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  1. So, some of you are wondering why I was away for such a while, well, I was thinking. Just thinking. About my stance with my status as a brony. Well... I decided that I'm not a fan anymore. Recently, the show looked more and more uninteresting. I was not watching it much. In fact: I DONT have a big obsession with Pinkie Pie anymore. You heard me. I kept thinking "WTF am I doing? Why am I fapping to ponies?" I know having a sexual attraction to animals and ponies, in this case, isn't a big deal, but it was disturbing that I was looking at MLP R34. Of course, this isn't the only thing on my mind. I liked the show because of everything about it. It was the tamest show I have ever seen, while still being enjoyable. Now... eh, I'm drifting away from it. I'm not sure where else to go with this. And to end this, I must announce I am leaving the fandom. Thank you all for being great friends. I have never seen such dedication and spectacular fanworks in my life. To that, I applaud you. You have been one of the best I've seen (excluding the Derpy incident... of course, the MLP Forums didn't partake in it much, as I can see). You may still add me on Steam if you want. I can still talk with you through there. Farewell.
  2. Hey... they're just rick rolls. Don't smash that monitor-- I-- please, no, don't-- ugh.
  3. The only way people can know I'm a brony is if they find my Pinkie plushie or go to my Steam Profile page.
  4. Well, it turns out that being really stupid doesn't need some beer to have that happen.

  5. That is a masterpiece when it comes to MLP horror pics. Awesome job.
  6. Oh, what the fuck now... "SOMETHING FROM THE-- MOTHERFUCKING --1920s"?! How?... how... uughh. eerrghh. -.-
  7. This site man.. dafuq is happening to it?

  8. I went back to those games Worms: Armageddon and Worms 3D... Oh dear god, I still remember them like it was only yesterday...

  9. I'm just mostly confused about what's going on, like who wants to try out, plans, etc... Yes, I did read the thread. I'll follow the thread.