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  1. I found an awesome 3D pony creator, added my homemade revamped cutiemark and we have a winer! [oh and the horn i've been meaning to add since day 1].
  2. Trying to figure out a name for this OC. Prob my fav so far and want it to be something herb, grass, nature oriented. He loves to walk about and pick herbs he makes tea/supplements from and loves nutrition etc...
  3. Trying to think of a name other than "'buntu pony' lol
  4. This one I'm pretty sure 'buntu pony or something basic is the only way to fit an Ubuntu Linux logo on a rump This one I'm thinking something herb, nature, greens, etc...related: Seriously, maybe this time it'll stick to my thread?.
  5. Not to beat a dead horse [that just sounds terrible on an MLP forum] but most of the newer elements Windows has incorporated into their interface (Windows Vista and beyond) were in the KDE desktop manager for Linux long before. Mac and Windows have a history of taking from the opensource world where they want but not giving much if anything back.
  6. What do you mean stuck on Linux? You mean blessed with the fact that Linux is there for you? ;-)
  7. If you've used Android then technically you've used Linux. Heck even found out my Kindle I love so much [ the e-reader version not the fire tablet versions ] runs Linux. My house is 100% Linux [my computer and my wife's]. I recently upgraded a lot of the hardware on the computers and it was cheaper to install Linux 100% [instead of dual-boot like i had been doing] than buy 2 new Windows licenses. Worse comes to worse burn yourself a copy of a popular Linux Distribution and run it as a liveCD, no need to install and can still play around with it.
  8. I will remember it as the Windows that fixed my headache of having to run Windows ME :'(. Still like it better than the newer Windows by a longshot although I use Linux 100% of the time at home so it's more of a "Meh" to me now.
  9. Computer runs a recent MSI Motherboard with all the expandability I could ever need [ don't remember the model]. It has a Intel Dual-Core 3GHZ processor [cause im too cheap for anything better right now] and 8GB zippy-fast ram. Oh and a 500 some-odd gig HDD. Graphics card is an Nvidia 9600 GT which still works fabulously for any of the modern games I've played including all the Crysis series. Oh and I do this all on Linux ;-). Currently on the Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Beta 2 release but otherwise I've run Fedora, OpenSUSE, PCLinuxOS, Linux Mint, Sabayon, ElementaryOS, and many more. I use the native Linux Steam client for some of my gaming [most recently Metro: Last Light] and other games native clients. Otherwise for games like World of Warcraft I run them using PlayOnLinux which is a nice little GUI for Wine.
  10. I'm a KDE fanboy myself for sure! Love all the easy to use options everywhere on the thing. I'm making myself use Unity in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS Beta 2 for awhile to see if I can get used to it or if it continues to annoy me like has in the past. An experiment you could say
  11. I have no problem with the internet having taken over my life ;-). I have way more friends online and have more fun online than I do in the real world.
  12. Somedays I it sad that I'm sitting here on MLP Forums refreshing a thread every 5 minutes? lol ah well

  13. In time things will change more towards Linux gaming. Steam is actively pushing that frontier with their Steam Linux client and I also now hear is starting their official support of Linux gaming [nothing released yet but actively working on it]. Also World of Warcraft is an example of a company who doesn't want to embrace Linux all the way but tries to make it a tad easier to get running on it. Between Blizzard cleaning up some of their messed up OpelGL issues and Wine advancing leaps and bounds it works purdy darn the same as it does in Windows for me now. I'm not a real heavy user of office outside of work and so I have LibreOffice on my computer here that runs linux. It does what I need it to do but I'm betting you use office for more advanced tasks? Worse comes to worse you would always set up a dual-boot on your computer. I had that for the longest time until this last year I upgraded hardware and Windows decided it didn't recognize me as a legit user anymore. So now it's Linux alone all the way.