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  1. I see them as secondary protagonists. No one is going to replace the mane 6. But at least the students have a great dynamic, and I could easily see them in as the characters in an RPG or something.
  2. Toastypk

    Hypnotize yourself to be a pony, links included

    I do remember they've tried to stray away from the, as they say, "oogie boogie" myths cause they can be flimsy and difficult to test, and they try to lean toward the more concrete ones. Hypnosis though is pretty spooky but I'm guessing my fears about it are overblown, unless you're listening to one of those more intense files.
  3. Toastypk

    Hypnotize yourself to be a pony, links included

    One thing I know from Mythbusters is that you can't be made to be hypnotized to do something you don't want to. I would be more into it for the curiosity and experience rather than actually trying to become someone else. Some files have triggering words, and that's the sort of thing that spooks me. I've seen comments from someone who felt like they had hooves instead of hands, or like, feeling their fingers bunched together, once hearing the command phrase. As much as I want to feel what hooves are like, or feel myself as a pegasus, the potential for something freaky to happen is there. Like, I'm pretty sure I want to suddenly get these impulses in daily life or risk doing something else lasting to me. Then again that fear may be overblown.
  4. Well they did have mares in the Royal Legion, so maybe.
  5. Here's a weird one. This one of those things I've noticed a lot, and is one of those human perception things. It isn't something that's only a pony thing, either. 95% of the characters in the show don't wear anything, and it's perfectly normal and no one notices anything. But imagine taking a character who always wears clothes, and take his or her clothes off. All of a sudden it seems like you're doing something inappropriate, why are you taking off his or her clothes? ...but no one thinks anything like that when it's any one of those other 95% of characters. This is something I've noticed not just in a pony sense too, but I was inspired to talk about it when I had a weird feeling about something a couple of days ago. This Nightmare Knights comic (which if you don't know, Nightmare Knights is about Luna and four other former villains teaming together) has Stygian on the cover, and I found it adorable and funny; I commented on how since he isn't wearing his trademark cloak, he just seems more naked than he usually does. This got me the idea to try to do an image edit to remove the carousel garb, and see what it looked like, but when I thought about it, I felt I might be doing something... wrong. (you're undressing him?) But that idea comes only because he's one of those very few who always wear something so it seems weird to us humans who place importance on always having to wear something. It's one of human norms that's pretty ingrained.
  6. Toastypk

    Most polarizing character in MLP?

    Starlight has become a prime example of that. Addition to the mane cast, a lot of focus, some people like her addition, but some don't. Some people like her backstory, some don't. Some feel she is too powerful, some don't care. I guess Flash Sentry too.
  7. I noticed a different color on this guard here when I saw the episode, but it wasn't until I saw comments that yes, we have a mare in the guard now! We've never actually seen that before, it's usually the same two or three models of stallion. This is pretty cool! I wonder why they decided to in season 8.
  8. Toastypk

    Parasitic or symbiotic ponies

    Since it's pertinent, I'll throw this image out here. Haven't seen the movie but people have been making the comparison for some time and this image is real good
  9. Toastypk

    Hypnotize yourself to be a pony, links included

    I'm someone who for years has been intrigued with the thought of transforming into an animal, or what it would feel like, and this is way before I got into the pony thing. I've seen files like this, and I've been intrigued, though not for individual characters. Instead, I mean particularly for the nondescript pony hypnosis ones. I've been curious about seeing the pegasus file, (they have variants that include mares, stallions, the option to involve your... certain body parts, let's say, though I start to feel weird about that in a pony context...) But as a science dude, I'm both super intrigued yet at the same time quite intimidated. Hypnosis is a real mystery, and playing around with my subconscious is a spooky prospect, the things hypnosis can do. Plus I already have OCD and anxiety and such, I have no idea what I would be getting myself into.
  10. Toastypk

    Season 9 Waiting/Speculation Thread -

    Things I would love to see: Not for the show to end as has been suspected, for one. -Flurry Heart having some involvement or importance -Scootaloo's parents or aunts, or somehow finally being able to fly, though that would have to be done the right way. -Something from the comics, a storyline or character The CMCs kicking flank like their sisters, School Raze made it seem like they were more involved than they were in the episode. Tempest! Cozy coming back, somehow attaining the power she desires, putting Equestria in a dire situation. (and if she does, please give her a JRPG-esque powered up form sort of like they do in Equestria Girls! Speaking of Equestria Girls, have a Shimmer episode! Though how they would do that without directly referencing Equestria Girls, I dunno. The Pillars plus Stygian teaming up again to help with a problem, presumably one the mane 6 can't attend to for some reason. Some good development on Starlight and Sunburst's friendship. (...relationship? might not happen but I love those two)
  11. Toastypk

    FiM's first non unicorn pony villain!

    Something tells me this chart needs an update...
  12. Toastypk

    Favorite villain/antagonist so far?

    It's tough for me to pick, because you have all sorts of villain types. You have bombastic villains and more subtle villains, and you have villains with different desires, from ruling, to jerkishness, to Sephiroth levels of wanting to attain power. At least for the reformed bad guys, my favorites would have to be Starlight and Stygian. (though you could say Stygian is barely a villain in comparison to the others, and the Pony of Shadows.)
  13. Toastypk

    Spoiler Cozy Glow Fan Club

    I would pay to have someone draw her as a Sephiroth-esque angelic-looking powerful JRPG final boss.
  14. Toastypk

    Spoiler Cozy Glow Fan Club

    Nothing wrong with this filly, no siree.
  15. I dunno, they haven't lost their abilities, it's the Elements they can't use unless in tandem. They keep their strength, magic, healing, and badassery.