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  1. Hello! The top THREE tiers, Producer, Noble and Crystal all have priority entry to everything including autographs but in order of their package. So Producer being the most expensive goes first, then Noble and then Crystal. High Society drops off of priority for autographs but they get 4th entry for the other panels, etc. So yes, the top 3 all get bumped in the line for autographs. The Babscon staff has really worked on benefit levels to make sure everyone gets their money's worth. Sorry to answer so late! I hope that helps.
  2. Diva Pony

    Is there anything strange at BABSCon?

    HI there. Not knowing anything about your family, I am not sure what they would consider strange. I don't think any of it is strange. Some people do dress up in costume (called Cosplay since you have not been to conventions before) which is pretty standard for any MLP or Anime Con. That's about the most strange thing I can think of that a non-convention goer might think of. The good thing about Babscon is that it's big but not too big. You will still get into the panels that you want to and the opportunity is there to meet the voice stars who do the characters on the show. There is dancing if you like to party late at night and also programs just for kids if some of your family is young. I don't know who is going to be there this year but in the past Nicole Oliver who voices Princess Celestia did a special story telling and if you were not a child or adult with a child you could not go to that one! I was very sad about that! The hotel is laid out very well. There are ample elevators, a great food section that opens up with reasonably priced food during meal time and I have nothing bad to say about it. I might be on staff this year but the past 3 years I have not been and I think it's one of the nicest conventions I go to. I never really liked the events with 10,000 or more people. This is large enough to have the benefit of great celebrity appearances and programs without being too big to feel like you aren't getting to see or do anything. I hope that helps!
  3. Thank you! Good to hear from you. I hope everything is going OK.
  4. You are so sweet as always. Thank you!
  5. Hello All, If you have done the top packages in Babscon before, you might already know me. I have the distinction of being one of the guests who has attended Babscon in the top tier package for all 3 years it has been held. Being an older somewhat strong willed person (aka pushy broad) I often became the one that other guests would ask questions of since I made sure I had the answers even if no one was offering the answers. Every year Babscon has done their best taking care of the Top Tier Sponsors and every year they have fallen short largely due to being so under-staffed that they could not dedicate one volunteer exclusively to making sure it all went the way it should............until now. At the end of last year I had a lovely talk with We Are Borg and I told him that it might be hard to give up going to the con as a Top Sponsor but I would love to see the package run the way the guests should have it run! Now it's time to put my money where my mouth is as they say and I have been hired (OK more like volunteered!) to hold the new position of SPONSOR TIER LIAISON. An email went out a couple of weeks ago to former top package people talking about the position but not telling anyone it was me. So now I am officially announcing my presence as the person who is going to do her very best to insure that your VIP experience exceeds all expectations and that you get what you paid for. We Are Borg and I are very excited to be teaming up together to collaborate on perks and merchandise and the overall experience to make sure this is the best Babscon you have ever gone to or if your first, one that you be thrilled that you came to. I want the top tier packages to be so amazing that when the 2018 packages are released they will sell out in a day! I have looked at many other Brony Cons and Babscon by far has the best perk packages going. Now we are going to make it the best experience going. I will be specifically in charge of the top 2 tiers --- PRODUCER PONY and NOBLE PONY. That is not to say I won't have input to make the Crystal Pony or High Society Pony sponsor tiers as wonderful as I can but while at the con I will be at your disposal if you are in PRODUCER AND NOBLE PONY packages. One of the immediate improvements for PRODUCER PONY is going to be choosing which VIP dinner you want to attend IN ADVANCE (first registered first choice- until one is completely booked) and you will know when you register who your meal is with, what time and where. When at the con you will be given my cel phone number and you can text me if you need me. I am your liaison and hostess throughout the con. For all sponsor packages I will be there when you register and picking up your merchandise will be painless. I really have lots of plans but can't get ahead of myself or my boss might yell at me. :-) (He's a sweetheart by the way). If you have anything you would like to see or share with me, please reply to this. We might already be working on what you ask or it might be something we haven't thought of. If you have done the packages in the past years please feel free to share your thoughts. So if you were on the fence about signing on to the sponsor tiers this year let me tell you this is going to be the year to say YES I WILL! There are only FOUR PRODUCER PONY SPONSOR PACKAGES LEFT! There are only 14 NOBLE PONY SPONSOR PACKAGES LEFT! And these packages are still at the Early Bird Prices so now is a great time to decide to go for the gold.
  6. Diva Pony

    Ruhisu is ready to support BABScon!

    Really nice work! Thanks for sharing. I have nothing to do with Babscon except going every year and I would be happy if they used your talent. Good luck to you!
  7. Diva Pony

    How much is Merch typically?

    I shop a lot and can get into a lot of trouble at the con but everyone is right, it depends on what you are looking for. The comic book artists are usually set up with great deals at their tables and they'll sign them for you. Silver Slinger I think the name is does some fine MLP themed jewelry I think it's $50 to $100 range. He has done a special piece for the top packages each year too. Plushies depend on what you want. Don't forget that the little plushies of the con mascots are for sale and I think those range around $30 if I remember correctly. But there's Equestria Plush that makes some of the finest plushies around and I think the least expensive I have seen of theirs is $300 all the way up to $1200 or so. When you see them you will understand. The past 2 years there has been a great vendor that does glasses and mugs etched with MLP characters. I'm not sure if they will be there or not but they were in the $20 range. I think they did shot glasses too that would be less but not sure how much they were. Last year there was a guy selling his art work tarot cards. There really is a lot so depending on what you are looking for you can spend just a little or a fortune. I think everywhere that I shopped took plastic so if they take credit cards I think that would mean debit cards too. Checks I'm not sure but I have found that most conventions that I go to the vendors are pretty trusting and will take a check too. Oh and don't forget the charity auction. You can usually find something wonderful at those too. Good luck with deciding!
  8. Diva Pony

    2015 BABSCon Haul!

    Very nice! I do adore Luna.
  9. Diva Pony

    BABSCon 2015 post con discussion

    I'm pretty sure they have airports in Oregon and Southwest Airlines runs some pretty darn good sales quite a lot during the year. Just a thought.........
  10. Diva Pony

    BABSCon 2015 post con discussion

    Ashleigh is very nice. Rebecca Soichet turned out to be amazing this year. I have become quite a fan of hers now. I plan on seeing Rainbow Rocks next week while I am traveling so I can hear her sing a duet with herself! As for the Babscon badge- I think they just have not gotten around to doing it yet. I have already "scolded" my moderator friends about deception. :-) Hopefully they will come through soon.
  11. Diva Pony

    BABSCon 2015 post con discussion

    I haven't met Tabitha either and she is LUNA! So meeting both would be amazing. But I am very selfish and I want more than just princesses. :-) As for the special Babscon badge..............have you seen anyone with it yet? They were promised if we came to the Forum table but I think they were supposed to be the ones to give it to those on the "list".
  12. Diva Pony

    2015 BABSCon Haul!

    She doesn't do a lot of them but if you are patient I guess she does. And she knows me from last year. I got her Golden Gates plush from last year and also bought her Luna. I wrote to her at some point and sent her pictures of Diva Pony and asked if she could do it and when she finally said yes it was a bad time for me. So I said let's wait but she surprised me anyway. She said I didn't have to take her at the con that I could wait but my goodness I had to have her! And the timing was much better then anyway. You can contact her through Deviant Art where she is set up. I think she does take some orders through that site when she isn't busy working on the cons she will set up at.
  13. Diva Pony

    BABSCon 2015 post con discussion

    That would be amazing for sure!
  14. Diva Pony

    BABSCon 2015 post con discussion

    I'm with you on the box too. Mine doesn't even close properly. I have a feeling some corners were cut to get them made. But everything else was fantastic. After all the 1st year problems we had at the con last year, I can say without hesitation that this year had very few snags in comparison. Registration Thursday night was a mess but they know it and will fix it next year. With Nicole Oliver coming again next year and we hope DeLancie really does re-book since he had to cancel this year, I'm in again for next year. Heck I would be in again even if they weren't coming but that sweetens the pot.
  15. Diva Pony

    2015 BABSCon Haul!

    OK, my turn! This wonderful Surf City Etching gift from my good friends Simon and 11th Dr. Hooves - Luna's cutie mark Wine Glass as I am also a huge Luna fan. Signed comic books Plushies and box that came with my sponsor level Amazing original paper art by Paper Pony that came with sponsor level Even more amazing Limited Edition Golden Gates Plush by Equestria Plush that came with sponsor level Tarot Cards from Chocolate Pony I think his name is Vinyls I got signed by Andrea Libman Amazing signed by almost everyone there guitar made by Xylo Zebra and auctioned (and I won) AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST MY OC DONE BY EQUESTRIA PLUSH!!!!! I also got a pendant from Silver Slinger that I forgot to photo and the con t shirt and tote bag. I think that's it. It's certainly enough!!! What a haul!