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  1. no problem! i'll start making a list of claimed characters
  2. Open

    Phoenix looked back as she heard Smokey catching up with her. she kept trotting along, with him beside her. she would have been perfectly find on her own, if smokey got caught up in his situation, and couldn't keep up with her. but alas, something was wrong with Phoenix. at least, she thought there was. a part of her enjoyed the fact that smokey caught up with her. perhaps it was because she could learn more from him? that was likely the case. sticking around him for now surely would be her best option. as smokey made his remark, however, Phoenix couldn't help but roll her eyes.
  3. @Star48955 yes! this is a human based roleplay. and yes, you can play any council character. as i've said, i don't know the lore perfectly
  4. hello there fellow roleplayers! this is a roleplay idea i've been wanting to do for years. years? i don't know. i haven't really hit a stopwatch on that one, but i have been wanting to do it for a very very long time. so here it is! i want us to all be part of the jedi accademy! (you know, the one from the popular scifi serries featuring space wizards and lazer swords). so! this will be a human based roleplay, and i want to try to be as close to the starwars lore as possible (i mean, i don't know a WHOLE lot of the deep deep lore but i know what isn't in the lore. like anthropomorphic ponies, or ponies in general) this WILL take place durring the clone wars era. some things i'll be looking for are GMs (because i honestly can't) i will also be looking for people to fill the roles of canon characters! characters such as: -yoda -mace windu -general kenobi -anakin skywalker? -anyone who is a part of the jedi counsel. -maybe even figureheads such as chancellor "i am the senate" palpatine? -also need lots of people to play jedi knights to train the padawans -also villians! some things i expect from this roleplay are that we all (unless you are a trainer or canon character) start off as padawans, assigned to a knight to train us, and perhaps after a long progression the padawans themselves can become knights, and can train any newcomers to the roleplay (if it lasts that long). the padawans and knights respectively can take on assignments and go on missions throughout the galaxy. either as groups, or as a solo pair! the beginning of this roleplay will consist of the padawans first entering the jedi accademy, to go and take their test. to design their own lightsaber and whatnot (however it works in the lore, as i said i'm no expert) so... anyway.. i think i've covered almost all of the bases! please feel free to drop a comment if you wanna join. start off with a character. please give a descriptive bio if you are making an OC knight or padawan. canon characters are first come first serve! (though, they come with great responsibility, so keep in mind jobs like yoda will be forced to endure lots of talking to padawans, knights, giving assignments, doing training, and all such things. if you can't handle that then don't ask for the job :)) i will not be GMing all that much, since i'm looking for others to do that for me, but i will reserve the right to kindly ask you to step off of a canon character if people feel as though you aren't doing it properly CLAIMED CHARACTERS! Aayla Secura: @Star48955
  5. Open

    @Blitz Boom Phoenix continued trotting on her way to get away from the other gathering of ponies. how inconvenient it was that t hey decided to all meet up right there. normally being out here away from the town was supposed to be quiet, just the sort of environment that Phoenix thrived in. but alas, she found herself getting wrapped up in some very interesting things. she may show no immediate desire to be around the dragon, but she certainly could appreciate the fact that it was highly unusual. she heard some earthy hoofsteps behind her as Smokey caught up. she listened to him speak, and smiled slightly at what he said "it would be a great pleasure to get out of here" she said as she continued to trot along. of course, she deffinately was going to stick around as long as Last Stand did. she was certainly interested to see that sword of hers. even though Smokey helped to satisfy her hungry curiosity, she deffinately did want to find out more. where did her blade come from? what is the process for such an infusion? and did it have any direct link to her heritage? she hoped to find all of that out in due time. in the meantime, however, she would go with to return this cooked claw.
  6. @Widdershins i thought smokey was the one talking to the dragon, as well there were multiple charcacters there to see it. so phoenix walked off, getting uncomfortable with all the ponies (may or may not reflect real emotions)
  7. @Blitz Boom hey! seems im getting a bit lost in translation. with all going on right now, i'm getting a little confused and i'm honestly lost. i'd have preffered if things with Phoenix and smokey stayed with just them, and perhaps only two other characters at most
  8. Open

    @dragon4111 @Blitz Boom @Shineling Phoenix noticed all of the ponies appearing around her, as well as the dragon, which had shrunk itself down and approached them. and quite frankly, the crowd was beginning to make her uncomfortable. there were too many ponies to keep track of, and if even one with bad intention were to escape her vision for even a moment, it could spell disaster. she backed up a bit, in attempt to remove herself from the situation. through all this, however, she managed to keep her composure. but she could feel her heart beginning to beat, and the adrenaline beginning to pump through her system. her flight or fight system was highly on edge.
  9. Open

    @Blitz Boom Phoenix tilted her head slightly at smokey "my... input?" she asked. "what sort of input would you like?". just then, she heard a loud roaring noise as the ground began to shake. looking off into the distance, she could see what looked like an impossibly large dragon. although she certainly was shocked, being unaware of the dragons intentions, her face certainly didn't show it. she had been in many dangerous situations before, and showing any sort of loss of focus could be a weakness to be exploited. she simply looked upon the dragon with a stone cold glare. her horn began to glow with a light blue aura. she had no intention to cast anything, but she was certainly preparing herself to do so if she would find herself suddenly needing to. although. Phoenix payed no attention to Smokey's dazzling display with Last, but she certainly heard his words and they rang true. as she realized this, she stopped revving up her horn. perhaps she was being too defensive, and if the dragon were to see, it might get angry and go for her instead. best to lay low and not do anything. she gave no verbal response to Smokey, but rather showed she was paying attention to his words by backing down a bit.
  10. Open

    @Blitz Boom Phoenix didn't know why, but she figured she could easily stay around this stallion for a while. she could certainly learn alot from him, that she didn't get to learn in her younger years. she shook her head at these thoughts, as if trying to snap herself out of some sort of daze. what is she thinking? she certainly likes knowledge, but she knows hanging around other ponies can be dangerous. you never know what sort of information they might leak. the last thing she needed was for him to give someone information on her whereabouts oblivious of that ponies intentions to harm her. she sighed, as she wondered what to do. he definitely seamed clever, and probably wasn't one to do something like that so foolishly. "i'm sure i would" she answered half-mindedly, looking at the ground as these thoughts plagued her. it was obvious something was bothering her.
  11. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Widdershins Phoenix stood and listened very tentatively to what Smokey had to say. it certainly did seem very interesting. she was sure that this is the sort of thing she would have learned about in her village's school, if it or the teachers staffing it were still around. she let out a soft sigh as she thought back to her days in the village. then, a soft, barely noticable smile grew on her face. it certainly did pleasure her to learn about it now. and she hoped that perhaps if she stuck around, she might learn even more from Smokey. although, being around other ponies wasn't always something that Phoenix necessarily enjoyed. as the smile grew, she turned away a bit to try and hide it. it was barely noticeable to begin with, but if she let it be seen, then Smokey might get some wrong ideas, and she definitely didn't want him to feel like she was there to make friends. no, she normally acted on her own accord, and out of her own best interest. of course, now she was trying to think of some sort of excuse she could make if smokey tried to get anything out of her again. her ears twitched slightly, and her gaze shifted as she heard the sign being broken off around the corner, just out of sight. she hoped that the creature was getting what it deserved for causing so much trouble.
  12. Open

    @Blitz Boom @Widdershins Phoenix's ears perked up as she heard him switch topics. of course, she wasn't entirely uninterested. the more she knows about a pony, the better she can defend herself if need be. information was always a powerful tool in her eyes. of course, the fact that he wanted to go on was a huge perk for her, because it meant she could remain silent. but he certainly was a clever one. she noticed his attempt at her attention, by switching to a more mutually interesting topic, and despite Phoenix wanting to resist, her overall curiosity got the best of her, as it often did. she lifted up her head, and her perky ears, as well as her eyes turned towards him, showing non-verbally, that she was willing to listen to his insight, as Last went off to search for the creature. of course, Phoenix was also mildly curious about IT as well.
  13. Open

    Phoenix took another glance at the blade, continuing to ponder what sort of magic it held, and if there was any way she can make use of that knowledge. would she perhaps be able to acquire one of her own? she was practically dying to know the process of how a blade was imbued with the magic of the mythical bird. she turned to Smokey as he began to speak. she nodded in response to his plan, but then she cocked her head slightly as she heard him switch topics. she recoiled a bit at his compliment. she was unsure of what to think of it. at first, she felt a bit flabbergasted. it certainly wasn't something she was used to, nor did she ever expect it. i mean, there was no doubt that she was adept in her magic, but beauty? she wasn't so sure about that. however, it seemed as though smokey didn't quite notice as he continued on, droning about his past. he certainly was the talkative one. unfortunately, Phoenix wasn't the type of pony who enjoyed it all too much. as they began trotting along, she simply continued to listen. maybe he was so self obsessed that she wouldn't ever need to relinquish any details about herself.
  14. we miss you too! i look forward to this every day because i see all the awesome places it can go
  15. Open

    @@Blitz Boom, phoenix glanced at smokey a bit awkwardly. he was talking to her as if they were already friends. it wasn't necessarily welcome in Phoenix's eyes, but she could definitely control herself. for the time being she would simply have to deal with it. after all, she didn't see any way that this stallion could be a threat to her. however, she didn't forget the real thing she wanted to go after. the blade being held by that mare. "what about her?" she asked, nodding in Last's direction, her eyes fixated on the sword. if she wanted to know about it, she'd have to deal with these ponies for a little while longer, she supposed.