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  1. I haven't been here in forever.. I always come back for advice.

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    2. Malinter


      Ah. one of the people I spoke with in my group had that anxiety. What makes you think you're dying?

    3. Mushroom Mutate

      Mushroom Mutate

      All the symptoms I get. Whenever I go to a doctor about they just tell me its all in my head.

    4. Malinter


      The thing is, they are in your head, but the effects of anxiety on your body are real. When anxiety is at high levels it can make your heart beat faster, make you feel hot, make your breathing quicker. These signs can quite easily make you think your having a heart attack or some horrible illness but what is happening is an old defense mechanism, your body is preparing for you to run or flee. Problem is, this system can also be triggered by fears in our heads, not just by real world dangers.

  2. OMG Haven't been all year. Kind of forgot about the fandom :(. Woah season 5???!!

    1. The Mint Pone

      The Mint Pone

      season 5 :D Welcome back stranger!You have some good cathing up to do as season 5 is amazing so far! :D

  3. Have not been here in ages... omg

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    2. Mushroom Mutate

      Mushroom Mutate

      Just came here for advice tbh

    3. Silver-Ember


      Ohh... um... maybe I could help? I mean... If you want, sorry.

    4. Mushroom Mutate

      Mushroom Mutate

      Check my post int the life advice bit

  4. Aint been here in a while... HAI!

  5. Reality is a lovely place. But I wouldn't wanna live there!

  6. Reality is a lovely place. But I wouldn't wanna live there!

  7. Haven't been here in a while!

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    2. AppleGearRising
    3. Mushroom Mutate

      Mushroom Mutate

      I can't stop thinking about this girl. I can't even talk to her.

    4. AppleGearRising


      Oh? That's tough man, I've been there myself before :/

  8. Going to the Bookstore on saturday armed with 30 quid. Which Manga should I get?

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    2. MasterCombine



    3. Commander Frost

      Commander Frost



      Noone found that funny.

    4. MasterCombine


      Then Noone and I should be pals.

  9. Welcome to the forums! Everyone is super kind here! Whovian?! Omg I can't wait for the 23rd!!
  10. The title says it all, I've heard loads about it. What is it though?
  11. Wh- What happened to my post :(

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    2. Mushroom Mutate

      Mushroom Mutate

      Also, If anyone else comments, don't mention anything about the forums #ClosetBrony!

    3. Mushroom Mutate

      Mushroom Mutate

      Thanks Jack, you brought out my confidence around other people, you made me realise that not everyone is a douche, but now I am a douche for not talking to you!

    4. Commander Frost

      Commander Frost

      Heh, Your not a douche. :) *Hugs*

  12. I need something to do for charity, probably the RSPCA. I don't want to shave my head.
  13. They don't really care about us. His best song imo!