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  1. Duster Dawnhorse

    Who's going to Babscon?

    I will be there again vending with The Bronycrafters in the main vendor hall along with bringing back badfic reading! Time and date yet to be determined but keep an eye out!
  2. Duster Dawnhorse

    MLPForums BABSCon 2016 Meet-up

    I'll be attending the meetup along with (almost) all of the members of Hoof Hearted, a channel on Ponyville Live. Just look for four people in logo'd shirts!
  3. Duster Dawnhorse

    Is BABS age appropriate for my child?

    There's some events that are age locked. Like there's one that's 21+ due to alcohol being served and a few 18+ like mine. I personally won't be checking IDs at the door but the con staff might. If you're 13 you should for sure be with a parent and go to age appropriate events. I was a vendor at the last two BABScons and saw plenty of kids in her age range. The children's events are great for five year olds and the kids I saw were having the time of their lives. A good number of kids that stopped by my table were the ones into pony and the parents weren't/had no idea what this pony business was. Not vending this year but kids super stoked to be at BABS were definitely a bright spot as a vendor.
  4. Duster Dawnhorse

    Who's going to Babscon?

    I will be attending again as media and panelist. Yes, badfic reading will return with a twist and I look forward to seeing your smiling pained faces!
  5. Duster Dawnhorse

    Interested in selling MLP bath bombs at Babscon

    If you expanded into things like soaps, lotions, perfumes, and other bath products sign me up. I'm kind of a soap and lotion hoarder.
  6. Duster Dawnhorse

    Some questions about vending at BABScon

    I was an absolute nobody and vended at BABS as my first and second con vending. I made a decent chunk of change both times, roughly the same amount. About 2,400 people were at BABS this year and 50-ish vendors if my memory serves right. Depends on what you're selling and how you stand out. I think you can do pretty well looking at your gallery. (Off topic but I swear I recognize your work from somewhere. Were you an artist with CS at one point?)
  7. Duster Dawnhorse

    Favorite dog breeds

    I work as a doggie daycare handler so I've had experience with tons of breeds, some super common, some rare. That said, I love shiba inus and corgis. I got lucky since I adopted a corgi mix and he's the best dog ever. I just have to shed him when it warms up since he got the corgi undercoat. Next dog I'm definitely rescuing a corgi. I would love a shiba but they're not the right temperament for what I want. They're still super super cute though.
  8. Duster Dawnhorse

    Tea Lovers Club

    Aw man I still regret not making time to go to Chinatown during BABS to try their tea. Down in LA we got Little Tokyo and Chinatown though. And I just moved to a very heavily-Asian area so the grocery stores here have awesome authentic tea for cheap prices (well, as cheap as SoCal can get.) General note for the thread: As hideously overpriced as Teavana is, you gotta try the Jasmine Dragon Pearls blended with Dragonfruit Passion. It's amazing.
  9. Duster Dawnhorse

    Ponification Dump [With Request Tumblr]

    Thanks guys! Got a new ponification for you. The mysterious glittery twins revealed; Mabel and Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls!
  10. Duster Dawnhorse

    Ponification Dump [With Request Tumblr]

    If it's live action, unfortunately not. Real life human beings are kinda hard for me to ponify but that may change in the future. If they're animated I can give it a go. All requests go into the submit box on Tumblr.
  11. Duster Dawnhorse

    Ponification Dump [With Request Tumblr]

    One of my art hobbies is "ponifying" non-pony characters. So I started up a request blog for exactly that. Ponify This! will turn your favorite animation, video game, and anime characters into ponies. Here's some samples I have up now. First completed request, Kumatora from Mother 3. Klavier Gavin from Apollo Justice. The undisputed princess of legal pop. (Young) Isaac from Golden Sun. As an earth elemental I thought he'd be more classic unicorn-y. Currently in sketch phases are a pair of mysterious and slightly glittery twins, a shadowy key-wielding hero, and a mad mathematician.
  12. Just noticed that when I got switched to the BABSCon user group that my top toolbar changed. I now can see an Admin and Staff drop-down menu. It doesn't let me see anything but I figured I shouldn't be able to see the menus anyway.
  13. Duster Dawnhorse

    Things you lose on a regular basis?

    My iPod. Nanos are great in theory but disappear really easily.
  14. Duster Dawnhorse

    Drawponies tracing scandal!

    I'm mad for several reasons. The big one being "I'm an artist that vends and this cheating jerk ruins it for the rest of us" but I have a lot more words. Tracing is artistic dishonesty. He's been lying to you guys. He's STILL lying to you guys! Things he said he never traced has been proven to be traced. He has zero remorse and is only putting out that patronizing insult of an apology because he got caught. I would've been forgiving if he came clean on his own but nope, it took his own fans turning on him for him to be truthful. Only when his business was threatened did he talk. That's not love for the fandom, that's greed. There's a lot of responses here that seem to be repeated over and over so I'm just going to paraphrase. GENERAL YOU'S ABOUND. "LOVE AND TOLERATE!" Okay first off, that saying is dead and cliche. Second, "tolerating" means putting up with something. So basically you're telling us to put up with lying and scamming people out of their money with a fake product. I dunno why you're okay with tolerating lying but I'm not. If we're gonna derive from the show, remember that one of the Elements of Harmony is HONESTY. "He just traced some stuff, big deal! He didn't trace everything!" Let's say you have a friend that lies a lot. He tells you something and swears that this time he's telling the truth. Are you going to believe him? No because that's the inherent nature of lying! Once one lie is exposed, everything else you do is called into question. Because if you're willing to lie about one thing, what's to say you won't lie about something else? Hell even in Drawponies' statement, he said Adapting to Night was never traced. That's been proven to be untrue. He's still lying which leads to the next point. "He apologized! What more do you want?" And he objectively lied in his apology. Why should anyone accept it after that? It just proves he's more interested in saving his own skin than making amends. If he really is interested in making amends, he'd start telling the truth. "Ugh, fandom drama witch hunts! Tracing isn't a big deal! Calm down!" It is to artists like me who work tirelessly to improve our craft to create something original for the fanbase. Let's put it this way, you're working on a big essay for a contest. You've worked really hard, you've fact-checked and proofread this thing to hell and back and spent tons of time polishing this essay. You feel awesome about it and you're sure that contest is yours to win. But someone else just downloaded their essay off the internet, wrote their name on it, and turned it in. And they win the contest. Wouldn't you be pissed off? You worked so hard to make something original only to have someone cheat! And win by cheating! That's how artists feel when someone traces their way to fame. I'm shocked and disgusted by the amount of people who are okay with this. It's a spit in the face of all the artists you love that work hard to create content for you guys.
  15. Duster Dawnhorse

    Where Are You From?

    Sunny Southern California. Depending on which street I cross I'm in Alhambra, Pasadena, or South Pasadena.