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  1. Queen Syannax

    Searching Fallout equestria RP

    And. Quin is going to do a part for me with my two chara's So you all on skype know who i'm using (btw me and Quintara are next to eachother in real life and discussed about this already and i'm in)
  2. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    Moments later after Silver Sword replied to Sinusoid everypony starts hearing a sliding sound, of a sicking sound, it sounds like its behind the party from the door they came through, Then and thud of a sicking noise. There is also some tapping against the ground, like a hoof does to stone. Moments after those sounds the door breaks in half and shatters at the hinges. Then, it is pulled into a cube of a light green, Roughly standing at a 5 foot and is 5 foot long and wide. "Good job Cubie..." A not so familiar voice came from behind it but a very much familiar looking stallion dressed in assassins garbing had entered the room. "Oh, Looks like i found you all." S/he says hopping onto of the cube and stands on it. (Sorry, i haven't had access to my computer much recently. But now, I am back on.)
  3. Queen Syannax

    OOC Quest in Tartarus (OOC)

    There, posted xD for Fey and her pet One hour left before i have to go for about 7 hours for work
  4. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    (Read as much as i could, and blablablah time for me to post!) (That is playing in Fey's head right now... and mine)Fey was far enough away from the group that eclipse didn't know she was there. "Well, it seems that i'm alone. Oh well. good riddance. Time to find that amulet my self" She walks over to the edge of the hole taking everypony to the Eight Circle. She took several steps back and gallops jumping towards the center, she spreads her self out slowing her decent. Once she got a decent way down she pulled a big thing of cloth and used it a parachute. Gliding down and lands hard. "Oh, look corpses" She drew her blade out and starts to kill them off. They apparently keep rising up again. "Well then... I wasn't expecting for them to keep rising up and fight. Cubie!" She took a bottle and threw it at a zomponies face. "Enjoy your meals" She resumes killing things as the Gelatinous Cube starts to eat zomponies, and growing larger as mins past by zomponies die again. All of them dead and Fey was panting. "And without you, My cute cube I wouldn't of made it out of that alive" It slides over, about 30'^3, and glurups as Fey talks to it. Fey puts a hoof that has a magical enchantment on it to allow her to touch Cubie without being sucked in. She climbs on top of it and starts to ride it through the Eight Circle. (Now with this in her head)
  5. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    Fey was watching the party and the worm, sitting back a fair distance. "Looks like i can pop in and help... Maybe..." She looked around for a climbable surface and starts to climb with his daggers. Once he got above the worm after it cracking the ceiling. He took his dark bladed sword and drops down on top of it where its weak point is and stabs it deep inside it, drawing blood. He pulls it out quickly jumping out of the wound and dashes after the group before the tunnel collapses..
  6. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    Fey was following taking notes of everypony's abilities and skills, while they fought the alicorn. 'I could of climbed up and leapt form the wall or ceiling on to him.... But... They can handle them selves.' She thought seeing the battle ending as she kills a few zomponies near her with her new found sword, healing her as she drew blood and a slight giggle comes from her "Ah.... So much fun killing things, now to ponder about the heros and the amulet she wants. Knowing they are the key to getting it.
  7. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    "I won't tell you who's side i'm on, unless there is coin on your head and its worth it then you'll know i'm coming after you. now since there is no coin on any of your heads, your not at any threat from me. Now... Get going, I'll follow behind in the shadows" He looked around finding a good spot to follow from behind everyone, And starts to make mental notes of everypony in the party.
  8. Queen Syannax

    OOC Quest in Tartarus (OOC)

    Thats fine. Just as long as everypony acknowledges that then i don't care xD
  9. Queen Syannax

    OOC Quest in Tartarus (OOC)

    I'm letting Calber tell the difference, but other than that everypony else needs to change it to he and act like "Wait, what are you saying Caliber?" Or something
  10. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    "My name is Fey." He started and looked at Caliber then back at Ice Blizzard "I've heard from a little bird about this, amulet, and i'm only after it for coin" He waits for them to go ahead of him "I promise i won't stab you ponies in the back. Go ahead, I'll watch everyone's flanks from the shadows"
  11. Queen Syannax

    OOC Quest in Tartarus (OOC)

    Yeah. just making sure xD Give me a moment. Working on a post. I'm giving you all a clue about his sword if you all haven't noticed. Well the skelepony I just want to see what everypony's action is before i post. Here you all go. A link to Fey's profile. If i need to explain anything just post here.
  12. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    "I'm not feeling ill from the cuts, I would of died by now from the first cut" She replied to Wilhelm finishing the last cut by wrapping it up in bandages and ignored what Caliber had said to her. "The only thing this blade has is the ability to drain victims and heal the wielder... If you haven't noticed from the blood seeping up the blade and onto the skelepony's hoof..." She stood up and puts away her medical supplies and putting away weapons. Noticing how Corny Silver sword is in a fight she says "You first, corny." she held a hoof for Silver Sword to lead on in the direction they where going. (O.O.C. So you know, I'm playing Fey as if I am Fey, nothing against any of you if she thinks your an idiot for something. Just remember she is of a Evil alignment She will mess with you, and plot against you if necessary. And so you get a good idea... I'll post her link to her character so you all know how she is like.)
  13. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    "I see... Now i need to tend to my wounds" He began to pull out a needle and some thread with bandages. He walks over against a rock and sat down, working on two visible cuts and three that had happened earlier that had only came from the Skelepony. "Here... and here..." He said as he tends to the wounds he has.
  14. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    As the dust settles all that is left from the skelepony is its armor and sword. The stallion looks at him then shrugs "I see your seeking the same thing as I am" He said looking at Silver Sword with a few wounds on him. "Now... My name is Fey, That is what everypony calls me." He looks away towards the sword that was dropped "And looks like this will fetch a good price... And replacement for my other sword..." She takes it and sheaths it knowing full well its a cursed weapon and isn't affected by it. "By the way" He clapped his hooves together "Thank you all for your help. Perhaps we could work together in, finding this amulet are all seeking?"
  15. Queen Syannax

    Private A Quest into Tartarus (RP)

    It starts blocking several of Silver Swords attacks but still gets hit by most of them as the shots are fired a leg buckles. The skelepony slash's at the stallion that stabbed it and gets a decent cut on him. "OW!" The stallion jumped back out of the way when cut. Everypony sees the blood from the stallion trickle down the blade and onto the hoof of the Skelepony and it slowly vanishes on the hoof as parts of damage to the skelepony starts to disappear and it is able to stand back up just as quickly as it had dropped.