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  1. I wanted to see her have some importance in the show, but that never happened. Though they did do that scene where Twilight declares that if all else fails in their battle, Flurry is Equestria's last hope. Pretty deep if you think about it. As her being an alicorn... genes. Cadance has those powerful genes.
  2. The comics used to be fairly standalone, which you could take them for fitting into the show if you wanted, though some of them have definitely fallen out of favor. Though at one point the comics started communicating with the show staff, and have even tied into the show. Before Season 7, they had this comic where a unicorn named Shadow Lock was trying to prevent his ancestor villain from coming back. The last page shows that this villain is the Pony of Shadows, but it hadn't appeared in the show yet, and it was definitely tied into it, knowing what was coming. Then there was a spinoff series, with six issues covering more happenings with the Pillars, and six issues showing Stygian's journey to find them to stop the sirens, finishing with signs of his eventual falling out with them. These are very, very, easy to see being legit with the show. And now we have the Season 10 comics which is as clear as you can get!
  3. It would have to be less the world conquering villains and more the creeps and jerks. Spoiled Rich and Svengallop, for one. They were pretty much designed to be hateable. Though for me the Flim Flam brothers have a particular likeable villain-like quality. Doesn't mean it's not good to see them beat though.
  4. If only "Better Way to Be Bad" could be added to the list.
  5. I fear I would be in a Zephyr Breeze sort of indeterminate state.
  6. I wouldn't call it a depression. And at least there's lots of new content, both fan made and official, especially the Season 10 comics, which I'm looking forward to getting. I know the ride isn't over yet!
  7. So I was thinking about what you meant by this, cause I was going to have Sombra himself as one of the Four Fiends, the four primary bosses of the game. All day I was wondering, I was having all these ideas about how I could maybe tie it into Sombra, think of what I could do with the game, how it would all go, thinking of ideas... then it hit me. It's so obvious. An idea smacked me right in the face. Who impersonates others? Who disguises as others? Changelings! It works too well! I can turn Astos into a regular changeling! HE would want the Idol of Boreas because maybe Chrysalis is looking for it too. (And she is one of the four fiends.) Plus, this solves the sprite problem. Three enemies in the game use the same sprite, but with a different pallete, so editing one would affect the other two, and that was the other big problem that I had. There's Astos, the Mage, and the Fighter. I can just make them different styles of changelings! Like the "Mageling" and the "Warriorling." or something
  8. Oh hey, this looks cool! I'm curious too how the playable characters don't look like the standard 16x32 Mario and Luigi shape. I'm always loving how people push the game farther with edits. (If you haven't already, check out a fairly recent game called Mario's Mystery Meat, that does a lot of things I've never seen SMW edits do. The game is a homage to Vinesauce, so it may seem incomprehensible if you don't get the jokes, but it's impressive anyway. One stage even turns into a level from the SNES game UN Squadron, a horizontal shooter game!
  9. I'm working on this hack again, and there's some story things I want to figure out. I really tried hard to not include any OCs in this game, but there is a scenario which could really use to have one fit in. First, I want to explain how the original game plays out. THE ORIGINAL GAME The heroes reach the Elf Kingdom, where the Elf Prince has fallen under a sleeping spell. They say it was the work of the Dark Elf, Astos. Meanwhile, in a castle to the northwest, a mysterious king wants the Crown from a nearby dungeon. Once you get it and return to him, he is shown to be Astos! And he wants that Crown for power! But the party defeats him. When they do, they get the Crystal, which is traded to the witch Matoya, and you receive an Herb which is used to wake the Elf Prince, who gives the next item to progress further. THE PONY VERSION So here's where I'm at. In this game, I've turned the Elves into the Griffons. The Crown that's desired is going to be the Idol of Boreas, the dungeon will be the Abyssmal Abyss, and the disguised mysterious King is going to be King Guto, long since missing. The witch who gives the herb is going to be Zecora. The Griffon Prince,however, I'm thinking of making someone original, someone new. I'm thinking of a Prince Geoffrey, someone to have the sleeping spell. He could be the son of the missing Guto. As for who will be Astos?.... I have no idea. Going with the story from the show, it would seem that he could be made the Arumaspi, but I don't think that would fit. Maybe it could be someone new, trying to claim the Idol for himself. If so, who would want that? I can edit the Astos sprite, but it's used by two other regular enemies using a different palette. What would be a boss that would fit, but have its sprite usable with other enemies? If I made him a griffin, the other two enemies would have to be griffins too. So maybe a generic sort of beat would do. This is where I'm at with the game. Other things I'm doing, I'm editing some tiles and such for the scenery to give them a nice makeover, using tilesets from other NES or GBC games. A big thing I have to do is stat editing for the party members. The Fighter is easily the best and strongest fighter, well ahead of the other classes, but I want to bring the others somewhat closer than they already are. I'm actually making graphs of stat growth to figure out what would be the best ideas. Anyway, anyone have any input?
  10. The comics had a somewhat similar scenario for Twilight's response. This unicorn dude named Shadow Lock is going around wiping history books, and with it, the knowledge of their contents. After a few issues, Twilight finally confronts him, where she learns that he's doing this because he learned he was descended from an ancient evil (which is shown to be the Pony of Shadows!) and fearing its return, he wanted to erase all knowledge of it to reduce the chance it could somehow return. Twilight goes into a whole spiel about how we have to learn from the past to move on from it. So that's definitely her approach.
  11. I feel you'd have to have a magical device or artifact to keep your form if you entered Equestria, otherwise you'd become ponified like Shimmer would.
  12. Becoming an animal is a curiosity I've harbored for years. Horses were a big one, and that was before FiM. Now I think about it quite a lot. But with the stipulation that you have zero chance of reaching Equestria, I dunno.
  13. For years I've thought that Octavia was one of the most beautiful ponies in the show. I'm really entranced with her. There's this art of her I can't find again, with her sitting down, tail draped against her flank.. she's so lovely. "If you talk about my plot again..."
  14. You know who's cute and underappreciated? Beauty Brass from the fancy band. Octavia gets all the focus, but I do like her, too! You cute, bueatiful mare.