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  1. Ember best pon.... BEST DRAGON!!!!

  2. the only problem I see so far is the "he wears a fedora, so he must be a brony" stereotype that seems to roll around. else it seems mostly harmless
  3. as the dark depressed person i am it usually makes me feel pretty bad
  4. *sits down, stares out in the air and sighs*

    1. Untitled Goose Q
    2. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      *stares at questioner, then walks over to "the edge" and looks down* why did it come to this

  5. I have been feeling a falling out with the brony(+) community the last few months, I dunno if I enjoy the community as much as I enjoy the show anymore :/

    1. Untitled Goose Q

      Untitled Goose Q

      It's the other way around for me.

    2. Riganthor


      why? what haooened

    3. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      ehhh I just.... well I ain't talking much with people basically.

  6. oh snap wrong day........ please don't hit me with a load of hearts :(

  7. I think the day of the year when I avoid the internet is about to be gone, is it safe to come out now without being gatling gunned with hearts?

  8. I have been going back into the void lately. I dunno if that's a good thing.

  9. I feel that its really bad that I no longer knows how to handle reality as it should be >.<

  10. I am from the future for some of you and new year just ticked over. Happy new year I guess ;O

  11. As new year closes in I can't help but sit and reflect upon myself and the passing year. So many mistakes, failures and so much pain, yet there isnt only bad things, I have had victories and great uptimes too.

  12. Well you can tell some stuff based on body language, but not exactly if someone is a virgin or not. but there are stuff like anxiety, insecurities, shyness and stuff like that that people can read. if you avoid eye contact or conversations then its easy to conclude you're a loner and that you also thus are a virgin since people who stick to themselves have a generally lower chance of getting into a relationship I guess. Reading stuff like this comes easier to some people than others thought.
  13. Why does life have to be so complicated?

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    2. Frith is Magick

      Frith is Magick

      Life is simple, people are complicated.

    3. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      Nothing in my life is simple Frith ;P

    4. Frith is Magick

      Frith is Magick

      All I said was that life is simple. People are complicated, and when you have too many in your life, complications follow.

  14. Started watching merlin today, seems like an awesome series so far o.o

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    2. Satsuki Kiryuin
    3. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      Follow the Blue arrow to the right and find your path.

    4. JonasDarkmane


      The series are really good :)

  15. I wanna travel in 2016, but where and for what reasons I still haven't decided. Maybe even go to a con?

  16. Merry Christmas for all of you.

    1. Bogrick Grey Mane

      Bogrick Grey Mane

      'Happy Xmas' Karma :) *Brohoofs*

    2. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      *Brohoofs Bogrick back*

    3. Frith is Magick

      Frith is Magick

      god jul,og brohoof

  17. I am having a somewhat Reminiscence of the last year and so Much has changed in my life, while my situation stays the same. I have no idea if this is for the better or worse but I really hope that I am heading in the right direction and that im not heading against another cliff at the end of the road :)

  18. I had forgotten how much trouble I had to differ reality from non reality when I was sick. Its all just spinning around :o

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    2. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      I hate feeling sick to begin with so when I feel someone made scrambled eggs out of my brains It is terrible.

    3. Malinter


      I hate having fevers. Especially fevers that keep going away then coming back like a freakin yo-yo.

    4. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      I get you. Being sick is a huge pain on the rusty old engine.

  19. someone hand me a health potion, I feel like I'm passing out here x_x

    1. Malinter


      Elixirs are better XD

    2. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      I have neither elixirs or potions..... I guess I'll just pass out on the floor somewhere x_x

  20. Good day everyone, what is happening out there on this.... fine? day *tries to hide headache*

    1. TheRockARooster


      WHAT WAS THAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Karma Lightwing

      Karma Lightwing

      What was what? *looks around and stumbles down on the floor*

  21. "Hush now quiet now, its time to go to bed" - Fluttershy's Lullaby Goodnight everybody ;3

  22. I like to identify myself as a dog if thats gender enough for you ;o... please don't be sexist. Joke beside I probably identify myself as something between male and female, cause I have a part of me that can be extremely feminime if I just let it, while my other part is pretty much male.
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