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  1. SFyr

    pony fur

    Why, though? Body-wise, pegasi seem to be interchangable with unicorns and earth-ponies, but they have feathered wings. So likely, if unicorns and earth ponies are only-fur, pegasi have both fur and feathers. Moreover, structurally speaking manes and tails are essentially long fur. It would be more likely that pegasi have no feathers, rather than no fur. And going by our real world standards, all races are just about as relatively unnatural/magical--alicorns are just the most "powerful." And, given they can have children with non-alicorns, there has to be a very close genetic linkage
  2. SFyr

    pony fur

    In a way fur and feathers are actually pretty similar structures (same material, some structural similarities, etc); and with cartoon genetics I wouldn't be surprised if theirs drifted a good bit away from our normal grouping of what is furred and what is feathered, and how it's kept apart. I've kinda just operated under the idea that it's regional, like body hair or mammal coat patterns. Certain regions have a slightly different expression of the same code, yielding feathers on some extremities and fur on others, etc. And, at the joints in between you might get some middle ground, or int
  3. I am not an overly experienced writer, but to me, it seems like there's a few major points to creating an emotional scene: Character empathy or relevence; basically, make sure the characters mean something to the reader. Different characters will hold different attachment to the reader, and in order to be emotionally invested in a scene, I believe you need to be emotionally invested in the characters playing a part in it. This goes beyond being just the main character, or the character that the reader spends the most time with. Said characters simply need that built up, which can occur in m
  4. If you want some practice doing characters, I personally found this to be really fun: http://etyas-shenanigans.tumblr.com/post/142804660995/pony-randomizer-challenge-here-are-the-rules-you Basically to take a screenshot, then force yourself to do a new piece/new OC with the qualities/colors/etc you have on screen. Wound up getting one of my favorite personal OCs from it, myself.
  5. More than likely it may hit a issues if it gets enough popularity, even if it's free. Hasbro might (and has) gone after completely-free projects and shut them down with cease and desist orders. I can't remember the exacts of it, but if I recall correctly, it has to do with a strange setup of how copyright and trademark laws operate--part of ensuring you maintain exclusive rights to your intellectual property and the like in particular cases depends on how you've behaved regarding protecting it in the past, as in, you have to actively defend your trademark and crud for it to keep as high of a l
  6. SFyr

    Melted Back

    Cuuute. Also, props for this! It's always lovely to see someone branching into writing, and I personally love works touching on Luna and the nightguard! Also, I'm still quite flattered to have North Star included. I hope you continue!
  7. ... I just realized I'm willing and able to mix cookies, coffee, and monster together. Why did I become an adult.

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    2. SFyr


      Eh, there's worse vices by a long shot, plus caffeine can be a ton cheaper than most. c: And, certainly a notable perk of being an adult, haha.

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      Am not sure I could mix cookies in there.

    4. Jeric


      I'm probably still downing about 2 liters of coffee a day ... old habits die never!

  8. @ZethaPondererI think there's a missing piece there, especially since actions (or results) can occur without intent, from what I understand of it. Like, lack of awareness being the result of an accident seems to be devoid of intent on the part of the person, but, it still comes from who/what/how they are. I think this is separate from intent. Personally, I see it more like this. Actions speak the loudest, sure, but they can also be very telling of the person in general; often, actions arise from people's habits, how they understand/instinctively interact with the world, and judging people
  9. Is it time to praise the future-director Kiriness?

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    2. SFyr


      B-but, what will I do with all this praise lying around t-then? :(

    3. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Put whipped cream on them and the forums artist/commission team can have a snack night! c: 

    4. SFyr


      Approved! Good thinking future director kiriness! o: The feasting of praise shall be vast!

  10. To be honest, I've already started referring to the mane 7. I think she will by no means replace the mane 6, but I think she's a lot more than a side character, and has become as central as the others. And at least for finales/opening episodes, it seems she's already become a huge focus, so I think in a way she may become one of the centrally-focused characters for the time being, like Twilight was/is.
  11. @K.Rool Addict, maybe so, haha. I think that's still out of my realm of knowledge a bit. Although, there's still the cost-to-benefit deal; sometimes an extra 30% cost for 40% performance is still worth it, even if you end up using less of it. And, to my knowledge computer cycles can be so rapid nowadays that communication latency becomes one of major limiting aspects of computing, which is very much tied to how close things are/how long it takes to retrieve/use/store data. I wouldn't be surprised if consoles/gaming PCs are a good bit behind where the edge is though, except maybe top tier
  12. @K.Rool Addict, I think it changes the methods of improvement just a little? Supercomputers are made not only by getting the best parts, but also stacking a ton of them together and coordinating them, which means more cooling, more power draw, more expense, more components devoted to coordination--plus the length of communication pathways between parts may increase? (Which may be somewhat negligible, admittedly, but there's still a reason why RAM and cache memory is located so close to the CPU; it really does make a difference.) I could see consoles and gaming PCs just going the route of
  13. There's a notable principle called Moore's Law that I think has been a notable factor since around 1965; basically, transistors (one of the backbone components in all circuitry and modern electronics) are predicted to double in density per square inch every two years, give or take. Supposedly, this has had a large hand in increasing memory size, computation speed, and overall capability of computer components that deal with processing/logic. Heck, designing new components tends to play off of predicted hardware in other areas following this observation, even if they don't exist yet. However,
  14. I think this is such a sweet reason to be involved with the show and fandom. And, building up a little world with your daughter is just such an amazing thing. I don't get why people would give you grief over it not being specifically canon; it seems like such a huge part of the show/shows like it to enjoy it for your own reasons and make of it what you will. If you can expand it, change it, or make it more personal to you somehow, that just seems like a great thing to pursue. And, creating a book out of y'all's tales just seems amazing. ♥ I personally largely joined up mostly due to
  15. @CinnamonPop I command yee to return! Am I doing this right?
  16. SFyr

    Rarity Forums For You

    Ew. Gross. Why would worst pone do this? Obviously this is only a temporary distraction from the eventual Luna takeover, as she is the most fabulous of all internet horses
  17. SFyr

    We will, however, still remember the fluffy pink unicorn. :P Continued fluffy pink subscription or not.

    1. Snow


      Hmm? What's this? .3.

    2. Snow


      Oohhhh right, haha. It took a bit to process that XD thank you c:


  19. Sorry to hear you've been removed as a new feature of the site.

    I guess the ships will just have to go onnnn.

    (JK ur cool ♥)

    1. Lavo


      Damnit, I'll fix this ASAP.

    2. SFyr


      Top priority if you don't mind. c; Dunno what's causing the bug, but thanks for looking into it fine sir.

    3. Lightwing


      You make me cry *cries as i sink*


  20. Good luck everyone making the transition~ U got dis brah

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      Halp I iz lost ;ccc

    3. Snow


      ill need more than luck! T0T

    4. chrysanthemum


      :o what is transition

  21. I've been looking around more, and, by the looks of it if a user has donated, you can see a tab for how much they've donated whether you're signed in or logged out. If the user hasn't donated, there isn't a tab for it in their profile. Some cases (anonymous donations?) the amount isn't listed, but, the tab still shows up? Not sure.
  22. Quick screenshot of interest, taken while not signed in:
  23. I think it shows up if you've donated; I'm seeing it on my own profile, so, not donating = not showing up = it's visible to everyone? Regardless, if it really is something that's now made publically available... it seems inadvisable for that to continue being the case.

    1. 碇 シンジン

      碇 シンジン

      thank you so much =)=)

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