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Status Updates posted by DaringDashie

  1. Ugh. I wish I had an actual talent like so many of the people on this forum. (Or even just the fandom in general)

    1. Macavity Wilko

      Macavity Wilko

      I feel your pain, I wish por the same 

  2. furrys <333

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    2. Libra


      I don't really have a concrete definition, as fifty different users told me fifty different meanings.

    3. DaringDashie


      Think about it really hard.

      The answer is within you, its in your heart, in your soul.

      Deep down you know it to be true! 

    4. Libra


      Which one, though?

  3. what does this forums oc / avatar look like?

  4. Just a little heads up, I don't think I'll be logging in anymore. Feel free to remove me form your friends list if I don't return. Goodbye~

    1. SCS


      I'll miss you D:

  5. I otta be more active here...

  6. *sigh* I miss talking to Onylex...

  7. I know you probably get asked this by everyone and their mom but, its bothering the crap outta me so I have to ask.

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    2. SCS


      It stands for SupremeCommanderSturm, it's a reference to one of my favorite video games :P

    3. DaringDashie


      Thank you.

      You have no idea just how much of a load off my mind that was. lol

    4. DaringDashie


      I thought up a bunch of stupid things that it wasnt. '-_-...

  8. "I'll have you know Im a very powerful virgin, level 36".

    1. otaku4242


      I'm level 19 virgin.

    2. AppleGearRising


      I'm about 19 too ;P

    3. K.K. Slider

      K.K. Slider

      Hey, I'm not the only one who plays that MMO! The world is a dangerous place, you better take this.


      <+4 str +4 stam leather belt>

  9. How do you know when somebody on the forums doesn't like you anymore?

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    2. Pinkamena-Pills


      usually don't shut up*,silly typo -.-;

    3. SCS


      @DaringDashie Their loss if they stopped talking to you. Feel free to PM me if you ever want someone to talk to :D

    4. DaringDashie



      Thats okay but, I'd really rather not bother you.

      I mean Im sure mods, admins and, staff have their hands full when it comes to just the forums alone.


      I dont like the idea of being an annoying and bothersome person.

      Thank you though.

  10. *Pointless status update*

    1. Pinkamena Dianne Pie

      Pinkamena Dianne Pie

      *Meaningless comment*

  11. How do I get profile views if I rarely ever post and am not super active?

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    2. K.K. Slider

      K.K. Slider

      Just like this!

    3. DaringDashie


      @ Artemis

      My old post are not really all that interesting though.


      @K.K Slider


      I dont get it.

    4. K.K. Slider

      K.K. Slider

      You asked how you got profile views...I gave you one. :P

  12. DaringDashiee is so awesome!

  13. I cant believe my high school graduation is around the corner.

    1. Spartan


      Crazy isn't it? Those 4 years just flew by :P

    2. DaringDashie


      It doesn't feel right...

  14. 107 status updates? lol

  15. Today felt way too long... -_-

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    2. DaringDashie


      I think Im going to go take a nap err something....


      Night CM TK fire person....

    3. CMQuickfireTK


      alright night, I probably won't go to bed for an hour or so.

    4. SnipSnap


      Today for me was long too

  16. Le* stalking you.

  17. I never thought I would have a crush on this forum.

  18. Im such a creep, I stalk so many profiles...

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    2. lomk


      You just creeped my profile.


      I returned the favor.

    3. DaringDashie


      Lol your like the fifth person to reply to this so late. xD

    4. N.W.


      *Replies just to reply*


  19. You guys are so nice, thanks for the birthday wishes! ^^

  20. Yaay! Star Wars the clone wars is streaming on Netflix! ^^

  21. Im soo gay for Braeburn. :L

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    2. DaringDashie
    3. Remi




      That screen cap is golden. x)


      Don't feel like an idiot; I should feel dumb for thinking it was more than :}

    4. Lucifer


      Gayburn is brae for me.

  22. *Inserts pointless music link* --->

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    2. DaringDashie



    3. Remi


      Jesus Christ that's nostalgic.


      Nice song btw.

    4. DaringDashie
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