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  1. Oohhh boy. Yeah this last leg of the game is going to be a piece of work. ...unfortunately the game crashed due to a bug during the final stage, which even gave a crash report, and I'm going to mail it to the developers. (But alongside a huge amount of love and even a few ideas! I wonder if they'll spring for toggle-able voice acting? I would be willing to contribute!)
  2. Well the preview came out for the first Season 10 main comic, and there is sort of an answer to that... He's there! Looks like Twi has him as one the ponies giving some help and advice for her about something! He's in some sort of royal court role of sorts. I don't know what, but it's nice to see him!
  3. Hey sorry to get to this weeks later, but I dunno about that. Main reasons being, 1, I don't know what Parsec is, and 2, my 2GHz computer just barely runs Ponyvania, and sometimes will even chug. I don't believe it would do online play well. Well anyway, I've replayed the game, this time righting all the things I did wrong in the other playthrough. And there's a lot of cool things to find when you do!
  4. A certain somepony was literally called a scholar in both the show and the comic.
  5. I'm drawn to their personality and looks. Usually if I like a pony a lot and they endear to me, and they're on my mind for some time, I start to get a bit physically attracted too. I'm like this with both cute mares and stallions too, for some reason. However, if a pony is really unlikeable, that's a different story. Case in point: There's some suggestive art of Spoiled Rich out there, but she's so utterly unlikeable that it's impossible to really find appealing.
  6. I've always wanted to write something purposeful to Twilight... for all my life i've had difficulty really making friends. She was always unwilling, but I've always felt unable. Like I'm uncomfortable opening too much to other and doing things outside of the standard setting I see people in reguarly. (school, work, etc) She would be able to know what's wrong.
  7. Lightning Dust is a pretty cool character. Do you want to see her reformed or do you want to see her stay the way she is? I know there's a bunch of people who want her to reform, but I like her either way. There's this picture that was made some days ago. The person who commissioned it wanted to see Lightning Dust in the big final battle since she wasn't in there.
  8. I think the main difference is the attitude about it. Being a giant adorer of somepony is fine in and of itself, but adding to someone's discussion is different than going after someone with a head of steam. I don't feel like I have to do that. I can easily ignore that enough. For instance, there's a user on derpibooru I notice sometimes, who is a massive Lightning Dust supporter, and frequently will show it on a lot of art of her, call Spitfire and the Wonderbolts garbage compared to her, and nothing you can say or bring up about Lightning being an antagonist or a jerk will sway him, and he'll go after every comment that tries to explain it to him. That's the sort of level I'm concerned about. I'm not like that at all.
  9. Here's a thinker. I watched a Silver Quill video, and in it he talks about the spectrum of types of fans. (in particular, he's talking about the Alicorn Twilight reaction.) On one end is the Rager, and on the other is the Zealot, while both being opposite, they're presented as being problematic. This very much applies to more than just the Alicorn Twilight thing. But I started to wonder: I'm definately more toward the zealot side, but how far is TOO far? What would be too far? Cases in point: 1. I started a thread once saying that I didn't dislike any episodes in the show, even if some had issues. I wouldn't give any episode less than a 3 out of 5, And although I wouldn't be in a hurry to see every single one again, I never had one that gave me a bad taste in my mouth. But that's fine, right? 2. Stygian is probably my favorite side pony in the whole show, and most definately the redeemed antagonist I'm most attached to. (even an owner of one of a few known custom plushes of him!) As such, I've actually replied to a couple of posts from people who don't like him or said negative things about him, trying to see if I could defend him or throw some points across. But again, that's fine, right? You can reply to seeing someone say something ugly about somepony you really like, right? Without being obnoxious? At what point does all this heavy liking become problematic? It's like the Zealot is incapable or unwilling to listen to something negative related to the show or a character or something. I'm definitely more on the side of loving things, but I'm not going to just blindly say everything is flawless. (and hey, that was a song!) It's like at the end of Fame and Misfortune, where all the complainer types were treated as being just as bad as the ponies holding signs in support. What is the level to which this would be bad?
  10. Hot damn. Quite cool! Just as Luna's Nightmare was fueled by her feelings of rejection and envy, I'm betting Lightning's fueled by all her enmity at Spitfire, Rainbow,and the other Wonderbolts, as well as her failure involving them and bitterness about being turned away for her actions, and the Nightmare energy giving her the percieved promise of being the ultimate flier in the world. And you know Dash is going to be the one to break her out of that form.
  11. The comics had a series called Feats of Friendship, and they introduced some real interesting characters who I quite like, and have decided to start this thread on: The Thracians, in particular, Swift Foot.. If you don't know who they are, here's a synopsis: I think she and the Thracian ponies are quite cool, so I decided to start this thread on them! They may likely make another appearance in the comic during "Season 10", too!
  12. Bunch of things I would love to see. Some more exploration of the Kirin and their land. The Pillars doing more things. (which at least with some of them, is happening!) And I want to know where Stygian has decided to live now, and what he will do. Speaking of, the Well of Shade, I mean, they showed it in the show but there's a lot of ideas that can come from it! What was all of that? The real Grogar! An answer as to what happened to Applejack's parents? Something with Sunset Shimmer too. There's a popular fan theory that Shimmer is Sunburst's sister, I would love for that to be true! Flurry Heart to have some sort of importance. A very big want is more to do with what happened in Feats of Friendship. If you don't know, here's a synopsis: There's so much ripe things that can happen.
  13. Do you subscribe to the popular fan theory that says Shimmer is Sunburst's sister? People throw around those theories sometimes, but the Shimmer/Sunburst one is one I love.
  14. There's quite a number of stallions I adore. (And they all just so happen to start with S.) Soarin, he's a cute and likeable pegasus dude. Sunburst, I adore too. Sandbar, one of my favorite of the six students, and adorable as well. Stygian, I glommed onto after his episode after lots of anticipation and curiosity, and his story really touched me. In fact it was enough for me to get him as my first plush custom commission!
  15. I've got this bad spitting habit sometimes. Rarity would surely wince at that. In fact I've actually used the exact word uncouth and thought about that scene in MLPFIM where Apple Bloom burps and they used that word.