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  1. All Bottled up is my new second favorite episode, im not over rating these Starlight and Trixie episodes, they are the two characters with a genuine contrast with a friendship that makes sense, and they still give them their same identities? it isnt like they changed, Trixie is just obnoxious and show offy and air minded, and Starlight is seething with anger and anxiety...and they make the friendship work. a combination of sorts...
  2. so whats up man?

    1. man dude man

      man dude man

      in a pretty good mood, idk, getting some stuff done i guess, ill tty in a few

    2. Messy Mane

      Messy Mane

      wassup I'm back bro

  3. maybe i was right just yet about one the daughters of Aku joining Jack, just character progression... lol

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    2. man dude man
    3. man dude man

      man dude man

      the first one was meant at Nghtshroud ust seems like it was blatantly intended to mean something nd yeah im not oming back after this wekend

    4. Messy Mane

      Messy Mane

      ok well i'm gonna give u a good goodbye

  4. could you like ban me and pretend I did something wrong??
  5. I have no personal quarrel with anyone here, their beliefs, or this website, and I have enjoyed befriending and speaking with many, but I have to get off these public internet forums and what not, its like a media vortex for me, and when I am not chemically altered, I can feel myself ripping off chains with less than even 30 minutes away... lol I would just like for someone to direct me in removing my account if not doing it for me, so I dont have to say offensive things with the purpose of having an account terminated.
  6. On a real note, is it cool to request deletion of this account, I really dont want to have to get banned to get off of here, so im preventing myself from saying a bunch of nasty BS or whatever make me look more like a bad guy, or if not can someone direct me to someone I can ask personally?

    1. man dude man

      man dude man

      my real hormones are coming back... lol i cant be on the internet anymore lol

  7. I wish people wouldnt always rush to assume shit or try to apply some freudian psychology to everything, maybe someone is just weird? Maybe someone doesnt need a personal reason? Instead people have to make all these mildly offensive assumptions that you cant apply to every being equally or with even a moderately relative perspective

    1. man dude man

      man dude man

      Like just talk to someone, dont play some like deductive 20 questions inwardly lol, just talk to them.. people like fix entire narratives about people without ever speaking a word to them

  8. Nope nope nope lol... not happening

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    2. man dude man

      man dude man

      "the conspiracy" lol

    3. ThunderCrush


      I have a conspiracy, dolphins are actually people in disguise.

    4. man dude man

      man dude man

      perhaps someone a little smarter...

  9. someone paid to have an explanation isnt here to scare you, the placebo of solace helps many, when really if they come somewhere with faint hearts, they arent in for the full ride... places with significant paranormal experience arent off the map, people just dont visit them regularly, and many people cant take the psychological pressures lol... i have seen some people literally cry in fear over these topics, organic fear is momentary, someone can do damage to you objectively, this shouldnt scare you, you already know the probability of this, when there are things people dont understand, they look for explanations to dismiss those without, because they are scared of seeing past a surface definition
  10. Murphys law within the universe or as opposed to, force handing the worst situations selectively on someone? I mean if you really have to put that into question, the entire series... haha because villains doing horrid things in self reasoning kind of forces that laws relevance..
  11.  lol this is about to be me

    1. man dude man

      man dude man

      i wish they had made this like an actual song lol, i really love that hook

    2. Nightshroud


      man if they did it top charts

    3. man dude man

      man dude man

      I was looking for an mp3 for it but its almost supposed to be a joke song, but its actually like in the same vain as live to win.. once i give up alcohol ill have nothing, im about to just go insane working out, i got the energy, i just box myself into my depression or somwthing like it perhaps

  12. Ona real note is there a way to get rid of MLP forums acc? Or are they just immortalized? I still love mlp and am waiting for the new season but i need no buffer, i have to let go of my social life lol.

    1. man dude man

      man dude man

      Before to long i wouldnt be surprised if the magic in mlp was out of the question lol

    2. man dude man

      man dude man

      plus there are a lot of bad people trying to rub me the wrong way... every where i go sadly, up until i can be made out to be the bad guy... i need the discipline for myself.

  13. I have tried or have messed with a lot of people in my day, people have to realize, especially if you are American, you are allowed to say things, and to that utmost extent is ambiguous, it isnt like, bring the torches lock him up and throw away the key because someone said something that you ercieve as suspect, on a side note you cant be overly sensitive especially on the internet, its just youre living in a country where people are allowed to speak their mind, i dont know all of the integrated web censorship rules or matter of claim to appeal, but people can talk shit, they can even unopenly make ambigous violent statements, but so long slas someone isnt making a direct threat or they make an open on record confession, most all else is trolling, bullying and satrical over kill Even bringing drama into the equation, if you arent acting on it, and if you arent geograpaphically and or properly specific dave ranagin is no different from john smith.. theres nothing that connects a name to a specfic identity, that is all suspect, bullying has to be direct and it isnt exacly "cold case" material, our emotional securities rely on ourselves alone, is someone bullied me to suicide, they arent accountable in my eyes, im just being sensitive...
  14. I sincerely hope this is satire, if not, it is one of the reasons to give up on this fandom lol
  15. rodents and serpents dig, other birds fly, and predators have nothing to worry about... a bird itching to eat a groundhog is just as over ambitious as a fish prepared to fly