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  1. I just realized how fitting it is that Tom joins Rarity's team.
  2. Toastypk

    The 2018 MLPF Pony World Cup

    ,,,Sunburst? .....
  3. I dunno, they haven't lost their abilities, it's the Elements they can't use unless in tandem. They keep their strength, magic, healing, and badassery.
  4. Toastypk

    Cloudsdale vs Ponyville

    I don't know what I can do otherwise...
  5. Toastypk

    Cloudsdale vs Ponyville

    Go Stygian! And Twilight too!
  6. Thinking about this, Pegasi would be so unbeatable. Get the ball to one of them and fly it in for a touchdown!
  7. I've wondered this. The pillars (Stygian included) all have their own lives now in Equestria, but sort of like the Avengers, there could be a case where they all could be joined back for another mission if needed be, they ARE all badasses and warriors and such. I don't see it being out of the realm of possibility for them. They make a great team and I like them. Maybe if the Mane 6 had another mission to do and needed somepony else for a side thing, or something.
  8. Toastypk

    Spoiler Sandbar Fan Club

    He's such a cutie. I watch a reactor who says Sandbar is the least favorite of the students, probably because he's the ordinary pony, but I like his design, colors, and personality regardless. This yawn he did in What Lies Beneath is so effing cute too
  9. Toastypk

    Spoiler Nightmare Knights

    I saw some preview images on Derpibooru and I really want to see this. I usually wait until the compilations come out, since I don't really know anywhere that sells the normal ones, and the compilations I find at Barnes and Noble. But I saw a real awesome Stygian image in one of those shots, and I liked it enough that I made it my new avatar. (I mean seriously, a good number of posts I make here mention him, so why not have him as my pic?) And Eris gives me serious visual vibes of Edea from FF8
  10. Princess Twilight? that you?, that's not really you, is it? Your magic, you will give it to me!
  11. Toastypk

    Draft Order

    Aw, he would have been a perfect fit for Ponyvillle...
  12. Toastypk

    Baltimare vs Maretonia

    Come on Sunburst! You can do it!
  13. This is something I've wondered about. During The Mean Six I was wondering what would happen to Chrysalis, but nothing ever did. But what do you think should happen to her? Some people have said she should be reformed like the other changelings, but some others say that would ruin her appeal if she did that. The other options I can think of are being sent to Tartarus, or she somehow gets destroyed, almost like Sombra. What do you say?
  14. Toastypk

    The 2018 MLPF Pony World Cup

    If so, I propose maybe he can get with Twilight, Stygian, and Starswirl on Ponyville. That's yet another level of fitting! I don't know when or who decides it, but just putting it out there.
  15. Toastypk

    The 2018 MLPF Pony World Cup

    Oh, and it looks like Starlight's team has Trixie too! It's too perfect!