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  1. So it's true it seems, this is all really depressing
  2. Oh, well I guess it's most likely the case
  3. Something like "op is somewhat anti-sjw, I'm fine with that" something like that
  4. Are posts here that go against anything sjw-related being censored by means of removal. I have been here for almost 3 years and never had a post removed out of the blue before. Has there been a large change in staff or something that I'm not aware of. It's really depressing to see this site go downhill like this. This was the first mlp related place I signed up to when I first became a brony and now there is censoring even when a post abides by the rules. What happened. What did I miss?
  5. Oh my god, this poor site.

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    2. Slug Village

      Slug Village

      That depends on your definition of censorship. Criticism, negative opinions, and even asking questions is not allowed here:

    3. Slug Village

      Slug Village

      It should also be noted that the member who was supposedly being abused actually posted a well-written reply to that question about waifus. But the mods nuked it, because they get to decide what behavior is considered abusive.

    4. Slug Village

      Slug Village

      Sure, it was a snide question, but I respect the other member for answering it in a friendly manner. They didn't seem offended. I don't see the point in having posts like that completely removed.

  6. anyone here staff of bronysquare

  7. They both suck but here anyways
  8. Due to lack of brain cells, I will be posting this here. Should I do glitchart tut. Though it probably would be deleted because it can't spark conversation *cough*.

    1. Snow


      im not to sure there is a place to put tutorials on this forum :/ maybe you should just slap it in a glitch art thread you made :/

  9. Is there any possible way not to get fucked over by a mod because of posting a poll

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    2. Snow


      10/10 best advice i should be made status update sectional staff XD

    3. Astral Blitzen

      Astral Blitzen

      Like I said they need to scrap the poll system, it's useless

    4. Astral Blitzen

      Astral Blitzen

      Fuck it, it's not worth making one in this place. I'll make it on derpi; somewhere less delete happy, which is ironic considering there are a lot of/more skilled staff imho on that site.

  10. I'll do the tutorial but it'll be on derpi not on this backwards-ass site

  11. thread locked because it doesn't provide space for discussion, it's a fucking poll ffs, might as well get rid of the poll option all together, holy fuck.

  12. Some glitchart etc. etc. etc.
  13. aw w w w it can't be that creepy can it xD