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  1. @Blitz Boom i have returned. i'm more than willing to hop back in with smokey if he's still around
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    Phoenix eagerly followed behind Smokey as her stomach continued to give her reminders about how empty it was. of course, Phoenix really wasn't all that concerned with how safe any given path was. first off, she too was confident in her own abilities to ward off any predatory creatures should they be unfortunate enough to bother her, and Second, she cared more about getting food at the current moment. in fact, it inspired her answer; "i'm fine with whatever we come across first" she says in reply to his statement about better food just a bit farther off. as they walked, Phoenix kept glancing at the crude note hanging off the back of Smokey's hat. she contemplated letting him know, or simply taking it off herself. but she had no real intention to follow what the note says. as they continued walking, Phoenix made sure to look out for poison joke. her eyes scanned the edges of the pathway ahead, as well as occasionally glancing off to the sides just to make sure none was currently brushing her ankles.
  3. @Blitz Boom so after we get breakfast, where are we going to go? i'm sure we need to plan something to keep things interesting.
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    Phoenix chuckled a bit at Smokey's remark, but she otherwise said nothing. she watched, admittedly a bit amused as Smokey whimsically made his hat appear from nowhere. even morose as she saw the notes left on it. a smirk crossed her face, but she figured she wouldn't actually do anything to him. maybe she'd wait and let someone else do it for her. after all, she wouldn't want to kick her prince charming. she walked up next to Smokey, and looked up at the bright morning sky. however, she was interrupted by a soft rumbling noise coming from her own belly. hopefully it was soft enough for Smokey to not hear it. all of this thought of breakfast definitely was making her stomach a bit anxious. with any luck, the trek to the nearest restaurant wasn't too far. "let's head to the train station" she responded to Smokey's question "and from there, we'll go to whichever town is closest" she followed it up with. she definitely wanted to get some food in her as soon as possible, and she's willing to settle for the first thing they see.
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    Phoenix didn't quite know how to respond to such an offer. after all, it wasn't even 24 hours ago that she had met this Stallion. "Perhaps i still am dreaming" she remarked to his description of the Manhattan Bistros. this wasn't a compliment to the offer. rather, it showed her discomfort towards the situation. she weighed her options. If Phoenix had learned anything over the years, it's how to gauge a threat. not only by how dangerous they have the potential to be, but also by their intent. Clearly, Smokey had no Intent to harm her. However, there's no Telling who or what could be waiting for her in town. that's the reason she's stayed away from them for so long. so much so, that it's become apparent she doesn't even remember where the nearest town is. it's a wonder she hadn't run into it by now. Phoenix placed a hoof on her head, and cringed at herself a little bit. she doesn't quite know why, but it seems like any time she's faced with a Decision, or something unfamiliar, her first response is to go into survival mode. Normally, this wouldn't be much of an issue as she typically fends for herself, but something felt a little different this time around. she felt like she aught to be less feral around Smokey, but she still couldn't figure out why. "Sure", she replied after her few moments of silence. just afterward, her ears perked up and she looked off into the treeline as she too heard the call of the bird.
  6. @Blitz Boom hey. sorry i havn't been responding. i've had lots going on at work and such. not only that, but this RP just isn't the most interesting thing on my mind at the moment. i'll deffinately try and get to it when i can, but i can't really type anything unless i FEEL it.
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    "hmm..." she hummed, as she pondered the situation. then, she let out a soft chuckle "maybe i should meet this mare. we may have something in common" she remarked, jokingly. although she normally wasn't the one for meeting other ponies, she could hardly pass up the opportunity to make quick quips like that. she turned and walked out away from the tent, where she might expect to find a fire pit. although the sun had risen, the air was still a tad chilly. after wandering around a bit, certainly within earshot of smokey, his offer had found it's way into her ears. her head perked up a bit, and her ears stood straight up as she turned to smokey. clearly, it had caught her attention. "take me to breakfast?" she asked as if she didn't hear it. of course, she did hear it, but she was struggling to think of why he would offer something like that. as far as Phoenix was concerned, logically, they were still mostly strangers. however, some illogical part of her was telling her that all of this was perfectly fine. and then, another question arose. "where?" she asked him, a couple of seconds later, as she looked around the tree-lines. as far as she could tell, there wasn't a town nearby.
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    after Phoenix had finished smelling the morning air, she let out a soft yawn, as she heard Smokey come up from behind her. "good morning" she responded, as she turned to him. she didn't seem necessarily energetic. part of it was the fact that she still felt a bit of the fatigue from yesterday, and another part of it was just that her personality never seemed to be that of the bubbly type. as she turned to see him, she simply couldn't gloss over the large crater that sat right next to them. her gaze never even met Smokey's as she stopped to inspect the crater with wide, quizzical eyes. "i must have really been asleep if i wasn't waken up by that" she said, with a concerned tone. if she wasn't woken up by something like that, then there definitely was something to be concerned about. if whoever it was that caused this had malicious intent towards her, then she would have been a goner. she could only hope that after her fatigue had gone away, she would return to her normal self. "do you have any idea what happened here?" she asked, as she looked all around the crater as she stepped closer to it.
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    @Blitz Boom Phoenix had drifted back to the realm of consciousness from the sounds of the birds chirping. her eyes fluttered open, and she rubbed them a bit with her hooves to shoo away any sleep that may still be in them. she used her fore-hooves to lift herself up into a sitting position, and she turned her gaze towards Smokey, to see if he was awake. sure enough, he was. Phoenix wasn't much of a morning person, and to much noise when she first wakes up typically bothers her. without saying anything, she made an attempt to bring herself into a standing position. after the events of last night, she expected to have a little trouble with it, and she certainly did. her legs were still a little weak, but with a good amount of effort, she was able to do it just fine. once she had stabilized herself, she carefully walked out of the tent and into the morning air. she stood out there for a few minutes, doing nothing but looking at the surrounding area. she wasn't able to get a good view of it before in the darkness of night. after taking it in for a few moments, she lifted her snout to get a good whiff of the cool morning air.
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    As Phoenix began to drift off to sleep, she began to ponder whether or not she actually minded him staying in the same tent. of course, she didn't want to admit that to herself. she was much too stubborn for that. she listened to the rustling accompanied by Smokey's movements throughout the tent, and waited for it to all settle down before she relaxed her mind and drifted off once more.
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    @Blitz Boom Phoenix continued staring at the wall of the tent as she listened to Smokey make his case on why he needed to stay in the tent with her over night. she was already tired enough, still feeling the drain on her from the events that had taken place just earlier. as such, she didn't have the energy to argue with him. she rolled her eyes, and spoke up "yeah, that's fine i suppose" she said, as her heavy eyelids came back down, and her body settled back into position.
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    @Widdershins @Blitz Boom Phoenix, now in a sitting position had looked around, taking in her surroundings. sure enough, she was still in her tent, and on top of her bed roll. she lifted a hoof up to her face and placed it on her forehead in exasperation "what an ordeal" she muttered to herself. it wasn't necessarily a scary dream, save for the last bit, but it deffinately did dig deep into her mind. although she fancy's herself a clever girl, that's a locked door that she prefers not to go into. of course, without surprise smokey had entered the tent. surely he was concerned by the loud noise. "it was nothing. just a dream is, all" she explained to him, as she turned away, towards the wall of the tent and layed herself back down. of course, she couldn't help but think about the dream stallions words. did Smokey really have a thing for her? she blushed a bit as she pondered it, but hid her expressions away from Smokey.
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    @Widdershins @Blitz Boom "Nightmare... deffinately a nightmare" Phoenix had confirmed with herself. she perhaps had expected a scream, or a loud jarring noise to wake her. such would have been like quickly ripping off a bandage. this, however, was the slower, slightly more pain inducing version. she watched, eyes wide with horror as these vile masses began to sliver from his mouth. as some of them seemed to approach her, she took a few steps back to avoid coming in contact. after all, who knows what their intention is, or what that gross slime is made out of. she looked beyond the ones that are extended and noticed that the other ones looked like they were ready to pounce. and just as they were about to, as she was sure, the dream realm began to fade. and then, as if a popped buble, it was all of a sudden gone, and she found herself shooting up into a sitting position from where she was previously asleep in the tent. "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" She screamed, as all the air was forced from her lungs. once she was done, she sat there and looked over herself. all the while, trying to catch her breath.