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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. On behalf of Rarity for the first picture. "Its most certainly interesting darling, but it is not my style by any means. Though it does have a some appeal to the eye aestheticly. It will defiently attract some attention to itself from the public as maybe some tourist attraction of a sort. Eight out of Ten" And for the second picture. "For me darling, that one is a little bland. A little more of any eye sore but, I do like the concept of the dome and half arches. If the building was purely for function then it should say in the industrial side of town. Or maybe if it where a reasearch station, on a small hill with the rest of the buildings alike. Overall bland, boring. I would say to add some uniqueness to it to improve it and I will say its an improvement. Three out of Ten" That is what i imagine what Rarity would critique about them and giving some advice on what she thinks would add to them.
  3. I really need to quit poofing. Its bad for my health... sometimes. ^_^

  4. In a spiritual sense, I do. Living the current life in learning physically, mentally, and spirtually to take on to the next life. Whether one learns this life time or the next varies, also takes in consideration of being able to look back into past lives. In one sense reincarnation can be seen as a blessing and/or a curse. Depends on the individual and how they feel about it. If you ever played "idling to rule the gods" (its a game app and is available on steam if your interested #notsponsered #notintentinallypromoting) there is a rebirth button that you can hit to either improve yourself or hinder your self until the next rebirth. I think life is much like how the game is. Improving your 'self' in the current life to become more knowledgeable and stronger in the next. Unfortantly we will never know whether it is something that is viable or is not viable. It is up to the individual on what they want to believe in and what not to believe. Everyone is unique in their standing on faith and belief of what is real and what is not. And a good thing to remember is to treat others how you want others to treat you, no matter how rude, insulting, or hostile they are to you. They maybe be really hurt on the inside and may need just a little act of kindness and a friend in their tough times. But also keep in mind there is a time and place where defending your self is priority than to make a friend out of some one looking to make your miserable for a day or a few weeks. Use your best judgment and maybe some others opinions on the hard circumstances. (I know that last bit isn't really quite on topic. But i felt it should be said. If the mods feel it should be removed, then oh well, no hard feelings.) Have a wonderful day!
  5. Since it seems to not be getting much attention i'll bump this up. If no one is interested in a couple weeks. Then i'll pick something else to offer.
  6. Awesome avatar there, mate. ^^

    1. Syannax the Changeling

      Syannax the Changeling

      I have had it made for years and been using it the entire time. Thank you though for your thoughts on it!

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      You’re welcome.

  7. Another day. Another hundred dollars maybe more. Added to my check

  8. Currently planning out a Final Fantasy esk Roleplay set in Equestria with Equestria themed monsters and maybe some artistic liberties from the Final Fantasy games. I'm thinking of at most 8 players the very least to get started is 3 or 4 players. I am thinking of it also being it being in the Era of like FF7 or FF12. To be in the Roleplay, you must post here to say your interested and have sent me directly, a Character you wish to use in the roleplay. Extra points for backstory. Even more so if you make it really good and fits into a Final Fantasy style back ground. Any suggestions? Post here or Directly Message me. WARNING Content of this roleplay will be considered Grimdark as it will have violence, alcohol, innuendos in small doses, references in a TV-13 friendly style to stay friendlg for the kids in our roleplay and any who would stumble on it. My rules. 1. Don't be a pain in the flank. Really, it is better for you to not be a pain. 2. Absolutely no OPness at the start of the roleplay. Trust me, it is a lot better when you build up your character to the OPness level of a God/ess. 3. In combat there will be a turn base system like the old FF games. You are free to do anything within reason. I may have you even roll dice from time to time. Or i might just to make it interesting. Also, don't worry if you don't own any dice at all. I'll have a Discord link for the group just for rolling dice. And the dice will be used if we question how feasible an action is. So really a limited amount of it would be used. 4. Be fair for damage and modest for injuries in IC. Simple really. I won't directly state that player 1 takes a hit. I will say, however, that monster A takes a swing at player 1. This way it makes it interesting and adds to your post. I love details! Just not too much to break the rating
  9. Soooo bored waiting to be loaded at this dock. And only have about 1 hour and 45 mins before my drive time is up. And its slowly ticking away.


    Tick... Tock... Tick...

  10. Thank you all for the warn welcome back! And so you all know how its pronounced its Sy-ann-ax (sigh an axe)
  11. But i'll say it again in a much more fantasy style Once upon a time... five years ago. A friend of mine that i've known for a few years randomly came to me, one night after a long days work. And he said that he thinks I will like the show. Ofcourse for any guy out there they will be confused even, maybe, slightly.... okay really weird. Now we are talking back when season 2 and 3 where out and i think 4 was running.... anyways! He told me about it. I was weired it out. And eventually checked it out. Starting with my first episode in November 2013. And then everything changed. My outlook on life, how i showed my self to the world in a much more uplifting setting an manner. Forever changed i was indeed, then in late 2014 almost 2015 i had made a few friends on here. And we moved on to skype and then discord, creating a family bond between eachother. Creating epic roleplays, that would of likely gotten us hushed up on here. For we roleplayed in grimdark, much like Fallout Equestria Project Horizons. And detail like the wheel of time series. But eventually we get busy, and i moved on to be a semi driver. And they all too moved on and we still talk. But no longer roleplay the way we use to. And so now. I am back mwhahaha *Coughcoughcough* I mean hahaha! That and to make friends, maybe roleplay at a slower pace since i have little time now adays. Thank you all!
  12. Its been a while since i've been on here. Lol. Maybe i'll start coming back and try to make some more friends again and trrry to be more active maybe?

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      Welcome back to the herd bro. 

    2. Syannax the Changeling
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      @Syannax the Changeling Of course I hope you enjoy your time back.