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  1. Most of the things Pinkie does are unrealistic.
  2. Came back and i already have 500 notifications.

    1. catnet


      (Peter Davison isn't my favourite, but definitely one of my favourites <3)

  3. First time logging on in a while and i have 500 status updates.

    1. DashYoshi


      Welcome back. =)

    2. Raini Skies

      Raini Skies

      And i thought 27 was a lot...

    3. Ryzu


      lol I get like 50 a day now o-o although if I turned notifications off it would change to about 7

  4. Just came back and i got 162 status updates

  5. Dat New Banner Doe

  6. Installed some pony mods on TF2

  7. Poncebora

    Post your Desktop

    Here's my newest desktop. Press the print screen button on your keyboard. go into imgur. and CTRL+V. and copy the link.
    1. Raini Skies
    2. Poncebora


      Look at Sharlina's post. and look at gamecubeguy's avatar.

    3. Raini Skies
  8. Yesterday i installed windows 10 and now i have to downgrade because most programs i use are broken on windows 8.1 and 10

  9. Just downloading the ISO of the newest Windows 10 build.

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