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  1. Wow. I just saw your post on Unpopular Opinions and...I agree with you. I like Fluttershy, but in some episodes I just can't stand her whining. I also like Classic Who a little better than New Who. And Paul McGann is my second favourite Doctor, he's barely surpassed by Peter Davison.

  2. Bright101Eyes

    Keep one, Drop one.

    Talking pancake
  3. Bright101Eyes

    Keep one, Drop one.

    Maple Pancakes
  4. Bright101Eyes

    Rarity Fan Club

    I want it! And yes for a group picture. Also hello fellow Rarity fans!
  5. Bright101Eyes

    Pinkie Pie Fan Club

    Ohmigosh, imagine how many posts she would make! Also I am joining this fanclub because Pinkie is rad.
  6. Bright101Eyes

    Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    I'm just trotting along, giving zero fucks.
  7. Bright101Eyes

    Keep one, Drop one.

    Weird Hentai
  8. Thanks for the thanks for the add.

  9. Because in cartoons villians pop out of nowhere, nuff said. Want a better answer? Okay Alicorn Princesses.
  10. Welcome. Thanks for the add!

  11. ...Yeah, I'm happy you said that, outerwise it would just be kinda really creepy. Dating is overrated anyway when your 13 something the idiots in my class should learn (not that I expect much from them, one of them said she supports sweatshops... true story)! BTW your avatar is adorable.
  12. Yeah that sounds about right. I loved the fact that they showed that being rich DOES NOT equal being an ass and I always liked Fancy Pants because of that. That and who wouldn't want to back up best pony?
  13. Blunt and to the point... I like it! Should have said negative though, don't hear too many Daleks just saying "No." And no, I would not go out with you either, glad we are on the same wavelength here.
  14. Daleks are very huggable, even Paul McGann knows!
  15. A Dalek? Just how drunk was I? Wait... someone else posted... what the hell is that?!?!
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