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    "Perhaps it's better to be an astrophysicist who cuts hair, than a barber who dreams of studying supernovas?" - Dad
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  1. IcyHaze

    Random fact thread

    Is a joek D'ya know like Not being serious
  2. IcyHaze

    General What do you do in your sleep?

    I snore quite badly if I'm lying on my back, which is a bit embarassing. But if I fall asleep on a couch or something, or lying oin my side I@m a pretty still and quiet sleeper.
  3. IcyHaze

    Pepsi Or Coke?

    I've always felt Pepsi tasted a bit...weird. Like, headache-inducing weird. It's not very popular here in Ireland anyway. Coke is by far the superior one - but for all I know, the quality of Coke in the USA could be worse :/
  4. IcyHaze

    Will Trump make America great again?

    Who knows? I doubt it, but it all sounds extremely selfish and arrogant to me. I'm willing to give him a chance, but I still think he's a despicable person as was Hillary.
  5. IcyHaze

    General Favorite color

    Black Dark/Deep Blue Dark/Deep Red
  6. IcyHaze

    Who Here is Gay?

    I'm bisexual, but I'm generally more into women for intimatte stuff.
  7. IcyHaze

    What's the last thing you drank?

    A nice warm cup of coffee
  8. IcyHaze

    What was the last food you ate?

    A large baguette with sausages, bacon and ketchup for breakfast. Soooo good :3
  9. IcyHaze

    General Does halloween is still a thing in your country ?

    Halloween's always been a big thing in Ireland. The kids get dressed up and go mental, the teens get illegal fireworks and make illegal bonfires and generally get in trouble, and adults go out to the pubs in fancy dress and get plastered. Good times. Personally I wish there was more focus on spooky costumes and deahtly things rather than just HUR HUR I'M A SLUTTY NURSE but hey, it's still fun.
  10. IcyHaze

    Weirdest name you've given to a pet

    The strangest was a tiny little fish my brother had that was accidentally sold with 2 golsfish. Because he was tiny, my brother named him "Lunch".
  11. IcyHaze

    Should chastity be cherished?

    Humans are extremely secual beings, and repressing that is pretty unhealthy. I think people should feel free too have sex with those they feel close with, but I don't like how the media overly sexualises things for both men and women. I don't believe in slut shaming, but I also don't think dressing in revealing clothes, getting drunk and sleeping with as many men as possible should be shown as a good thing either.
  12. IcyHaze

    What do you think about Donald Trump?

    As a person, he's arrogant, rude, egotistical, self-obsessed, uncaring, sexist and racist. I don't know how somebody would want that in a president. As a businessman it's fine because he's not constantly trying to avoid diplomatic incidents, but presidents need to be held to a much higher standard.
  13. IcyHaze

    General What's Your Favorite Car?

    For me I think it's gotta be the Aston Martin Vanquish
  14. Paté feet...not really a great one
  15. IcyHaze

    What compliment do you most like to hear?

    Anything positive can make me feel good about myself. A compliment on how I look or what I wear, on something I've accomplished or figured out.