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  1. @Blitz Boom i don't know when @Widdershins is going to respond. should we continue on anyway and let him join in when he returns?
  2. @Blitz Boom i can't quite remember the details of what happened and i don't think i can accurately respond to it. perhaps we should try and /skip/ to a point where things have settled down and we can start something new starting at Smokey's mansion?
  3. @Widdershins @Blitz Boom well i suppose that we Could begin where we left off. the only question then is, where was that exactly? i think i remember, but without a specific post to look back at, i don't think i can really form a decent reply. Phoenix is still the same as she was, and i would love to go on some sort of neat adventure. Widdershins is always good at making things interesting. It might even be fun to jump in somewhere where they are already on some sort of mission.
  4. hello @Widdershins and @Blitz Boom. so sorry to be gone for such a long time. i've just been interested in other things. but i want you guys to know i've never forgotten i know last time i said i wanted to return, i never did. but this time i really mean it. i think i was just intimidated after being gone for so long.
  5. sounds like a plan, jan. if i remember correctly, i believe Phoenix is in Smokey's house, along with Smokey. perhaps something can be decided about where to go and what to do? i'm in a romantic mood, anywho XP
  6. @Blitz Boom hey! it's been a while. hello to everyone as well, that i'm just not going to bother pinging XP. how are things in the roleplay? i'd like to join back.
  7. @Blitz Boom Phoenix stood there, not entirely sure how to respond to the whole awkward situation. she had many different emotions running through her head, and it was difficult to tame them. she liked smokey. he was no doubt a nice stallion, and she never had any plans to leave him in the dust. however, she made a rash move a little while ago, and she was beginning to regret it. she was a little humiliated that Smokey was making such a huge deal out of it for the time being. just because she did what she did doesn't necessarily mean that she's ready. just that she needed to find out so she could add it to her consideration. it was all just so complicated. she stood there, silently pondering all of this, as her eyes darted away from Smokey's, a large amount of blush covering her face.
  8. @Blitz Boom @Widdershins as Phoenix entered the room, she felt a basket of different emotions. on one hand she was absolutely ecstatic to see Smokey. after a little trip around the garden with somepony as strange as Sorrow, she definitely needed a familiar face to provide her with some comfort. a soft smile grew over her face as she looked smokey in the eye. she wanted to respond to what he said. how could he ever believe she would leave? she definitely was a bit nervous and skiddish at times, but she was never the type to just leave someone hanging like that. even if it were something like that... she also felt rage, and her smile soon turned on it's back as her gaze shifted over to widdershins. she didn't have any words for him. the things she desired to do to him were... rather brutal. she grit her teeth as she tried to contain her anger. in a single moment, however, it all went away. this most definitely was the same draconicuus she had come to hate, but something was most certainly different about him. he looked completely different. could he possibly be... younger? and just like that, her rage was replaced with confusion. something jostled in her memory though, something that had just happened. some pony had rushed over to the sink just beside her, and she hadn't already noticed. she turned her head to realize that it was grim, and it looked as though his nose was bleeding. she didn't quite understand how it had happened, but then it clicked. she remembered feeling as though the door had hit something as she opened it, and the realization dawned on her "oh... oh! i'm so sorry..." she said as she stood behind him. she was suddenly pushed aside as the draconicuus had come between them. Phoenix simply backed away to allow the bleeding to run it's course before she found herself at Smokey's side, practically leaning against him as she wanted to get close. she needed to talk with him after all of this was over...
  9. @Widdershins @Blitz Boom i feel a bit...stuck at the moment. without any help from widdershins, i'm not entirely sure what to do next beyond glare at him and wait. or, whatever. afraid i've just hit a bit of a block. perhaps i can get some help? i'll just have to force my way through this one i think. i mean, i have to break down the wall in order to really get jumpstarted again. and just like that, i'm done with that reply! it was a tad easier than i expected. i feel as though i sometimes hit blocks when the situation seems stressful. but i mean, i gotta make my character deal with those too, huh. just have to put myself in that situation. really it was just a case of getting my propeller blades jump started. once i did, the rest came easy. we'll see how it goes now!
  10. @Blitz Boom it would appear as though Phoenix was about to let her stubborn side get the best of her. especially with Grim's aggressive approach. after all, who does he think he is calling her a young lady like that? he wasn't her father, and if he was he'd have turned to ash ages ago. she grit her teeth and let out a frustrated growl as she was met with Grimm's resistance. but what was she going to do in this situation? surely she couldn't fight him. and she wasn't very good with her words either. as she began to ponder her dilemma, she began to calm down. she saw that there really was no good way out of this situation other than to listen to Grimm. besides, Phoenix had to admit to herself that Grimm was making a good point here. she did need to get that thing out of her, one way or another. no matter how unpleasant it would be, it would most certainly be in her best interest. after all, what could the vile creature do further to her with the situation like this? such was unknown, and perhaps better left unanswered. she let out a sigh, releasing all of her tension as she looked back up at Grimm "fine" she said in a defeated tone. she trot past him and back into the mansion. she walked at a rather brisk pace up to the room she had left Smokey in, not really caring to pay attention to whether or not Grimm and Sorrow were following.
  11. @Blitz Boom Phoenix had blushed a bit when she heard Grim mention the situation from before. she didn't think anypony other than widdershins had seen or heard of the fact that Smokey and her had shared a kiss. it was bad enough that she was finally breaking out of her shell, and then it all got interrupted. she couldn't help but steam in anger at just the thought of it. a little bit of embarrassment as well, as she had allowed herself into that situation to begin with. she had known quite well that the vermin, widdershins was still at a loss for his tail. what she didn't know, is that it was somehow inside her. this made her even more livid. "oh! no no no no..." she yelled out as she shook her head, backing away from grim and sorrow. "i am not helping that thing" she said, making her intentions rather clear. after what had just happened, as well as what had happened the other day at her camp, there was no way in the world that she'd want to lend widdershins a helping hoof. however, she had one other thing to consider. widdershins' tail, or what she would assume is the portal to his tail, was still inside of her, apparently. things might fare worse if she allowed it to remain. she sighed a bit, turning away from the other two as she pondered what to do.
  12. @Blitz Boom after standing there and staring at the skull on her neck for a few moments, Phoenix shook her head to snap herself out of whatever daze she found herself in. right about then is when Grim showed up. she wasn't too surprised to see that Grim was actually Sorrows father. after all, there didn't seem to be too many other Stallions on the premises whom sorrow could have been talking of earlier. she glanced over at grim, and noticed that his muzzle seemed to be a bit bruised, and it looked as though his nose may have been bleeding a bit earlier as well. did he get into a fight? that was something she may have to figure out later. for now, there was the matter of that creepy skull around Sorrows neck... she had a ton of questions, but seeing Grims reaction, she decided that it may be best to withhold them for the time being. "it's fine... I've seen some weird stuff before" she shrugged it off as she wiped the look off her face. "should we head back inside?"