the light thud as smokey fell to the ground, but she didn't turn to look at him. simply, she listened to him ask himself all of those questions. of course, she wasn't feeling too well either, after she had carelessly cast all of that magic. she lifted up a hoof to rub her horn as she winced. now, she had quite the headache. as she listened to smokey, she couldn't help but think that he brought up a good point. draconequui are supposed to be immortal. it wasn't unreasonable to think that it was simply playing dead for the time being. "what a bummer" she thought to herself as she glanced over once more at the corpse. then she looked at smokey, who was laying on the ground. clearly he was exhausted from all of that. then, she was shocked a little by his last question. it's almost as if he cared more about her and not himself. why would he feel the need to ask her if she was alright? perhaps he was simply the selfless type. in any case, Phoenix could see no reason why he'd need to know. "i'm fine" she answered with a bit of a huff. another detail about his last statement that caught her attention, was the fact that he said he couldn't see her very well. was something wrong with his eyes? she trot over towards him, stopping only a few feet away. she squinted as she looked him in the face. she noticed that his eyes had a visible cloudiness to him "if anything, i should be the one asking you that" she said as she looked away from him. for some odd reason, she couldn't bare to look at him. not with the current circumstances, at least. "but why?" she asked herself, as she stood there. certainly, she thought he'd be upset with all of this going on. after all, it was seemingly her fault that he was in this condition. could it be that she was feeling a bit of guilt? in any case, the only way she could possibly make things right is if she tried to heal him. very gently, she knelt herself down at his side, and her horn began to glow with a warm friendly yellow color, lighting up the surrounding area. a gentle stream of magic began to flow into Smokey, as she attempted to help rejuvenate him.
  5. @Widdershins @Blitz Boom hey! yeah. i was actually at work around the time i said that. i was a little exasperated and exhausted and i also get a little self conscious when people point out inconsistencies i might make . that being said, i was just caught at a stressful moment .-. i'm sure if i proofread (which i normally don't) things would definitely be more consistent to what you were ACTUALLY trying to do.
  6. @Blitz Boom Eh, sometimes posts are a bit long (that's not something to be ashamed of or sorry about in any way) and sometimes I lose focus and forget/assume some minor details. It's a bit of an issue with my attention span simply being terrible. If it's much of an issue and it's making things awkward for you guys, you can let me know and I'll step out.
  7. so, how would you describe yourself? how would you explain where you come from?
  8. @Widdershins how soon is widdershins going to come back? do you want blitz and i to go back and forth a couple of times before you do? or do you plan to instantly?
  9. Open

    @Widdershins @Blitz Boom Phoenix's eyes widened after she had cast off her attack, and she reveled in the chaos that took place afterward. Never before had she seen someone sing while getting attacked. in any case, it seemed to work for a moment, to her disappointment. as the fire seemed to swirl around him, she quickly realized that he had no controll over the situation, and she took a few steps back. her horn began to glow once more, and a weak blue energy field surrounded her. she didn't know much magic other than fire and healing, but she had learned a few spells over the years to defend herself. usefull as it was, as one of the fireballs was thrown off of the draconicuus and straight towards her! it had struck her weak field and the fireball dissipated, but at a cost. she wasn't knowledgeable enough to cast a very strong shield, and in one strike, it had shattered. but luckily, it seems the other fireballs all flew in unique directions of their own, and had avoided her thereafter. after the craziness had died down, she looked over in the direction she thought widdershins would be, but instead she saw... nothing but a pile of ash? "did i really just kill him?" she thought to herself as she stared wide-eyed at the aftermath. she walked towards the remains, glancing up at smokey who seemed rather displeased "what's the face for? he was just as much a threat to you as he was to me" she said in her defense. she, of course was the cynical type and she was quite numb towards the idea of killing someone. it's not anything she'd avoid if it meant protecting herself. that, and it wouldn't have been the first time, either. she looked back down at the remains and began to ponder if killing him was really that easy. after all, he was a draconicuus. she may have been living in the woods most of her life, but she wasn't unaware of what else there was in the world.
  10. @Widdershins that certainly is interesting, and in a way i can agree with you. to be honest, i don't think i have a pony waifu. i suppose twilight sparkle would be my first go since i'm pretty damn nerdy. even dated a girl once who was obsessively into books. even took her to a convention where she met some of her favorite authors. so, i suppose that's my take on that. though i could deffinately see the appeal of someone who is strong and dependable. i'll have to think of more things to ask to avoid boredome
  11. @Widdershins i mean, that mane certainly is a large factor in braeburns overall attractiveness. almost like a mares mane. that and his generally small stature may make him simply feminine enough to be attractive to most males. hey! that gives me an idea for a question. which pony would you date? other than princess celestia, i mean. (i could be making incorrect assumptions) edit: i did assume wrong. just reread your character page and it mentions that the relationship is platonic.
  12. @Blitz Boom there ya go! it's not all lost. certainly much better than having to go all the way back and and rewrite it all. suppose the only work there is to do then is to finish up what little bit you have left and then do a little bit of edit work to make it all pizzazzy again *hug*