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  1. Fancy Denny's Dinner 2017 Hosted by Selfie Pony

    So you're saying you Want me to belt "Fireworks". K.
  2. Fancy Denny's Dinner 2017 Hosted by Selfie Pony

    Hi Selfie. I bet you weren't expecting me here, were you? Yet clearly here I am. You know where I'll be in a few days? at Denny's.
  3. Does anyone need a ride to Everfree Northwest? Hi, I'm Bryan Chandler/Super Trampoline, leader of SoCal Bronies and erstwhile EFNW road tripper. I have several extra spots in my SUV. Will be leaving Davis/Bay Area Thursday mid-morning and passing through Portland Thursday night. Arriving in Seattle Friday super early morning. Leaving Seattle back for California Sunday evening/night. (Round trip) Gas prices: $80 from NorCal, $30 from Portland. Half that if one-way. Other distances negotiable. Cash or check or PayPal. I have snacks and water. If interested, hit me up at (714) 496-3119. Thank you and have a great day!
  4. Are you guys still around? ~Bryan Chandler, leader of SoCal Ponytones
  5. S04:E14 - Filli Vanilli

    If only Pinkie could be written well on a consistant basis... sigh. Other than that I loved it!