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  1. Hello (I know I have already thrown something like this here on the forums) So, I have just started with Twitch, and I know a lot of people here are good with computers. I was just wondering if anyone could give me and hand or a shoutout. As of now I have having some slight issues with audio. I do believe I know how to fix them though. So, If anypony could help it would be amazing! -camsterman
  2. A lot of PC NES, N64, PS4, Gamecube. Gotta rock out on the classics! If you want to check some of it out:
  3. A new Twitch account: Help the fellow man! :

  4. Hello, As of yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to make a twitch account. I love video games and I would be so very happy if I could make people smile right along with me! If your interested: (I'd love if you join or support me as this is totally New to me) Question is: do you have a twitch?
  5. While some months are harder then others, I do not hate any month. -I do have to add that weather is quite a large contributing factor to me. I do not hot weather and being the introverted person I am I can function fine inside. Summer, while it is the dream of young children and farmers, I wish i'd go away. Ah!
  6. Oh, I completely understand. Online data analysis programs are really quite sheltered when it comes to actual facts.
  7. I was placed in some proprietary testing that had me evaluate puzzles, sequences (mathematical) and heavy stress tests judging on how many processes I can complete at once with ringing in different ears. (Quite odd) -Lucky they had Dixie cups and water. So I had avoided a migraine
  8. @OptimisticNeighslayer I have been examined in the last year at a dedicated youth clinic. I'm sorry, I can't supply what form of IQ accumulation they used.
  9. Yes, that is slightly above average. Welcome to the "specialty" club! -hehe
  10. Here, let me explain (as always) on what the title means here: -Personally I have an above average intelligence and i am quite curious about the intelligence of others here on the forums. Here we are all quite creative and are always willing to help in the virtual social environment. -My IQ runs at 139. I study social behaviors. I also build and design video games and kernels for Android Operating Systems. Helping to develop a more diverse and lurid way for your smartphone to interact with your personal computer. -A great deal of people believe that your intelligence will be shown in "forced educational environments" such as school, and collage. I believe that when you perform in school and other activities you'll only allocate as much mental power to whatever your doing as you want. You are in complete control, this is why you stride in areas you feel comfortable in. (For me it is language arts and writing) Also you have internal emotions that'll always effect how you view your surroundings and develop skills. If you are indeed having issues in a certain course, naturally you many believe you won't be able to pass and you have hit a bottleneck with your skills. Daily applied intelligence is quite different then what you'll be tested in school. For example I do indeed have a GPA of 2.0 , and i am in eleventh grade and i am in a ninth grade math class. Math is incompatible with the way I can view and become involved in ideas and concepts. I creates heavy fragmentation and stagnation. -I usually sit dormant in the classroom and as soon as my feet lay on my own carpet I get to work. I am not able to learn efficiently in a cluttered and heavily broken school system. I can finally get home and manifest to my own liking. Anyway, do you believe your smart? Do you have any idea on what your IQ is. (And I do recognize that a individuals IQ is not a certain measurement of intelligence) Thanks for your time!
  11. "Can't get you out of my Heart" -REO Speedwagon Great Music!
  12. ACT's coming up shortly, I have no idea what I am doing.

  13. I continue to be lonely in a unfunctional family. It would be great to have someone to talk to, or game with. If you look up: Cameron Sherman then look for the red avatar with and blue "camsterman" logo. That's me.
  14. Food, what would we do without it. Anyway, here is a simple poll for today. Whats your favorite? -camsterman101
  15. Welcome! We are all looking forward to getting to know you here! Have a great time! -camsterman101