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    i know how to properly value things, and to that extent i know the value of valuing things.
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  1. @Blitz Boom @Widdershins sure, i can try and make something happen. but remember. she IS Phoenix, and as such she's likely to try and avoid the subject. sometimes it's as if she has a mind of her own.
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    @Widdershins Phoenix sat there, and watched as the dream pony awkwardly scooted up to her. her silence and staring may have only added to the level of awkward. she sat there unsure of what to do as the dream pony simply poked at her face. but to her surprise, he followed it up with a statement. although some may want to believe she is, Phoenix certainly was no numb-skull. she could definitely see the truth behind many of the strange stallions words, and she tried her best to take them all into account. she spent a few moments simmering her thoughts over what has transpired, and she tried to come up with some sort of summary of the lesson here. the dream stallion was most certainly correct in saying that Phoenix needed to learn to love herself and try to see things from that point of view. she sighed at the thought. "easier said than done", she muttered. "but, other than that, i am ready" she replied. she seemed more than ready to end whatever sort of dream this was, be it a nightmare or not.
  3. @Widdershins is widdershins growing an attraction towards Phoenix? or can that nuzzle be chalked up to his shenanigans
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    Phoenix simply remains still as all of this sinks into her. of course, there was the strange stallion trying to comfort her. she felt his fluffy mane as it brushed against her, and it made her crinkle her nose ever so slightly. she took a bit of a step back, as such a sudden gesture was a bit unwelcome in her eyes. she still avoided making eye contact with the being as his words hung on her. she sighed calmly as she realized the truth in his words, and she too took a seat, not terribly far from the stallion, but also not very close. it was a bit standoff-ish. he was absolutely correct, and she put a hoof to her forehead in shame. after all of this time, how could she not see things the way they are? the issue was nearly 100% to due with the fact that she allowed herself to be miserable. yet, if most were put into her situation, they may find it hard to blame her. still, there were certain things she may yet to get by. romantic relations certainly was something of an oddity with her circumstance. "i understand...." she said solemnly, as she stared at the floor of this strange realm. hearing that this whole nightmare could end at her will certainly was a relief for her. and in that moment, she found she desired nothing more. ending a dream willingly, is not something she's ever had to do before, so it wasn't at all strange (at least in her mind) that she didn't know how. "if you startle me, i can't guarantee that it won't backlash on you" she bargained with the stallion "but you're free to do so at your digression"
  5. anyone else get hyped up for some epic roleplay after listening to songs like this? like, i want a massive draggon ball z battle now between good and evil .
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    @Widdershins Realizing that her attack didn't work, she simply Sighed. she really didn't appreciate being put through this, however. still avoiding eye contact, she spoke "it's my own business, what i decide to do with myself" she said, a little bit more calmly. clearly, she still had no intention to change. she just wished that this whole situation would cease. "why does it matter what i do?" she asked with exasperation, hoping that the being in front of her would stop caring so much and leave her alone.
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    @Widdershins Phoenix was very clearly getting irritated at this point. if this pony had known what had happened to the poor draconicuus earlier in the night, they'd know that pestering her was no simple task. she continued to walk backwards, turning her head upwards to see the two Unicorns as they merged into one, as well as her alternate self, and almost without warning, her horn began to glow, and a slew of fireballs lashed out towards their targets. "i don't have to tell you!" she yelled out, as the last of the fireballs had flown off of her horn. truth be told, she was beginning to question herself. was she doing it for her own protection, or was it simply out of humility? she shook her head, not even bothering to see if she had hit her mark with her attack.
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    @Widdershins Realizing that she had bumped into the dream pony, she shuffled herself to the side, and turned to face away from the Stallion version of herself. she heard the two voices speak, but she didn't quite know what to say in response. instead, she hung her head low as she refused to make eye contact with the strange dream unicorn. why was she so humiliated by all of this? did she have a reason to be? of course she did. after all, her curse was not something she had necessarily come to enjoy. in fact, over time she had merely grown content with her new form, and nothing more. it served her as a means to forget what had happened before that, starting a new life. or at least, that was her excuse. if she had to be perfectly honest with herself, nothing had changed in her mind after the curse. she still went on moping about her tragic past, and acting as though nothing in her life could ever be happy. her curse served no means to help her forget
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    @Widdershins Phoenix's Eyes grew wide as she saw the stallion. of course, she knew that the stallion was him. well, her to be exact. the form of Phoenix that never came to be. it was quite the strange sight. She could barely even recognize herself in that form, considering she had never grown old enough to see herself as a stallion. to her surprise, the stallion seemed to mimic her expressions. it was strange, almost as if it was mocking her. she nervously lifted up one of her hooves, and began to slowly step backwards. but to her despair, it only seemed to follow her as it had stepped out of the glossy mirror like doorway. this certainly was the humiliating situation. watching herself as she could have been stand right in front of her and mock her. it was on some level of cruel irony that some could only dream of. she avoided eye contact and shook her head as she continued to back up. eventually she bumped her rear back into the strange unicorn. she had almost forgotten that he was there for a few moments, considering the distraction that stood squarely in front of her.
  10. @widdershins yeah, that's the sort of thing i was hoping for. i'm a sucker for a deep story involving self discovery
  11. sorry for the late reply @Widdershins been busy the last couple of days. @Blitz Boom hope that we'll eventually get back with Smokey
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    @Widdershins Phoenix trotted alongside the strange Unicorn as they walked around through her dreamscape. as strange as it was, she wasn't focusing on the spectacle of a Unicorn, and rather she looked at the strange void around her. she looked at each door, wondering if each of them led anywhere. were they distant memories of her own? or were they something else entirely? the curiosity began to grow within her. after all, in such a strange realm, who wouldn't want to open a few doors? of course, there was always the risk that something terribly embarrassing was inside. and of course, the answer she got was as expected. it was indirect, and quite cryptic. however, it didn't seem entirely nonsensical. there deffinately was a message behind the strange stallions words, and it was only a matter of time before she found out. all of a sudden, the stallion stopped talking. she looked over at him, and noticed that he was staring at her "what?" she said as she rolled her eyes and turned her gaze to the nearest door. she walked towards the door slowly, looking it up and down as she stopped in front of it. her horn began to glow, and a magical aura began to envelope the handle as it slowly began to swing open.
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    @Widdershins Phoenix looked around at her abstract surroundings. now that it was brought to her attention that she was dreaming, it certainly was noticeable. every time she looked away from something, it changed slightly. nothing was consistent. "i see" she said in a curious tone as she continued to look at her surroundings. this certainly was a strange experience. of course, being in the realm of dreams, anything was possible. however, she still figured that the strange pony was all just a figment of it. but, he had to be representative of something in her mind. and it might be useful if she were able to find out. "then... why are you here?" was her next question. of course, rarely were things ever as easy as simply asking in dreams. many times, all she would get were cryptic responses, or no response at all. such was the frustration with trying to figure out your own mind.
  14. i swear it's like i'm watching an episode of doctor who anywho, it's nice to have a good visual, because that was a bit of a wordy description.