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  1. Toastypk

    S08:E16 - Friendship University

    Yeah., and Stygian was never really a villain to begin with, but things went the way they would because nopony communicated with anypony else. Flim and Flam though are proud scammers and don't want to change. The idea that there's ponies who can be looked at in better light and there are those who aren't, and that at least with Starswirl, it's hard to tell the difference at first, is interesting. They may not be shadow demons but Flim and Flam are choosing to be how they are.
  2. Toastypk

    S08:E16 - Friendship University

    Loved it! I'm wondering though. The line that's interesting is when Starswirl says he spent 1000 years having bad feelings about a pony until Twilight changed his mind. Obviously he's talking about Stygian, but what makes the big difference between knowing when to forgive somepony and when not to trust them? Starswirl thought the Flim Flam bros. would be just like Stygian, not knowing anything about them, but this time the suspicions were right. So what's the big difference?
  3. Toastypk

    Gallus fan club

    Oh my goodness guys.
  4. Toastypk

    Spoiler Nightmare Knights

    I love the idea of this. I want to know more about this. Especially glad that a certain favorite character of mine is in it too! I'm wondering the about circumstances. Especially since Stygian says and demonstrates himself that he's not as particularly amazing as others. There was an image posted on Derpibooru of this cover but it wasn't very clear. People were pointing out Stygian, but I thought it wasn't him, I thought the cloak was somepony else's hair.
  5. Toastypk

    Scootaloo has lesbian aunts.

    They're pretty cute! I was really hoping we'd see them in the show, and we might.
  6. Toastypk

    Stygian Fan Club

    Guys. They announced a new miniseries in the comic where Luna and some former antagonists form a team. And look who's in it! And Stygian wearing a fancy suit is somehow so adorable
  7. Toastypk

    World Cup Divisions

    I had an idea dawn on me today for something I will do with my team to supplement everything, but I suppose I could extend to other teams if it works out. I was reminded of pre-fight lines as if from a fighting game. Or more specifically, I was reminded of the Mega Man X4 cutscene look. Simple enough to make. For instance: since sunburst and chrysalis will be against one another [sunburst image] I won't let you capture my friends again! [chrysalis image] You will become part of my new hive! I'm making the three Baltimare match line images. (specifically since Starlight and Sunburst are going to be against one another, I wanted something to do) (though it occurred to me if I did this for everyone, that would be (6 matches * 8 sections) = 48 of them. o_o
  8. Toastypk

    Gallus fan club

    " No, I figured I'd stand around and let bronys randomly hug me."
  9. Toastypk

    World Cup Divisions

    So who faces who first in every section if there's four per section? The first two and the second two? How will that work? I noticed you haven't done any graphics at the moment btw, are you intending wanting to do that? I've been itching to give it a shot. I've done graphics for board events before.
  10. Toastypk

    Default Team Crests

    Spiffy Baltimare badge! I joined that to get Stygian with Sunburst, but someone got him first... but it's cool to be a one-user team too.
  11. I RPed once on another board years ago, but I had trepidation at first. I eventually got into it, but in general it seems like a big bar to cross, and one that sometimes makes me feel awkward or uncertain. I do like the events thing though. It's sort of like the difference between an online board RP and a video game RPG. In a video game RPG, everything is already laid out, the setting, the story, you take the actions and do the fights and things in it, there's some framework, I like that. Additionally, it's the coming up with a story thing that gets me... who is supposed to do it? The person whose RP it is? Anyone? I know it's freeform but I sometimes wonder about framework. (the RP I was in was a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon thing, I was a Swampert, but the plot happenings seemed to depend around the person whose RP it was, and eventually posts just stopped happening in that thread.) The other thing that's kept me from putting my hooves in the RP section is that I'm really not the most creative guy when it comes to pony OC making. All I have is the yellow pony that I decided to desgined myself as. No backstory, though I'd love to go the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon route and once have been a human, but I don't know how that would work well to get with the show. I have no pony name, it's just me. And I don't even give myself a cutie mark, this reflects my real-life general feeling of unfullfillment in my personal life, and more importantly, professional. I've always felt like a blank flank at heart. I even considred buying that shirt with that CMC cape logo on it. (if I had a mark though it would probably be voice acting one cause I love doing that) Oh, I almost forgot: the fear of feeling like I'm going to say or do something that's wrong or improper. It's bad enough I'm like that for real, but I guess with RPing too.
  12. Toastypk

    Stygian Fan Club

    Ok I just realized this is my 4th post in a row, but this made me laugh and it's cute.
  13. Toastypk

    Pony related dreams you've had?

    I just had a peculiar dream last night. I don't know the context, but of all ponies, Mistmane was in it. And we hugged at one point. This is strange to me because Mistmane is my least favorite of the Pillars, and not neccesarily because of anything with her. It's because the trading one's youth for becoming old thing is something that skeeves me out. Not to mention that the thought of getting old and oldness in gerneral is a giant OCD factor for me, which is why I had a little difficulty watching that one Garnies Gone Wild episode. Dreams don't typically have meanings, but it seems almost like this one does in some way.
  14. Toastypk

    Team Captain Voting Groups 15-18

    Dj just got one? Perfect gif to use
  15. Toastypk

    Team Captain Voting Groups 11-14

    There goes my idea of having Tempest on the team to have a team with two (three if you count the comics) reformed bad guys.