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    "If the dark is just a thought, then the light is in your mind. The lies we tell ourselves, will ruin the world with time..."
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  1. Absurd. Why is homosexuality "blatant sexualization" but the Cadance/Shining Armor wedding scene somehow was not? I don't care what your position on gay marriage is, but the fact that you even brought it up only suggests that you were trying to excuse your post, for some reason. Could it be that your post was mildly homophobic? I never once suggested that anything in the show was sexualized. That is an image that you projected onto my posts. Such an act certainly says a lot about your psychology. My post wasn't even entirely serious. I know that none of the characters were intended to be lesbians. But even if I were to seriously paint the image of a relationship between the aforementioned characters, it would be completely platonic and PG.
  2. I like your sig!

    1. KokuraiNoSenshi


      Aw thank you! :D It's so adorable lol, I keep end up watching it and forgetting what I was going to post XD

  3. He can wear what he damn well pleases. It's no concern of the neo-feminists what shirt I happen to have on my back, even if I do happen to have five minutes of fame in the media.
  4. "I can no more be bound, then the hawk in flight, and I am the fires that burn in the night. And I am the shaking and the quaking of the Earth..."

    1. Arctic Night

      Arctic Night

      "... And I am the waters of the world's rebirth. I am freedom, I am freedom, I am freedom..."

  5. You get two heads of the hydra. *Inserts phone.*
  6. Ah yes. Nothing quite like hiking through the wind and snow. Axe or sword?
  7. In the unpopular opinions thread, you brohoofed(liked) a post I made which contained a set of opinions. Which ones do you agree with?

    1. Arctic Night

      Arctic Night

      Unless you have edited your post, I would say all of them.

  8. The Earth itself changes frequently. It is the duty of an adapting species to change with it.

  9. Goodnight, and remember to enjoy the cold weather. May the winter last 10000 years.

  10. Yes. Do you prefer your fish raw or cooked?
  11. You regret some decision. What is your favorite cheese?
  12. I'd sell my soul to Satan if only to avoid his tyrannical creator, so yes.
  13. Not I. Who has nostalgic memories for S1 Pokemon?
  14. Subway really should stock swiss cheese. There is good rap music. The US is a nice place to live.