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  1. DaringDashie

    Poopy Fluttershy

    Could I possibly use this as an avatar or in a signature? Its so cute. <3
  2. DaringDashie

    A lyra drawing ^^;

    Lol I wasn't expecting that. XD good job
  3. DaringDashie

    Rainbow Dash Doodle (anthro)

    Cute and colorful, I also love Antho. Good job thanks for sharing.
  4. DaringDashie

    Fuse your username with the person above you.

  5. DaringDashie

    What's the last thing you drank?

    Tea w/lots of sugar ;}
  6. DaringDashie

    Look at her

  7. DaringDashie

    Tattoo's and, or Piercings?

    Love em' both. I only have my ears done and, one tattoo on my leg though.
  8. DaringDashie

    Is the above user's avatar cuter than yours?

    Pinker than pink fruit! Of course its cute!
  9. DaringDashie

    I guess it's time to introduce myself?

    Herroo derr! Welcome friend!
  10. DaringDashie

    Ask Lady Kiriness

    Why are you so darn cute?
  11. DaringDashie

    General Interest and New Friends.

    Hi there! I wanted to make this topic to sort of help present people to each other and make some new friends with the same interests. Maybe there are people you've seen on this forum and would like to become friends with, talk to, or, just get to know better in general but haven't. Why not post a couple of interests and see if you can't spark a conversion or, maybe even a new friendship with people? Good luck, I hope many of you make lots of new friends with the same interest!
  12. DaringDashie

    The Color of Love ♡

    Sorta looks like an avatar that or @Gone Airbourne would use. Cute, nice work.
  13. DaringDashie

    Buffy (MLPF Mascot)

    Also could I use this as an avatar at some point and will you continue to post artwork on your DA as well as your Tumblr?
  14. DaringDashie

    Buffy (MLPF Mascot)

    Oh wow she's so cute ! Nice work. Good luck to you on your leap time, I hope to see more from you later on.