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Everything posted by Marbles

  1. Finally not a puddle of depression... WOO

    1. Renton


      thats wonderful :)

  2. Sad pony is sad D:

    1. TheChosenPony


      Awh, What you sad about?

      Here- music heals

  3. Friend and I hooked up family share on our steam accounts... So many games between the both of us x:

  4. Now I have the urge to watch Spartacus >:(

  5. ...Hands down the best I've ever done in a league match. *pathetic*

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Marbles


      League of Legends. (Sorry I guess I just misread that D:)


      But, yes. All of the carrying now :P



    3. Renton


      i expect you to get penta kills every game

    4. Marbles


      Then I've already disappointed xD


  6. Anypony going to C2E2?

  7. Starting to mess around with League... Anyone want to play some bots? Summoner name: Marble Kitty

    1. Renton


      im down to mess around

  8. Been sick and playing South Park Stick of Truth... So congested ;-;

  9. I guess I cared more than you did.

    1. OG Blaze

      OG Blaze

      Something happen?

      Love wise?

  10. Finished my garb... Annnnnnd now I'm bored

    1. PurplePony


      Lol skype chat me

  11. Pretty much screwed up a potential relationship.. Dat forever alone status.

    1. Renton


      "the world is your oyster, and one day youre gonna find your pearl" - ryan higa

    2. Marbles


      I found my peal once.


      Now I'm looking for a new oyster x:

    3. Renton


      lol, i wish you luck :)

  12. False hope is all I know.

    1. Serbon div

      Serbon div

      Hope dies last.

  13. I finished sewing my pants! :D I feel so acomplished! Now, onto the rest of the garb!

  14. Sleep deprivation.. WOO

    1. Night Shine

      Night Shine

      I tried that last year. It gave me great hope...false hope, but then again, where the hell could anyone find true hope?

  15. I'm sure everyone has seen them by now.. But. Smile HD and Cupcakes HD. (Then again I'm not looking for WEIRD stuff... Yet)
  16. I'm definitely a side sleeper, I have problems with my hips, so I sleep on whichever side isn't hurting at night. I can not, whatso ever, fall asleep without my husky plush or something equivalent if I don't have it. I'm also a VERY light sleeper which.. REALLY sucks when you have a cuddle buddy. Oh, you're getting up to take a wizz? Now I'm stuck being awake for the next two hours. My good friend can fall asleep, anywhere, any time, in the blink of an eye. And i am horribly jealous. We were hanging out on my couch, and he was resting his head on my KNEEE in a very uncomfortable way and
  17. I think I'm addicted to snapchatting ):

  18. Finally watched Smile HD... I can't stop laughing!

    1. Renton


      OH GOD! lol, first time i wacthed it, i was in tears

    2. Marbles


      At first I was like "dear god what is this!" but then...


      Applejack's face! "You finally killed the bi- oh shit"

    3. Renton


      LOL, yeah, the video is great! XD

  19. 90% complete on the wrap pants! WOOOT THE SENSE OF ACOMPLISHMENT IS REAL!

  20. Mountain Dew Throwback and setting up the sewing machine... Then going to see Pomeii later! Let's do this!

  21. Starting to wish I was back home ):

  22. It's... WAAY too freaking early.

    1. Renton


      lol, early bird gets the worm

  23. Black skinny jeans, storm trooper belt with a brass knuckle belt buckle (the empire strikes back... get it? ;D), a grey White Chapel t-shirt, and green/ pink neon cheetah print socks o.o
  24. Got two of my hems pinned, and then I had to go for my haircut... I got virtually nothing done today ):

    1. OG Blaze

      OG Blaze

      Sounds productivez

    2. Marbles


      Not at all D:

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