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  1. why do i keep getting sushi from the grocery store it always tastes like butt meowdy
  2. me tbqh edit: wait i didn't go to bronycon '13 why do i have this tag now
  3. they're obviously secretly plotting to overthrow twilight as soon as she takes the throne they're becoming drunk with power
  4. battlestation thread pogchamp my actual tower is on the floor but my floor is dirty and i don't want anyone to see it (plus it isn't much to look at to begin with, has some nasty cable management)
  5. since it's such a big site reddit is one of those places that are either just The Worst™ or you find a ton of really neat content and friendly faces the rule of thumb is to stick to the small subs
  6. learning from mistakes is arguably the best way to learn though, rather than just hearing people tell you what you're already doing correctly over and over i think there were a few in baltimore this past weekend, was hard to tell though... also your art is cute af btw
  7. oh my b i hope u stop being angry soon then not all advice is good advice so yeah probably
  8. oh i thought you were talking about that thing you dm'd me and woona about earlier today
  9. im willing to bet there are, furries are everywhere e v e r y w h e r e ... but really though going to bc makes me want to go to all of the cons now. i had never been to any kind of convention before
  10. why tho edit: oh wait i know why find a furry meetup somewhere and just be that person who shows up covered in pony gear
  11. glad you got to talk to her, i might be a little jealous and sad that i didn't just bite the bullet and stand in line same tbqh
  12. son of a frigging heck i should have done this the lines for the meet and greets were so dang long though... how long did you have to wait?