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  1. Nah, EVERY day is Rarity day to Ghostie!
  2. I'm about to quit the forums! Everyone thinks I'm a troll so I doubt anyone will miss me!

  3. This picture. Just...wow...just...wow...
  4. Ask, and ye shall receive: Also, the posters are I think A3 sized
  5. Or just buy two! The book's quite cheap, in the UK only £10, so in the States it's bound to be cheaper.
  6. Double sided? Well that sucks! What if two of the posters you want are on the same page!?
  7. Being as I cause so much trouble, I've decided from now on to post exclusively in the fan club! Anyway, I've just ordered the MLP poster book, hopefully they'll be a couple of nice Rarity posters in there:
  8. I've just ordered the collectable poster book off of Amazon. Do any of you own it?
  9. I Know! They should do an entirely separate comic devoted to the adventures of Rarity and Applejack!
  10. As well as being Rarity day, we get a sneak peek at Friends Forever 8: It's Rarijack people! Can't wait till next week!
  11. No, I never said I enjoyed G3.5 over G4, I said I enjoyed earlier gens over G4. G1 IS my favourite generation! I never said that you don't have the right to analyse the show, I said that it annoys me when Bronies get peed off when Hasbro so something for the shows main audience, you know, preteen girls! In fact, considering the amount of brohoofs, a lot of people agree with me! And I said that Hasbro should C&D EQD. Did I mention anywhere MLP forums?
  12. Almost everyone of my threads are getting locked down lately!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tetris


      Considering most of your topics are bashing the fandom I'm not suprised

    3. That Horse
    4. TenorSounds


      You should read the latest one, it gives a lot of insight as to why, even if you're not intentionally trolling, your threads end up turning into flame wars. Personally my recommendation would be to not just type one sentence in your opening post and leaving at that, but actually taking the time to present your point fully; try to create a discussion rather than just pouting. Less chance of people thinking you're a troll.


      Also, less exclamation points.

  13. Here we go! Just because I value Hasbro's work, and disapprove of SOME sections of the fandom, that makes me a troll, does it!