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  1. Huh, today marks my 7th year of being on Steam.

    1. Nuke87654


      Yay, happy steamaversiray

  2. I enjoy both consoles and my PC. I never understand these people that look down upon others that game primarily on console. Just because you only play games on PC makes you a better individual than this other person that prefers to play on a console? That's like telling someone you're better because you drive a big diesel guzzling Dodge truck while they drive a little gas efficient Ford Focus. In the end, they both have their similarities, differences and even advantages and disadvantages but are still vehicles on the road taking you from Point A to Point B. Gaming, on any type of platform, is entertainment for everyone. I don't let people on the internet sway my personal decisions. If I want to play Phantom Pain or Fallout 4 on PS4 than dammit I'm going to do it and I'm going to share my experiences with everyone, regardless if I'm not playing on PC. Before my friend got a laptop he played TF2 on PS3. Even though it had really bad framerate drops and people only played on two maps, I would always join him and have a blast playing it regardless of the glaring issues. I prefer it on PC, but had a lot of good laughs on the PS3 version with him. Enjoy what you prefer to play on.
  3. I like it. Nice job. I also like the Rarity way over to the right.
  4. Sure is a lot of fuel left on this train! Enough for a whole 'nother season! It'll probably end after the sixth season with the movie, as others have stated. They'll probably tie up Equestria Girls prior to the big movie.
  5. Even though I had The Phantom Pain's ending spoiled by looking up some stuff on the MGS Wikia, I actually really like the ending and how it works into Metal Gear. Bravo Kojima.

  6. I should be working on my next video, but that last video really burnt me out.

  7. That moment when two bots in Quake 3 Arena argue via text chat.

  8. Happy birthday, DB! :)

  9. Hey there! Happy birthday! *gives you an Applejack plushie and ice cream cake (can change it if you want because... you know... it's your bday!)*

    1. BayoUni2847


      Thank you! An Applejack plush to cuddle and some ice cream cake... it's the perfect combo.

  10. Happy Birthday, Deadlyblack

  11. Happy birthday today! I hope you have a great birthday! =)

  12. Happy birthday! :) Hope you have a great time~ ^~^

    1. BayoUni2847


      Thank you Senpai~