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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Renton

    Hi im new here~

    welcometo the club!!
  4. Renton

    Huzzah! A Newbie!

    twilight is your favorite too??? nice! welcome to the club
  5. loved today's episode, made me wish we got a timeskip or something. Like the cutiemark crusaders being older and flurry being about the age the CMC currently are. And BAE twilight is Flurry's teacher, thatd be awesome! Also, damn, being a born alicorn is OP, Flurry has some GREAT potential
  6. princess flurry heart is so cute! i hope she becomes twilight's protege in the future, thatd be awesome! 

    and also, Twilight is officialy BAE XD season 7 is amazing so far

  7. anyone wanna play league of legends? :)

  8. time to watch black hawk down

  9. Are those stars holding you?

  10. harry potter marathon? why not, lol

    1. Bojo


      You just made me realize I need a HP marathon too, haha!

    2. Renton


      LOL, nice!

      currently on movie 3, 5 more to go afterwards!

  11. time for a linkin park sesh

  12. I'm officially hyped for Rogue One. Thank you Disney, based god company. Hope Vader is in it :)

  13. rarijack is awesome i must admit lol

    1. PatatoPony


      Exactly, that is what I've been trying to convince you people!

  14. dulaman always cheers me up. thanks song of the sea :)

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