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  1. Any Lines You Misinterpreted?

    In the Celestia fundamental of magic videos, it really sounds like she calls Steven Magnet "sexy" instead of "sassy".
  2. WHO is responsible for this? (20 people, actually...)
  3. Gaming Them's Fightin' Herds is a Flop

    With games like this I've always been keen on waiting for it to get ported to the game systems. Dunno if that's going to happen... But at least the game is made! That's important too. Though I wonder why it isn't as popular as people thought... a little too odd or obscure?
  4. Te super duper party pony, that pony is HE!
  5. I think it's eight palettes of four colors, with transparency being one of the colors. Two are used for player sprites, one is used for spell and attack color and keeps changing, and a fourth is used for the cursor and stone. (so gray.) The program I'm using lets you pick from those four, but I believe other palettes get used. Enemy colors, the background... I don't know if I can dedicate one palette to Pinkie all the time, or how.
  6. Favorite MLP G4 Villain Song

    I was going to say open up your eeeeyeeeees, but looking at the list, Say Farewell to the Holiday and this day aria are boss too.
  7. Pony related dreams you've had?

    So Stygian snuck his way into my dream last night, but I couldn't tell you why or what he was doing. He was there though! As a big Stygian fan, I'm not surprised, but dreams are weird anyway.
  8. Mine is real close to where I am, and I've never ever seen it with any issues. In fact on weekends there's a fairly moderate amount of cars there.
  9. There's a text file I've had on my computer that I was going to post one day when I was ready to really start this project of mine, but I had to cancel it. What is it? I had an idea to make a pony rom hack of Final Fantasy 1. It was too perfect. Six classes. Six ponies! Adapt the ponies like in Pony Fantasy 6! I was going to ask for help and get ideas and such. But I had to stop because of a big technical hurdle. I'll tell you what in a sec. Regardless, I thought I would discuss the ideas I had with you anyway. The plot of FF1, for anyone who doesn't know, is: The four orbs/crystals of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, have lost their light, and the four light warriors have come to fix that. They discover that the four fiends have taken control of the elements. Their first mission is to rescue the princess from Garland, a knight who went bad. Once they get the orbs back,They head back to the temple where they found Garland, use the orbs to travel to 2000 years back, where they find that Garland is the one who set the fiends, the fiends send him back, creating a loop. Garland uses the four powers to become Chaos, the final boss, who gets defeated. The idea of Sunset Shimmer pre-reformed being the bad guy because she was a former student who went bad and wanting to conquer the world started this idea, so she would fit for Garland. Here's what I wanted for the pony version: Five of the Elements of Harmony, as well as Princess Cadance, have been stolen. Four of the ponies (that the player picks) find that it's Shunset Shimmer who stole them. They rescue Cadance, but the Elements aren't there. They have to find them. They find that theyve been given to Nightmare Moon, Chrysalis, Discord, and Sombra. Once they get them back, they head to the Castle of the Two Sisters and head deep in it (instead of 2000 years) to find Shimmer, who has the Element of Magic, and becomes her demonic form from Equestria Girls. (only a pony version). They defeat her. I experimented with some screens and text editing. See, two thrones instead of one! The slash marks in the text, I was going to try to get those ironed out on another board. They had a patch that let you put more text and things into the game. And sometimes it wouldn't like when you edited map data with the patch like the other screen, and it messed with other graphics. I had some good ideas and I really wanted to try to make this. I found a cool FF1 NES editing program. I could make my own spells, tweak some things, boost everyone's stats to be closer to the fighter to make it easier, but have the bosses be tougher too. But I had to stop before I started to really get into it. Why, you may ask? This. Freaking PALETTES. There are four palettes are the only ones that characters can pick from. These two are used for characters. A third one changes depending on what attack is being used. A fourth is for the cursor and when a character is petrified. This only leaves two choices of three colors. The black is transparency. And you know the ponies are quite the colorful cast. I tried to see if I could fit everyone in this small space. Palette 1 could be Orange, Pink, and Yellow. Try to fit Fluttershy, AJ, and Pinkie. But pinkie would be one shade of pink only. Palette 2 could be white, purple, and blue., try to fit RD, Twi, and Rarity. The pinkie being one color thing is the thing that made me decide to drop the project, there wasn't a way to get around that. Simulation. So that's it, I was going to ask for sprite help and input, but this stopped me. regardless, I wanted to share this anyway. I thought, maybe I could jump to the GBA version of the game? But there really aren't any programs that can edit that. HOWEVER, if anyone really wants to see this and has a good idea for a workaround, do tell me! ...I couldn't do it.
  10. This apathy that I'm receiving... it's truely reflective of my inner attitudes.
  11. Good that you mentioned who Buffy is cause I didn't know. But I don't know who Moonlight Raven is either. OC? EDIT: OH, she is the goth pony!
  12. All of them? I heard only some. My ToysRUs wasn't one of them, and it's been there literally since I was in elementary school. I played and loved the Mario 64 demo there. All the game isles. I even got my Switch on opening day there. Ticket number 2! There was a guy even before me, and I got there two hours ahead. Damnit Amazon. I always prefered to go to the physical stores anyway. There you can actually see things and get them immediately rather than having to wait days in mail. And what if you didn't like it? I mean, send it back, sure, but what the f is wrong with normal stores? I mean sure, I'm not buying from there all the time, but I do like to jump in every week or so to see what Pokemon or Pony things there are, and sometimes I buy things.
  13. See this is why I didnt vote this one. I would have picked Doctor aka Time Turner but everyone making a point about the similarity of the nightmare team. And it was so close I didnt want to jump in.
  14. Ponies don't seem to have a problem with no clothes, that's their default, and clothes seem to just be for extra. Though Sunburst for sure has a problem with it, it seems! Maybe some ponies have a thing about it.