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  1. This phrase unintentionally takes my thoughts somewhere else...
  2. Toastypk

    Zephyr Breeze Fan Club

    He's pretty funny. At least with people not liking him, he was obviously made to not be likable. At least until later on. And his interactions with Dash are pretty funny too. Rainbow Dash used Tail Whip! Oh and in the comics, he meets a mare named Pixie Cut, and they get along. The shipping inclined would be excited...
  3. Toastypk

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    ...but now she's a siren! And a cute one at that.
  4. Well she has this cutie earnestness, a likeable and humorous clumsiness. and not to mention she's tough when she needs to be. Just more tough, blunt, and honest rather than pigheaded. She's easily the most endearing of the yaks, while having just enough of their style. Plus throughout being at the school, she breaks a lot of the stubborn yak-like mindsets after being molded through friendship.
  5. I was iffy with the Yaks at first but Yona made up for it.
  6. I didn't outright hate Non Compete Clause like most others did.
  7. Toastypk

    Stygian Fan Club

    There really aren't too many new artworks of Stygian in the last while. A lot of the time I search on deviantart but it's just so much fan-made offspring which I'm honestly not interested in. I did find some things though. Some art with some interesting imagery. If you rotate the image 90 degrees to the right, the Stygian bit on this image becomes horizontal, and it looks... much snugglier. At least I thought it did. Or I thought I could see myself with him. Banishment... From the comic. Help the dude.
  8. I would have loved to see more evidence of just how powerful and world-threatening the Pony of Shadows was. It's implied he's a giant threat, we just never really got to see it.
  9. Honestly, none of the big threatening villains were unlikable to me. They all had their different styles and strengths, but I can't really pick one who is the worst. MAYBE Sombra in Season 3, but his strength was all in the setup and how terrifying and powerful he is. At least in Season 9 we saw him at full action.
  10. I'm getting into comic book characters here, but a unicorn named Shadow Lock appeared in a few issues, trying to erase the contents of history books to prevent the return of his ancestor, who is the Pony of Shadows. Since Season 7 happened, people have wanted him and Stygian to meet. I would love to see that!
  11. I find nothing wrong with imagining some schmaltz. But I've had trepidations. It can go too far, as it had happened to me in high school, when I was incredibly attracted to Renamon. One day though I was thinking so deep that I had to snap myself out of it. I drew the line at imaging having an actual relationship, especially with the backdrop that I'm not really good at making friends for real, let alone an actual relationship. Though I've considered commissioning my ponyself being affectionate with one of my favorite ponies. But again, just cute schmaltz. (as for plushes, I'm too far
  12. She's talked in the comic before, so she definitely CAN talk. Just not in the show it seems.
  13. I'm not a fan of when people pair Zephyr Breeze and Dash. She can't stand the guy! Their interactions are funny though.
  14. And if you like the Castlevania games, there's a very good Ponyvania game I would recommend too.
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