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    1. Sceethe



      but we still have to wait till 2017.

    2. AwesomeLDK


      Actually, he is gonna be in Civil War cause he is a major character in that storyline. Then he might be in a credits scene for Avengers 2 or somethin

  2. Weirdest was definitely the Super Bowl Loctite commercial
  3. Aaaaand best Super Bowl ever.

    1. ghostfacekiller39
    2. AwesomeLDK


      Can't decide if the fight or the commercial with ponies was better.

  4. R.I.P. Kitty0706, he was a great guy, and will be forever missed.

  5. But I looked up TF2 and Team Fortress 2 and couldn't find it
  6. I'm bored and I decided to start this little section, mainly wanted it to be about Team Fortress 2 (best game ever), but stuff about other games or Steam in general is welcome too! I guess I can say that people can exchange usernames and stuff if they want to. My Steam name is AwesomeLDK, feel free to add me and play with me.
  7. AwesomeLDK

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Febreze - Jack Ü ft. 2 Chainz Unreleased song by them, but album hopefully comes out this month! Jack Ü is the best.
  8. Wow I have not been on here since July or something like that

  9. Has anyone played on the latest Minecraft snapshot? The banners that are in it are gonna unlock so many new possibilities in the future! CTF is probably going to be the thing that will be changed the most…. This is my banner that I created, tell me if you like it!
  10. Someone plz halp meh with putting pics on my "about me" page!

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    2. LazuriteDreams*


      Or right click and copy the image location(url) if you want to use the code instead. So that's two ways you can do it! :D

    3. AwesomeLDK


      Okay, thank you very much!

    4. LazuriteDreams*


      You're very welcome!

  11. Gnight everypony, be sure to check out my newest post on my Comic Con topic! http://mlpforums.com/topic/105410-sdcc-2014-or-comic-con-san-diego/

  12. AwesomeLDK

    General Media SDCC 2014! Or Comic Con San Diego.

    Well everyone, today was the last day of Comic Con. The good news is, I got plenty of stuff, and got quite a few pictures! Including a few celebrities… I will start with… PONIES! This year there were 7 exclusive free posters that you had to get at each booth. Luckily, I got all of em, so here they are! #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 And #7! Let me know which one you like the most! In addition to those posters, I got Vinyl Scratch vinyl fig! ------> I have wanted it for some time, so now I do! At the Hasbro booth, one of the exclusives was a Mane-iac Vinyl figure, along with superher
  13. I have just posted my Comic Con topic! -----> http://mlpforums.com/topic/105410-sdcc-2014-or-comic-con-san-diego/ I will be posting some new pics hopefully tomorrow! But for now, goodnight everyone.

  14. Hello everyone! Or everypony I should say. This is my updates, what I buy, and other randomness from Comic Con San Diego 2014! I am posting this on Friday night at the moment, so there are still two more days to go! If you wanted to go, let me know something you wanna see some pics of and maybe I can get them! But for now, the Comic Con logo. :3
  15. Could someone please tell me where in the forums I would make a discussion about SDCC 2014? (aka Comic Con San Diego)

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    2. AwesomeLDK


      I see on your profile you play Minecraft and TF2! Whats your steam name?


    3. null123456


      CaliTheRolls! :)

    4. AwesomeLDK


      Okay, I will add ya!


  16. Does anyone think I should get the Mane-iac Vinyl Fig at Comic Con? It also comes with Spike...

  17. Good job to Germany on winning the World Cup!

  18. Mah Skype is awesomeldk you should add me just because.
  19. Tomorrow is when the Sunday schedule of Comic Con comes out…. Then it's planning time. :3

  20. Why is Mojang taking away donation perks on Minecraft servers….

  21. Wow, I haven't been on here in forever.... Well anyways, I hopefully will be on here more often! It's summer, so that probably means I will be on more often! :P

    1. Zenit
    2. AwesomeLDK


      Hello random person!

  22. I will be doing a review of Skrillex's new album by later tomorrow! I will put the link on here when it is done. Meanwhile, have some gif. http://cdn.doandroidsdance.com/assets/2013/05/skrillex-bee.gif

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