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  1. Toastypk

    Pony related dreams you've had?

    I just had a peculiar dream last night. I don't know the context, but of all ponies, Mistmane was in it. And we hugged at one point. This is strange to me because Mistmane is my least favorite of the Pillars, and not neccesarily because of anything with her. It's because the trading one's youth for becoming old thing is something that skeeves me out. Not to mention that the thought of getting old and oldness in gerneral is a giant OCD factor for me, which is why I had a little difficulty watching that one Garnies Gone Wild episode. Dreams don't typically have meanings, but it seems almost like this one does in some way.
  2. Toastypk

    Team Captain Voting Groups 15-18

    Dj just got one? Perfect gif to use
  3. Toastypk

    Team Captain Voting Groups 11-14

    There goes my idea of having Tempest on the team to have a team with two (three if you count the comics) reformed bad guys.
  4. Toastypk

    Team Captain Voting Groups 11-14

    You guys, you guys, what It's ok Styg, the rock won't get you
  5. Toastypk

    Plushie Commissions TEMPORARY CLOSED

    Sure! Though is it ok if it's just a price quote? I'm not 100% committing just yet, though I very much may. I gathered a bunch of images of Stygian from the show and the comic, enough to get as many angles of him as I could find, to get a good idea of his facial shape and proportions. I'll atatach the image. And what fabric do you use? I've seen people's posts where they talk about what fabric they use, and I might buy sample swatches to see if the colors I'm curiois about are close to how he looks, I'd love to be involved in the idea process for this. For instance there's a site called The Minky Boutique which has dozens of colors and I want to get sample swatches of. I even found a nice brown fabric at Joann Fabrics for his coat, I wanted it to be something soft but a little more rough than the same plush material. My ideas will be included in the image.
  6. It didn't even occur to me that the oyhers could be in there! In that case, I wonder if they'll throw in Stygian too...
  7. One of the episodes coming at some point involves Rockhoof trying to live in modern society. There is very likely going to be instances of him talking about life in the Mighty Helm. And what better time to bring a particular character from the comics into the show: Steela Oresdotter, captain of the Mighty Helm! She's really underrated, having only appeared in the comics, but she's tough and no nonsense badass. I would love to see her in a flashback scene. Has thate ever even happened? A comic character appearing in the show? I don't believe it has. Is there some legal issue with doing that? They have a real good opportunity to include her. I want to know her voice!
  8. Toastypk

    Spoiler Tempest Shadow Fan Club

    ...Oh sweet Celestia.
  9. Toastypk

    Plushie Commissions TEMPORARY CLOSED

    Hey! I know it says you're closed at the moment, but I've been floating around the idea of a plush of Stygian. I've really become a fan of his, and now having read the Legends of Magic comics, that like has become ultra strong. I've seen people's pony customs, and I feel like sometime soon it would be a nice time to get one of my own. In fact, no one has even made Stygian yet, I don't believe he is as liked as others like Somnambula, who i HAVE seen a plush of. If you made him, yours would be the first! Is that something that sounds doable? He has a somewhat different mane and body type, but I'm guessing that's easy to figure out. I've even been curious to look at fabrics to find ones that match him the best and had good ideas, like a different sort of fabric for his coat. But that can wait, especially since it says you're closed at the moment. But it's worth thinking about!
  10. Sweetie Belle gets all the colts? And this is the closest you'll get to a shipping chart in the real show
  11. That was real cute! Btw, if it hasn't been mentioned, apparently the Sweetie Belle side plot was inspired by a show crew accidentally writing Sugar Belle instead of Sweetie Belle in some fashion.
  12. Keep in mind there's episodes that aren't as good as anothers, and some I'm not going to be itching to be in a rush to see again, but I do like them all to at least some degree.
  13. That one did have some tension on the relationship of the three of them, and that was pretty deep and concerning, especially when you see how pissed they are at one another. But then that makes you wonder how it gets fixed.
  14. This is something I've wondered for some time. Through general osmosis on this board reading of threads, as well as the episode ratings, I glean people's attitudes toward episodes. Sometimes, some people don't like particular episodes and go into detail why things are OOC or don't make sense or why the episode was bad or didn't like how a character acted or performed or something, But to me, I've never really felt like I would give any episode less than a 3 out of 5. Nothing has ever really gotten below a "good" to me. For sure, there's weaker episodes and stronger episodes, and some episodes have issues, and there's legit criticisms that episodes have. But even those weaker episodes, I've enjoyed watching. Although I do draw various notions and observations from the episodes, I'm not one of those big analysing pony watcher types who gets way too into it. I love the character interactions, humor, cuteness, and many things, even if the episode isn't particularly wonderful. The one I would say I like the least would be What About Discord, cause it just seemed to not go much of anywhere and the entire episode being about trying to mimic that one night, but even that episode I didn't dislike. I feel like an episode would have to leave a bad taste in my mouth for it to be a 2 or less, but that doesn't seem to happen. I was wondering about this thread with Fake it till you make it, and I was going to start the thread when that aired and talk about why I wasn't bothered, when others were, but now that I saw Non Compete Clause, liked it, and then read that people REALLY hate this episode, I feel really peculiar and that really compelled me to have to start this thread. I mean, AJ and RD are two of my favorites of the mane 6, I had the plushes of the with me as I'm watching it, and the episode, while not neccesarily superb, I liked. I'm wondering if there's going to be an episode I really don't like or not. Is that bad? Is that good? Somebody make an episode where the mane 6 are staring at a wall for 30 minutes, that could be one I dislike.