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  1. INTJ Introvert(44%) iNtuitive(12%) Thinking(75%) Judging(78%) I should have know. oh well, so the hundreds of plans I made that can better the wold isn't just me going on in a crazed rambling.
  2. For some reason I got a lot of time in my hand I do like talking about video games and I'm Reading Fallout: Equestria (It's a work of art) Skype: EnvyNoson
  3. I'm back everypony

  4. I bucking hate ComiXology

  5. I bucking hate ComiXology

  6. 35858 I don't want to be a cupcake
  7. 35846 ehdfjabjwrusgnnj (doesn't know what to say)
  8. Last time I heard you should be dead? for name and pic
  9. 35805 Big booty b*tches that is all