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  1. Andy feelin

    A Brony From Maine

    I have a collection of cassette tapes! Are you interested in Soviet cassettes? I have lots of them.
  2. Hi! We're Przewalski's Ponies, and some of you might already know us for we seem to be the first and the oldest active brony rock band ever. True or not, we have been creating pony-related (and some unrelated) music for 5 years and here is our latest studio release:
  3. This song was performed at Russian Brony Convention in Moscow on 3 May 2014. We invited cosplay actors to accompany the song. What do you think?
  4. Thanks, you should totally check out our YouTube channel, we have a couple of songs there and will publish more.
  5. Hi, for those who doesn't know - we are a Russian brony rock band founded in 2012, and we're in the process of recording our second album. This is a remix of an older song from the debut album, however it may show a bit what our new album is going to sound like - more synths, more heavy guitars and more Luna appreciation. Subscribe to our YouTube channel!
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